-My Sex Service To My Principal And Students

Must Read: My Sex Service To My Principal And Students – NYSC MEMBER… Part 10

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“It was David (my Guy), uju and Sandra!. I let them in, then i sat down on my reading chair. Too surprised to speak. My Guy and uju sat on my bed while Sandra lay on the bed, behind them. My room was dark except for the light from my TV. We all chatted about a lot of things.
We had some good jokes and Sandra was talking now, and she was actually very funny and lively too.

Mostly importantly she was nasty, really saying nasty things and That raised my hope of Fu”cking.
I guess she slept a little, cheered up and somehow changed her mind about not coming to my room. My words finally made an impact on her psychology. I started playing some rhythm-&- blues. David and uju, were all over each other, playing and kissing.
I kept myself busy with my phone … away from Sandra. Then Sandra asked me to come close that she’d like to use my legs as pillow. I did that and held hands with her. We talked about relationships and heart break, and I found out that she was really intelligent.
That amazed me, and I began to have some respect and likeness for her. David and uju had slept. I and Sandra slept too, holding hands. When I woke up in the morning, it was already 5 am and I couldn’t find David and uju. It was just I and Sandra in my room!
I started touching her a little: palms, arms … then she woke up. Told me that I promised that this wasn’t about se”x, that she believed me and that she was beginning to find comfort in me. I felt a little guilty so I re-assured her that I was just trying to keep her warm, and that I really liked her.
She turned, smiled at me, gave me a Peck on the forehead and we held hands. She said my palm was really soft and that she loved it. Eyes closed, not speaking… just soul-mating. Somehow, we slept again and she woke me up when she was trying to arrange the dishes she washed for me.
She had already swept and cleaned my room too. She asked me to start preparing for school. She went to see uju, came back minutes later and told me she was leaving. I walked her down to the main road to take a cab to her house. When we got a cab, I brought out #1000 and gave her for transport but she declined.
I tried to persuade her but she still refused. Just before she got into the cab she held my palm and told me that she’d call me. Things just didn’t add up.

A girl who was willing to blow my money on an expensive wine last night has now refused to take cab money from me.
She did washing and cleaning for me, but she didn’t look like the type. Not at all.
Inspite of all the nasty things she loved to say, she still was a very emotional person.
Everything was contrasting, I just couldn’t comprehend the whole drama. I dressed up and went to school, avoiding the girls as much as I could.

Before break-time, Sandra called me, told me she missed me and wanted to check on me and that she would come to my house at night. Sweetest voice I ever heard in my life. I liked her, but hey, I was dying to f”uck her too.
It’s gotta be tonight, omoh, no dulling. Naija girls no be people wey person fit trust.

I was in David’s house when I got the call, It was a few minutes after 7 pm and Sandra was on her way to my house… I was thinking about the things I wanted to do to her… love don’t live here….


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