-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 25

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!I can’t really remember the exact content of the text but it was something like
“the stars in eyes are like the stars in the skies… bla bla bla”
My people, una know all those popular demand romantic messages na.
I just couldn’t understand the game that this girl was trying to play. I had already given up and forgotten about her. I had moved on.
Its quite easy to move on when you have options or when you have confidence and assurance that someone out there is still gonna fall for you.
The average Guy finds it tough to move on because he is uncertain if he can attract someone else. On
the other hand a player moves on faster than flash, cuz he has knows that in little or no time, he will attract someone as hot or even far hotter.
That’s how the game goes.
I’m not exactly saying that I am a player, but that’s what this environment has made me.
Hey, My life was full of countless free females of different ages and looks. I didn’t choose this life, this life chose me.
For all the pain and stress I went through during my 3 weeks in camp, I guess ‘the gods’ were using this school as a medium to compensate me. The gods must be crazy… no, not this time.
The gods that posted me to this school is very sane, and it wanted me to get a tip of what ‘heaven’ really is.

I thought about giving chioma a call and ask her why she was calling me, then I decided not to.
She would come back if she wanted to, if not, then its still cool with me. I had a lot to choose from.
I got prepared and went to school. That week was going to be fun for me cuz it was inter-house sports preparation week.
Everything going on in school that day was fun to witness: watching the girls play football, volleyball, do cultural dance, practice matching, practice drama e.t.c. I call it fun cuz the girls weren’t putting on their school uniform, they were putting on shorts and purple Polo tops (sports wear).
The senior girls made theirs wears extra hot and skimpy. I could see all shapes and sizes of bo’obs and @sses bouncing everywhere. Heaven!. I remember going to watch the ss3 girls practice volleyball.
It was hot. I’d rather re-watch that practice than watch a live Chelsea/Man-U match.
Teachers were appointed to supervise the students in different activities in preparation for the D-day.
Somehow, I wasn’t selected to be a supervisor.
My principal was beginning to distant me from the students as much as possible. I guess the gossips were beginning to get to her.
Bad news for me. Damn! She used to trust me so much… times are changing around here.
I hadn’t seen chioma since morning and I didn’t want to send for her. I just kept moving around school, watching different activities. Ironically, I was a ‘supervisor’ by myself. Lol.

Around 11a:m I decided that it was time to take a break from ‘supervision’ and head to my office for a minute.
I got to my office, met nkechi and Mrs Venny. Mrs venny was taking a break after she finished supervising one of the Junior classes on drama while nkechi was preparing some traditional accessories for traditional dance practice.
Accessories like bracelets, necklaces and all that.
Nkechi was appointed to supervise the traditional dance group made of students from different classes. I, Mrs venny and nkechi were talking about school activities and a few gossips. Fun topics. Lol.
A few students were helping nkechi out with the accessories.
After some time, chioma walked in with the traditional dance outfit. She was part of the group.
The outfit was designed to be short, so chioma looked extra hot. Her a$$ was looking fat as usual.
She greeted us and began discussing issues concerning the dance practice with nkechi.
I did’nt pay her any attention but she kept stealing glances at me, I could sense it from corner of my eyes. After a few minutes, she walked out. Mrs venny was suspecting that something wasn’t right.
She read chioma’s body language. Then She asked:

“David, what does chioma want from you? I’m suspecting both of you o”

Awww! I laughed. Mrs Venny doesn’t normally come out straight like this. Busted. No way out.

“Errm, we are just friends o, there’s nothing between us.”

Then nkechi joined our conversation and they were both tackling me from different angles.
It was funny and it wasn’t serious talk at all. We were best pals…. We used to roll like that.
Damn! There were girls everywhere, like a billion of them. A lot of them would zoom into my office just to say hi to me.
Moments later, chioma walked in again, straight to my table and dropped a little note.
I placed my hand on it so no one would notice. But, I met Mrs venny’s eyes. Busted again!. But she didn’t say anything, there was nothing to say cuz her suspicions were now confirmed.
Still, I kept acting cool like I was the victim not the player.
I read the note:
“I will come to your house on Sunday”.

Wow!. I wish life was this simple, makings things happen effortlessly.
The rest of the day was cool. Chit-chat with the girls, here and there. Sunday was still five days aways, too far.
When I got home, I decided to give chioma a call…


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