-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 24

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Let me draw a mental picture of what my life was like during my service year.
The school I got posted to was an all-girls government school, each class had four arms (e.g ss1: A,B,C,D). Each arm had approximately 50 students, some arms had more.
Now a quick calculation would give you 200 students for each class so the senior section (ss: 1,2,3) had approximately 600 students. Female students love Corpers like monkeys love bananas, I can’t explain why, but that has been the culture.
Besides that, I am a very likeable Guy and I am a sweet-talker too. I be homeboy with tight orientation and I dey reason die.
Over 80% of the students were willing to dance to my tune. It was just too easy. I didn’t have to spend a dime, my time was diamond to them. Judging from my calculation (80% of 600 girls), I had free and easy access to over 500 girls.
I had eleven months to serve (340 days or less), so I could afford a different girl everyday. Oh, I forgot about the numerous teachers (over 90% were female).
Some single, some married, some widowed, some divorced… and yeah, most of them liked me…
Different shapes and ages.
Literally, I felt what its like to be like tuface or d’banj… having so many free women and not knowing whom to choose.

Every single day, at least three girls would come to me and say:

“sir, I want to come to your house”

“sir, let me come and cook for you”

Sometimes I felt like I was living in a dream but no I wasn’t, and I still have my discharge certificate to prove it. This was ‘realer’ than life and I can remember it all vividly.

Omoh that period, I valued my life more, I been no wan die.
If I wan cross road, I dey look wella make I no waste my sweet precious life.
In the mist of these women, I was the only male Corper and the school had only 7 male teachers while the remaining 46 were female. you get the picture?!
If was could do it all over, I wouldn’t change a thing. But, I got into some big troubles too. I go tell una everything.


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You really tried. Everyday is for the thieves and one day is for the owner God judgement is coming when all this your ungodly attitudes toward students and teachers will reveal. Keep it up

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