-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 27

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I went into my room, told my homeboys that I’m done playing and that I needed to rest.
Wetin dey pain me no be only because chioma no come, but also because of the high hopes wey she give me and the way I just wake up early kon prepare and arrange everywhere. Na thunder go fire that girl.

I promised myself not to call her again. I even deleted her number from my phone. What I needed
now was my ‘sweet escape’… hip-hop and alcohol.
Meanwhile I already drank half bottle of alomo mixed with stout earlier on.
I was high but now my Highness was fading away due to the sadness I was feeling. I needed to get higher, above chioma’s as$ and all my worries. So, I went out and bought an extra bottle of stout to mix with my alomo.
When I came back, I mixed it and started sipping.
Around that period I just bought slaughter-house new mixtape. I selected a track titled “truth or
truth”, a very deep 14 minutes soul rap classic.
I was drifting away to another realm gradually, Its fun to escape reality even if it was temporary.
Around 20 minutes, I heard a knock:

“Corper!, you dey?”

Mtscheeew. Na thick male voice. Na David, my tightest homeboy and my namesake.
He brought me pepper soup and goat meat that he cooked. I thanked him and he left. I ate it together with my alcohol. Several minutes past. I was literally in cloud nine. I looked at the time, it was 11:10 a.m, I needed to sleep. Somehow I felt the holy spirit spoilt my runs cuz I skipped church.
Brothers, Fear God.
I woke up and couldn’t even move, I was having headache. Alomo always gave me headache, but I was stuck to it cuz it gave me intimate stamina.
My song was still on repeat, I could remember that at one point, I was hearing the lyrics in my sleep.
Yes I skipped church, but hip-hop was ghetto Gospel too. I was hearing voices outside. Then I started I was hearing my homeboys telling someone:

“Ok, just go down that corridor, the last room”

Again, I heard ekene (one of homeboys) say:

“Nna lekwa ihe nwa’a bu n’ukwu”
Meaning; “look at what this kind of @ss this girl is carrying”

I could still hear my homeboys murmuring nonsense. I didn’t care to listen. E go be her, her nyash don confuse them.
Yey!!! That has to be chioma.

Omoh, e be like dream. Na only Her nyash fit cause that kind confusion and argument.
I hurriedly adjusted my bed and hid the alcohol bottles.
Then I heard a knock. I kept calm. She knocked again, then I opened. She came and I closed the door immediately. I no wan hear story.
She greeted me and hugged me but I didn’t hug her back. I just stood like a log of wood. Calm.
I put on a movie and then sat on the bed. She adjusted and sat close to me.

“Why are your eyes red like this?”

She was holding my forehead and looking at my blood shot eyes. My cloud nine eyes.

“I’ve been sleeping since”

“That’s a lie. Its either you drank alomo or schnapps or any other hot. I can perceive it.”

I no talk anything, I just dey look her like deaf and dumb.

“Why were you not picking my calls?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. My dad seized my phone since morning o. He said I shouldn’t go to town. I had to sneak out as he went for a village meeting.”

“Ok. When is he coming back?”

“The meeting closes by 6 p.m”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes na”

“Are you chasing me?”

Any guy wey chase this kind girl comot from room need to go see psychiatrist.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that”

I asked what she would like to be offered, she said stout and enough fried meat.
See this girl sha. E don see maga abi?. Anyway, no wahala, as I don start I must complete the mission.
I stood up, went to my wall hanger to collect my wallet and go buy what she requested. I was backing her. I then collected it wanted to head for the door. But as I was about turning around,…..


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