-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 21

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Dear God you can’t let this happen to me, I prayed before embarking on this mission na, why you wan fall my hand?. The principal was a good woman but she was also very ruthless and would never encourage immorality. Never.
She had made it clear over a thousand times and I’ve seen how she disciplines faulting staff. I was warned about these girls, she made the repercussions clear.
The punishment was either dismissal or a PPA transfer. Whatever the case, I would have to leave this heaven and I didn’t want that to happen.
I and Juliet locked eyes for a few seconds, I was trying to read her face but I still couldn’t tell if we’d been busted, cuz her face was blank.
I stood in front of the principal’s office table, made an innocent face and greeted her:

“Good morning ma”

“David, what is this I’m hearing about you and my girls?”

“Ma, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Me?”

“I have informants everywhere so I’m fully aware of the things that happen in my school. I hear you now invite my students to your house.”

“No, I didn’t invite any….”

“Wait! Let me finish. So you deceived me with your innocent face right?”

“No ma, I’m innocent by nature. I can never disobey you ma”

“How did these girls get your number and why are you inviting them to your house?”

“Ma, I think they get it from the school staff room board. I have never invited anyone to my house.
God is my witness (baba God no vex, na your son I be, I gaz cover up. You know as e dey go na)”

Every staff-room had a board with every staff data including phone numbers.
I always kept that in mind to use as an excuse whenever something like this came up cuz I do get random calls and flashes from various girls and I knew that’s where they obtain my number from.

“Now, you will go back to your staff room and erase your phone number from the staff board. Are we clear?”

“Yes ma, I will do that immediately and even change my line.”

“Yes, that would be better. Because next time something like this happens, I will write to the state coordinator and transfer you to another school. I don’t take nonsense from anybody. You know me.”

“I understand ma.”

“You’re still my son, and I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

“Yes ma. Thank you ma.”

“These four girls here have refused to pay their inter-house sports fee. Give them a portion of the school farm to clear. Make sure they sweat.”

“Ok ma.”

Hoo-hooo!! I wasn’t busted afterall! My redeemer liveth!!. The principal calls me her ‘son’ and actually, she did treat me like one. She used to give me money, food stuffs from her home, and sometimes I would visit her home.
Not everybody is allowed to visit her home. She had a good home, great children, but her husband was late. Towards the end of my service, I visited her home and met two of her daughters who were schooling in America.

Omoh, I swear to God the girls fine die, Some of the most perfect beings on earth. But it was a little too late start up a friendship with them and besides I didn’t think their mum would approve it.

*snap back*

I took the four girls to the school farm to serve some punishment as instructed by my madam. I gave them cutlasses and assigned portions of the school farm to them. School was over but extra lessons would start by 3:30, so they were to work till extra lessons began.
It wasn’t really serious work cuz I was lenient with them, but it still work anyway. I and Juliet didn’t speak much but everyone was jisting, joking and getting along. After like 20 minutes, Juliet called me
aside smiling:

“Sir, please I’m tired.”

“What’s making you tired, are you pregnant or what?”

She laughed.
“So your asking me, after all the force you used on me today. I suspect that you take drug-s sef”

It was my turn to laugh.
“Are you serious? Drug-s? I used force on you. Did we do wrestling or what?”

She laughed like a drunk rat. Meanwhile, the other girls were still talking and working, paying us no attention.

“Ok, you can go home. If they ask questions, I’ll say you’re feeling a little sick”

So Juliet left and it was just me and three other ss3 girls.
omoh, I just stand for their back dey observe as them dey work. Two of them Don comot their shirt so that e no go stain.
Damn!. See bo’obs wey dey show through their white singlets. As them work, their bo’obs just dey bounce. My prick Don dey rise small small but I just dey code am.
As the were bending down and clearing grass, I could see their panties from behind and they knew.
That was normal to them and me too cuz I’ve seen worse in class during my teachings.
One particular girl had a really big @ss and she kept flaunting it to me. At intervals, she would turn and look at me, and smile.
This girl would make a perfect stripper. Her Bottom was bouncing with little or no effort. At one point, she raised her skirt up fully in pretence of adjusting her skirt, then she stretched the pants to cover her @ss proper, but the pants could not cover her @ss.
Too much junk in the trunk!. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Jizos!! See big black nyash!. The two other girls were like:
“Hey! Chioma what are you doing? Are you not seeing that sir is here?”

Then she replied with laughter saying:
“Sir, is there anything that you have not seen before? Abi Are you not enjoying it?”

You are damn right. Haha! Oluwa is involved. I Don see another partner in crime.

I kept a serious face. Then I spoke:
“Stop all these and hurry up, I have other things doing”

I just stayed back and enjoyed the show, lost in fantasy, not knowing what the day or time was.
Time flies when you having fun. The show went on till the bell went off. An hour and thirty minutes was gone and it felt like a minute and thirty seconds.
Yeah, Time flies.
It was now time for extra lessons. They rounded up, and we returned the cutlasses. The day was over, so I headed home. On my way to the school gate, that fat @ss girl (chioma) ran up to me:
“Sir when you’re coming tomorrow please buy something for me o”

She was seriously blushing.

“Something like what?”

“Eeerrrm, short-bread biscuit”

Nah biatch, what you really need is long-di:ck!.

I smiled back.

“Ok. Tomorrow then”

“Don’t forget o!”

How can I forget my di:ck at home, u stupi-d murfoka.

“No I won’t”

As she was leaving, I turned to take a look. I don’t normally do this, but hey, that @ss was abnormal. I could see her pant line through her hot skirt. Fat @as.
The nyash just dey shake pa-ta-pa-ta-pa-ta. She kon turn look me, smile, still waka dey go.
This girl Don kill me.

*Next Day in School*

I came early cuz I had a lesson note to form before my morning class. I was alone in the staff-room.
The bell went off for morning devotion and students were running here and there, hurrying to the assembly ground. From the window, I heard someone say:

“Sir good morning. Where is my biscuit?”


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