-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 29

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As she locked the door, she walked straight and knelt down beside the bed, near me. I was still sitting on the bed. My bed was just a mattress on the floor.
My heart was really pounding. She was puffing smoke from her cigarette and then started rubbing my di’ck. My di’ck was stiff hard.
She dragged my Nike shorts down, it was hard to drag cuz I was sitting on it so I lifted my myself and pulled it down to my knee level.
She dragged in the cigarette and puffed it on my di’ck. She was smiling.
In my mind I was like “what da fvck is this sh’it b!tch?”
Then she dragged in smoke and put my di:ck in her mouth with the smoke, and started sucking me slowly, while she sucked, smoke was coming out from her nose.
O.M.G!!!. The feeling was warm and different, nothing feels like this, this was pure heaven.
She would take my di:ck deep down in her mouth, suck it all up, and flick the tip of the di-ck real good with her tongue. Professional. I was jerking and shifting, the pleasure was crazy.
While this was going on, I joined her in smoking too and I also was rubbing her a$s and playing with her panties.
I usually don’t smoke but hey, never say never.
Rules were meant to be broken.
This was a dream come true.
I let my hand feel on her a$s as much I could. It felt sooo good. If it wasn’t for the alomo, I would have cum.
This went on for several minutes cuz she was on her third cigarette, me on my second one.

Omoh, smoke just full everywhere! I just dey feel like tupac. We were both high. This was thug life, and I was loving it.
Then I heard a knock:

“Corper!!, Corper!!”

Chioma stopped sucking and asked me to go check who it was. I would never do that, I didn’t care who it was.
At this moment, nothing could be more important that chioma’s bad a$s and skills.
I gave her the ‘shhhh’ sign and whispered “relax”.
She stopped sucking and lay flat on the bed beside me, facing up. I was rubbing her bo’obs with one hand.
The f00l knocked again:

“Corper! Corper!”

Now I recognized the voice clearly, it was our compound care-taker.

“Corper, Nepa don bring bill yesterday o. We must contribute the money today if not them go cut am tomorrow o”

Omoh, I no send. Even if Nepa like make dem carry the transformer and polls go or even cut all the light for the entire state, I no send.
Chioma na light and she be full current. For now, I no need any other light.
I heard footsteps, he had gone. I stood up, opened the door slowly and brought our footwears inside.
Too much smoke, so I opened the windows up. No more worries.
I went back to the bed.
Chioma was lying straight, her legs were together.
I knelt above her, both my knees were beside her upper hip. I kissed her a on the lips, I could taste the cigarette in her mouth. She responded good. I kissed her a litter more and then let go.
Then I went to her brea’st, I squeezed both of them gently with the bra still on. I pushed the bra up and her bo’obs popped out. Smooth and soft. I squeezed
them a few more times again even more gently.
Then I began fumbling her nippl’es very slowly and gently with that tip of my fingers.
In less than 2 minutes, her bo’obs had swollen and her nippl’es had gotten hard. Good. I put my mouth very closed to one of her brea’st, I breathed on it for a few seconds, letting her feel the warmth.
Then I started making circular motions around her nipp:les with the tip of my tongue.
I was rubbing the other brea’st with my hand, fumbling the nippl’es, gentle squeezes occasionally.
Then I started flicking the nipp’le of the first breas:t with the tip of my tongue, after a minute or so, I sucked on it, lightly at first then later I was sucking it with my full lips harder, the way hungry babies
suck their mothers.
Now, she was moving her head from side, squeezing the bedsheet. She had started making sounds so I stood up and put on some music, it was a master-P mix CD from the 2001 era, mostly club tracks. Good.
I continued the process, switching bosoms. Fore-play is the foundation of good sex, period. I stopped for a minute and looked up her, her eyes were closed.
I moved down and placed my hands on her panties.
I tried pulling it down, but her a$s was too huge, I needed her to lift up so I could pull it down. She did.
I seperated her legs, feet on the bed, knees up.
I kissed my way down from her thighs, both sides. I kissed around the pus’sy, then I pecked her cli:t with my lips, very gently.
That is a very sensitive organ.
I licked the cl:it gently, then I started flicking it with tongue, up and down, circular motion continuously, then I began sucking it real fast and hard.
She was moaning now so I carried the CD remote and added a few more volumes.
I continued the process for like 5minutes and then proceeded to fing-ering her. As I put in two fingers slowly, I was shocked. She was just too wet.
I knew it was time for fvcking, the pre-intimacy was enough already. I paused.
Then I put my hand under the bed and brought out a con’dom. She held my hand:

“Please don’t use condom”

Ahhhh! See this girl sha. You wan give your father aids abi?. No. God pass you.

“Don’t worry, you’ll still enjoy it”

I made her lay on her side, then I seperated her legs, knees bent, just like a Z.
I entered inside with a stiff di-ck, grabbing her a$s and started pounding, it felt very very warm and sweet.
I wondered if the cigarettes caused the warmth in her pus’sy. I kept pounding hard till she was moaning loud and dragging the bedsheets.
It went for like 7 minutes then I stopped and changed to another position.

Omoh her nyash dey too big for doggie but I get small skills.
I made her put her face flat on the bed so her a$s was fully out. I entered from behind. I didn’t kneel, I was squatting and hammering it very hard.
Sometimes she would grab my hand and I would slow down, later I would continue again. My legs were failing me so I stoped, climbed out of the bed and just lay down on the floor. I was breathing hard. Tired.
Almost 20 minutes and I hadn’t c’um. Alomo dey work.
I was lying down, face up, di-ck still erect. She stood up from the bed, removed her bra completely, came to me and climbed my di-ck. She started pounding me seriously.
Sometimes she would be pounding without moving, only her a$s would be pounding.
It felt sooo good. Jeez!! Toh bad!.
Then she did something that blew me off completely, she started pounding in rhythm with the music that was playing.
She was pounding with the beat perfectly. Jizos!!!.
I was lost. Omoh, this one pass my experience. Her eyes were closed but my eyes were wide open, I needed to see this action. Some experience only happen once in a lifetime, this could be one of such.
Then she slowed down and I started rubbing her cli’t while she was pounding, she was making really loud noises then I just felt her warm juice pour all over me.
She stopped and slumped on the floor beside me.
I brought out a new handkerchief I bought and cleaned her up. Hey, I’m a nice guy. Omoh over 35
minutes I never cum. Alomo don kill me o. I asked her:

“Let’s continue na, I’m still hard”

She laughed. Omoh e no funny o.

“Please I’m really tired na, let me rest a little”

We just lay on the floor stack Unclad. Resting, listening to music. A few minutes later, my phone rang. She told me to show her the number that the call might be for her.
I showed her, she picked the call, didn’t say anything just listened to the call.
She cut the call and told me that her younger brother just called her and that she had to leave immediately. I figured that when I went out to buy something, she must have called her brother with my phone and ask to be informed if her dad returns.
Now, Her father was back.
I looked at the time it was just a few minutes after 4p.m, I guess her father returned earlier than usual.
she dressed up, did her little make up and looked innocent as if nothing happened.
I gave her cab money but she refused. I didn’t cum and I felt a deep sense of regret. I wished I didn’t take the alomo and stout and I wished I switched my phone off too.
I never got to straff chioma again, no chance at all.

One day we got talking in school and I reminded her of our sexcapade. I told her that I regretted that I didn’t cum. She whispered to me:

“Half bread is better than none”

From that day, I started calling her ‘half bread’. She would laugh each time.
Students dey wonder why the name dey make her laff… but na only me and her understand.


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