-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 18

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As I dey wait for Juliet, I kon dey contemplate whether to drop the plan. Plenty questions just dey flow for my head: What if person catch us as we dey comot? What if we come back late? What if any staff
begin find Juliet during break (because, na heavy crime for any student to comot from school
compound without permission).
As I won change my mind, I see Juliet for door:

“Sir, I’m ready. Let’s go.”

I look her innocent face, look her small pointed bosom:s. She dey smile. Na wa oh, God abeg na onto you I commit my spirit o. I stand up from my sit.

“Ok. Be smart. You will go ahead of me and act like you’re alone. When you get outside the gate successfully, enter a keke going to kings-road and tell the driver to wait, then I’ll come and join you”

“Ok sir.”

“I will be a few steps behind you”

She begin waka dey go the school gate area. You need to see how Innocent wey this girl dey waka. If no be say she wear school uniform I for mistake her for angel wey God send down from heaven to come warn us of our sins.
Na wa oh, God abeg give me wisdom to use follow naija girls. If to say king Solomon jam naija babes, them for show am say sense dey pass sense.
Brothers, make una shine eye o, if not plenty of una go marry confirm rubbish.

I stand for door dey watch and wait make Juliet waka go front small.
After she don waka like 30 steps, I kon close my staff room door, do sign of the cross then kon begin follow Juliet for back.
As I dey waka dey go, I dey look whether Juliet go succeed to cross the school gate. I dey try focus on her but different students just dey disturb me with different talks like:

“Sir, its break time come and buy something for me.”

“Sir, yesterday you promised to buy me something but you didn’t”

“Sir, where are you going to?”

Which kind devils dem be this na. Then wan spoil my prison-break mission abi wetin. Some of them
they try drag me go back sef. I just dey try give them small small excuse as I dey waka dey go and my eyes still dey on Juliet.
As Juliet reach gate, gateman call her. Chei! Fvck up Don dey be dat o!. No no no, wait …. she kon waka comot for gate. Hurray!!. Oluwa must be involved. I dey wonder wetin she tell that wicked gateman…. anyway na she know her way sha.
I no fit ever waste my time say I dey study any naija girl character. Their character need special course for university to study am.

I start to waka fast so that I fit join her for the keke-napep wey she go enter dey wait for me. As i don waka near gate, I hear person shout my name:

“Corper!, Corper!!”

I look the direction. Oh no!, which kind winch be this for this cool afternoon. The person wey they call me na Mr eke. Na him be the school academic officer and him office dey close to the gate area.
Wetin this man dey call me for na?. At this time, I no need anybody to call me… not even Obama.
I enter office go greet the enemy of progress.

“Corper, you have been hiding from me”

“No sir, I’ve been really busy.”

“Where are you heading to?”

“I want to go and get something in town”

“Ok. When you come back, come and see me. I want us to discuss a little project”

“Ok sir.”

I waka comot. I purposely dey run from Mr eke because the man na ga:y. The first days wey dem post me come the school, we been dey close. But I kon notice say him dey always touch my laps and do some kind suspicious play wey I no dey like.
One day, him kon say him wan kon visit me for my house because him wife and children travel and say him dey lonely for house. See this idi:ot sha. Na that day I cancel everything about am.
See school wey fresh girls plenty, dey beg for sexvicing naim this fo®l dey chase him fellow man.
God forbid!.

As I reach outside gate, I no see Juliet. I try look inside some keke wey park left and right I still no
see her.
I dey wonder, confusion just full my head.
Small time, one keke just drive come my side, I bin wan hala the keke man for reckless driving but the sweet voice wey I hear calm my brain:

“Sir, come inside”

I look inside see Juliet. She Don pull her school shirt, na black Polo she wear. Correct girl! At least she don camouflage herself small. As the keke man dey drive us, I just hold her hand for back dey smooch her palm. She look me kon smile.
I just wan use that one take warm up her spirit make she know say today na kukere day.
Keke stop us for my street den we waka front go inside my compound.
As we enter my compound, everywhere dey scanty and quiet. Everybody Don go hustle to find their daily bread and feed their belle. Me na food for my prick wey I go find, and I Don carry am come.
We waka enter my corridor then I begin open my door. As I dey open my door, I dey hear small funny sound from one of my neighbours room…


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