-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 31

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When I reach house, I go my guy room make I go meet him girlfriend make she tell wetin dey happen.
She tell me say police come that morning come pack David and other three of my homeboys.
The police people tell her say bail money na #5,000 each which means #20,000 for all of them.
Na wa o.
There was a fenced, empty compound next to our own. In that compound, there was old, condemned luxurious bus. So, we used to jump our fence into that compound and chill in the condemned bus.
We used the bus as a cool hangout spot especially during mornings and evenings. Sometimes too, my homeboys used to smoke in the bus while we hung out there but I never used to join them in smoking.
I wasn’t a smoker.
They used to smoke wee-d in there. The code name for wee-d was ‘happiness’. Ironically, ‘happiness’ was now causing them a whole lot of sadness in a police cell.
I knew that as a corper, I wasn’t supposed to be hanging out with guys like this, but they were the only guys around and besides the corpers around were freaking boring.
My homeboys were really fun to be with… I wouldn’t trade them for a thousand corpers.
David’s girlfriend gave me a phone number and said David needed me to call that phone number and tell the person (a man) to send him #30,000. The plan was to bail four of them, then the other three would
refund David when they come out.
I called the man and he promised to send the money the next day (Friday).
That would mean a night of hell in cell for them.
I felt for my niggaz, but there was nothing I could do. I knew there weren’t going to die in just one night, and even if they did, death is certain for everyone anyway.
That evening, I went to my guy, egar. He was the only Corper homeboy I knew.
I told him that he needed to assist me in bailing out my homeboys. Egar was a tall dark guy so he would wear his suit, dark glasses and follow me like a bodyguard to the station. I needed to look big cuz Nigerian police understand only two languages: fear & money.
Egar also asked the corpers quaters president (I didn’t stay in corpers quarters) who was also egar’s friend that we needed to borrow his car for two hours on Friday.
He agreed. Corpers don’t usually own cars but I think the presido’s father was a government official in the state. So, everything was set.

Next day, 10 p.m, I called the man that was supposed to pay in the #30,000 into David’s account. He said he had paid in the money.
I already had David’s ATM card so I called egar and he came over to my house with the car. It was a classy Lexus car. Our agreement with the presido was to buy him #2,500 worth of fuel in his car tank after the mission. I agreed.
I could drive but egar had to drive so I could seat at the back seat like the ‘oga’. I was feeling like a boss, enjoying the specialty of the ride.
I dressed really simple, the car would speak for me.
While we drove, I started to tease egar.


He didn’t respond.


He turned from the stirring and looked at me, sitting at the ‘boss’ seat.

“Your father nyash. Na me you dey call driver abi?”

I laughed.

“No na. Na my driver you be na. Guy no go misbehave for there o”

“Then no call me driver if not I go scatter everything for there”

“Ok. I go call you my P.A”

“Thunder fire you. Call me egar.”

We had already withdrawn the money so we were heading straight to the station.
My heart was pounding cuz any mistake could land me in the same cell with my homies. And it wasn’t just any police station, it was central police station, the biggest station around.
We got to the gate, the police men didn’t interrogate us like they were interrogating people on foot. The car was speaking for us. Wonderful country.
We drove in and parked. I came down and stood beside the car. I had three phones in my hand, one for me while the other two were for egar. It was for show.
Egar was standing besides me, doing a good job, not smiling. I wasn’t smiling either.
There was nothing to smile about here.
We could see the building but we didn’t enter inside yet, we needed to get a few facts right before making any moves.
Egar called a police guy who was walking towards the police building. It was a very big one-storey building. Hell.


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