-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 13

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I got home faster than flash. I met Sandra sitting on a chair in front of my neighbor’s kitchen. I was glad to see her, it’s been just 4 days or so but it felt like I hadn’t seen her in a million years. We went inside and hugged, then she gave me juice and some apples she brought for me. We talked about the past few days that we didn’t see each other.
She told me about how her ex (fiance actually) was trying to come back into her life and how she was doing everything possible to turn him down.
Secretly, I hoped she wasn’t turning him down for my sake, because I was almost certain that what we had wouldn’t lead to marriage. I was far from marriage but I couldn’t tell her that because I didn’t want to hurt her and moreover, that might cost me
the coochie!.
But I did like her though, and she meant more than $ex to me. Swear down.
I told her that she was right to have rejected him.
Sometimes you have to lie to comfort the ones you care about. I bought two tubers of yam from the market as well as some items to prepare yam and egg-stew. She offered to cook it, I refused but she still insisted.
To settle it, I decided to make it a duo:
I let her be the head cook while I assisted her. We were cooking, jisting and watching a movie at the
same damn time! Lol. The title of the movie was “Friday” starring Chris Tucker and ice cube.
It was a 90′s black comedy heavily influenced by hip-hop. Best movie ever!!. This moment was
good… Days of our lives. After we finished cooking, we ate and then started playing video games. One
of the most amazing things about Sandra was that she was really open with me, she tells me everything including her private life.
That earned her some trust from me because naturally, I don’t trust Nigerian girls. Lol.

Sometime around 4 p:m, Sandra said she wanted to take her bath and then head back home, said she
needed to go and check on her mum. My heart literally sank. Omoh, na so I take miss again today?!., Well, next time still dey sha. I continued playing my video game with heavy rap songs
blasting through my speakers.
Sandra came out of the bathroom tying one of my towels. Her @as and bo’obs were bouncing underneath. Damn! This girl na fire!. Then she sat
on the bed, started rubbing lotion on her skin while browsing the internet with her phone (This girls spends 99% of her time on her phone) Probably chatting with her multiple admirers on Facebook and co, but who cares? They had her online, I had her in my room with nothing but my towel on.
I’m winning I guess, but I still hadn’t scored yet.
I paid her little attention and continued playing my video game.

Around 10 minutes later, I noticed that she was still on towel, browsing with her phone. Na wa oh, no be
this girl wey talk say she dey hurry to go check her sick mum for house?. Naija girls sef, you can never
understand them. I looked at her legs, damn! the towel was way too small for her fat @ss. I could see
bare thighs: sexy as ever.
Then she dropped the towel from her chest and started rubbing the lotion on her bo’obs. Omoh she
succulent bo’obs, this girl wan raise my blood pressure sha. Our eyes met, she was trying hard to
conceal a laugh. I dropped my game console and started crawling slowly to the bed, towards her.
She grabbed the towel back to her chest, laughing mischievously.
I got close to her, she was trying to protect her goodies with her hands as best as she could.
She sat in an L position: legs on the bed, back on the wall. I lay flat on my stomach just beside her, one hand rubbing her thighs and sweet-talking to her. Damn! Her skin was smooth as butter and she smelt good too.
I started kissing on one of her thighs and still rubbing the other with my palm. I would kiss her from down her knee then move up: towards her
coochie region. But, she would hold my, laughing, begging me to stop. All na wash Jare. I would have stopped if I could, but I just couldn’t. Lol. She said:
“Corper, please stop na, I need to go home now.”
Sandra always called me “Corper” and I always told her that it made me feel casual to her. All my efforts
didn’t change that, so I was gradually adapting to it. Anyway, none of that mattered now … I don’t care if she called me anything: corper, papa, or even ‘tata’. I just wanted to make love to her, right now, if she would let me. I replied her:
“I know. I just wanna appreciate you for everything”
“We still have a lots of time. I’m not traveling out of the country”

Omoh, time no dey oh. I no dey trust naija babes too much, cuz she fit actually travel out. Dey there na.
We laughed. Omoh, as I dey laugh i use style rest my head on top her soft laps close to her coochie. I
could smell the sweet scent of her coochie. Oh lawd!, Sweet scent of sin.
Damn! I’d love to lick and hit that, and planned to do it like I owed her. This would be special. And yes,
I did owe her: for all the care, soul and companionship she gave to me. I don’t really believe in debts and payments when it comes to relationships. But then again, one way or the other, we all pay (sacrifice) in relationships. I owed
Sandra a good round of ‘sexvice’ and I was dying to pay.

* back to the matter at hand*

I started kissing and licking different places on her thighs. I was doing it like I was actually licking her
coochie. Lick and kiss, different spots. I am a professor at this art but I did it episode extra-professionally cuz I wanted to send a message to
her: that I wanted to eat her coochie and that I was a super-man at it.
Sandra was getting the message, I knew so cuz her little resistance was beginning to fade. At a point, she just gave me freedom, no resistance whatsoever. Hoo-hoo!. Hard works pays!. Sandra was still operating her phone but I knew deep down that her mind was in my art, she was anticipating about what I was gonna do next…


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