-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 20

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We hurriedly took a keke and went back to the school. While we rode to school, I didn’t really speak much, we just had a little discussion on how best to get inside the school premises without being spotted.
The rest minutes, I spent wishing I could undo a few mistakes… more like regreting.
Zonal inspection was a serious ritual for a corper to miss and the penalty was rigorous and grave.
Missing it wouldn’t be my pain, my pain would be the very silly reason why I missed it.
Then came the thought of juliet being caught. I was really tensed. When we got to the school gate, I called the gateman out and gave him #1000 and explained to him that I needed him to open the back gate for I and juliet to sneek in.
Being a government schoool, it had a large land mass so it took us about 5 minutes to turn around and get to the back gate. Funny enough, the gateman didn’t query me about Juliet, so I was guessing that they had some kind of ‘past’.
I trust nobody. Anyway, that was the least of my problems at the moment. Finally, Our sneeking in was successfull cuz juliet’s class (ss3) was close to the back gate and the principal’s office was at a different location.
Fortunately for us, there was no teacher in her class so there wasn’t any chance of apprehension.

It was now my turn to face my zonal inspector.
When I got to my staff room, I learnt that the zonal inspection team had left barely a few minutes ago.
Damn!. I didn’t sign my inspection form and That would mean me going back NYSC Secretariat immediately and doing whatever it takes to sign it
before it would be submitted to the headquarters.
I took a keke going to town and made my way to the Secretariat. When I got there, I went straight to my inspectors office.

“Good morning ma.”

No response.

“Good morning ma”

She looked up at me, didn’t acknowledge in any way. Poor me.

“David, don’t greet me. Why do you corpers like playing with you service?. Where were you when we came for inspection at your school?”

The woman knew me and knew my name. I had a problem two months into my service that made her cross paths with me and it was a bad experience for both of us.
She was a very strict and principled woman but then again, she also had a good heart. I got down on my knees and begged her that I was absent due to a spinal cord x-ray that I went to do at the hospital
(biggest lie ever told in human history).
Long story short, she gave me a form to fill and sign. After I signed it, she handed me her phone:

“Recharge my phone. I need to make a few important calls, that would be your punishment”

“Ok ma. Thank you ma.”

I dashed out, recharged her phone with #750 mtn credit and headed back to school.
My ordeal with Juliet caused more harm than good to me. I took too much unnecessary risk and spent too much money and worse still, the se-x wasn’t even that good.
Me wey go fit make one minute phone call and one bad chick go just show for free straffing, naim I kon take all this nonsense risk even still waste almost #2,500 ontop the matter just for one short-time runs. I fall my hand. But that’s life though… ups and Downs.

I came back to school, went to my staff room waiting for the school’s closing bell. My staff room had a reading space with a few tables for students so I had very easy access to girls.
Some would just come to bug me under the pretence of reading. But, I wasn’t in a good mood due to the stress and money that the day had cost me. So I was mostly quiet and unsocial.
However, I didn’t know that the day had something even worse for me. Around 30 minutes to closing time, an ss1 girl came to my window in front of approximately 15 senior girls that were reading in my staff room and yelled:

“Sir, shey I called you on Saturday but you refused to pick up. I was already on my way to your house.”

No!. This can’t be happening!! Everything felt surreal to me.
This is like the worst embarrassment ever.
Close communication with the students was a taboo, talk more of inviting them to my house. Every student in my staff room fixed their eyes on me, whispering about what they just heard.
The girl’s name was Patricia and she had the biggest bo’obs in ss1. I know it might seem that I exaggerate about these girls having big bo’obs but sincerely, that was exactly how it was. The girls in that region were blessed with huge bo’obs.
She actually called me on that Saturday like she said but I wasn’t really expecting her cuz I was expecting another girl. I swear, my life was that crazy.
There were too many girls. I thought about fvcking her though, and that would have been a wonderful experience.
She just said it jokingly and left to her class but it was funny to me. Not at all. I didn’t respond in anyway cuz that would complicate matters. I just
rested my head on my table. Things were literally falling apart.
Another problem was that a staff room (with mostly female teachers of course) was next to mine and every teacher in there would have possibly heard what Patricia said.
My cover was blown, and I knew that the gossips would officially begin. Mrs venny and nkechi (my staff-room mates) were not around at that time and I thanked God for that.
While I rested my head, I went deep in thought, wishing I skipped school that fateful day.
The bell went off a few minutes later. School was over for the day. As I stood up to leave, a student approached me:

“Excuse me sir, the principal said I should call you”

Oh Gawd! Not again!. I wondered what the call was for but I knew it wouldn’t be good. I went straight to the principal’s office.
When I got in, I found Juliet and four other students kneeling on the floor of the principals office. This can’t be happening …


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