-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 22

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I look for window make I see who dey talk. I see say na chioma dey talk. Her lip gloss just dey shine like Christmas light. She dey smile dey look me, dey wait for her gift.
I scratch my head, dey look her. I been don even forget say I promise to buy her short-bread biscuit, I just dey think wetin I go use give her excuse, confusion just full my head. Finally, I say:
“Eerrm, it’s not like I forgot to buy the biscuit for you but the biscuit is really scarce. When I find it, I’ll buy one for you.”

She look me kon frown her face. By then one teacher don dey shout make all the students go assembly ground for morning devotion. Thank God, at least this girl go free me. She kon reply:
“Sir don’t talk to me again. I don’t need the biscuit from you again. Thank you”

I dey smile dey look her as she dey talk d rubbish. I kon begin to give am sweet talk:
“A fine girl like you is not supposed to be acting like this na. Ok, I promise that…. ”

Piiaaaaa! Naso chioma begin waka comot. She no wan even listen to wetin I wan talk, she no send. I just sidon for my office chair dey watch as she dey waka dey go.
Oboy!, see as her nyash just dey shake anyhow.
Wetin dey mad me more na dia pant line wey dey show from the skirt. Chai! See the kind big nyash wey God give this small girl. The brain wey dey my head say make I leave the girl because she no get respect.
How she go just waka comot when I dey talk to her?, she dey mad?. The other brain wey dey my prick say make I no leave her. She no get respect but her nyash get respect. I decide to forgive her because of her nyash.
That day I get two classes to teach so I been dey busy dey form lesson notes and mark some assignments. Me and two staff-room mates just dey jist, dey do our various academic duties.
Next thing chioma enter inside our office:
“Good morning everybody, sir please borrow me your pen, we are about to start a test and I can’t find my pen”

Normally, I suppose tell her not to impress my staff-room mates say I no send these girls.
But I no wan take chances at all. I give her the pen.

“Make sure you return it immediately after your test”

“Ok sir, thank you”

As she go waka go back to her class, my two staff-room kon begin dey tackle me with questions:
“David, so you are now the school’s pen supplier?”

I answer:
“No na, I just borrowed it to her”

Another question:
“David, so you now have a wife abi? You will really enjoy o”

Two of them just dey laugh but me I just dey smile.
Baddest Guy ever liveth. I like Mrs venny and nkechi die, dem follow make my service year very lively with fun.
Na them be my two staff-room mates, Very sweet and funny ladies. Till today, all of us still dey relate.
Friends for life.

About one hour after break time, I sidon for my office dey eat gala and Pepsi when chioma enter my office. My staff-room mates been don go classes to teach. She drop my pen for table.
“Thank you. What did you want to say in the morning?”

I kon pretend like say I no remember wetin she dey talk.

“When? I can’t remember saying anything o”

“You were about promising me something”

“Oohh. I forgot. I was saying that I will buy the biscuit for you tomorrow”

“No. I don’t believe you. I want the money for the biscuit now. I will buy it myself”

Ah-ah. I confuse.
I no expect say this girl go crack this kind sense.
Maybe, As her nyash Big naso her brain big too. I bring out my wallet give her #300. Normally, I no fit just carry money give girl like that but if you see this girl, you go understand.
Again, the way she dey act been dey give me confidence say my money no be waste. Na sure investment. But na only time fit tell.
She tell me ‘thank you’ kon waka dey go her class.
As she dey waka, she dey extra shake her nyash wella. My prick respond sharpaly. Na wa oh. If I go get high BP for this school naim be say I no go get am again for my life.
School go normal dat day. As school kon close, I greet Mrs venny (the finest woman wey God create) and nkechi, I carry my book begin dey go house.
Nkechi tell say make I wait for her make two of us waka go school gate. I kon stand outside our office dey wait make she rub her powder finish (women and make-up sef).
As I stand outside, girls just plenty everywhere dey waka pass like ants . Some dey greet me, some dey come meet me to talk some one or two things.
One girl just stretch her hand give me something, I look her face, na chioma. I grab the tin, put for pocket sharpaly. I no be learner. She waka comot immediately, people no even understand wetin happen. The girl smart die.

Nkechi come out say make we dey go. As we dey waka, we dey jist, dey laff. Meanwhile, my mind dey for wetin chioma put for my hand. I use style put hand inside my pocket, bring the thing out….


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