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Must Read: My Ordeal With An Ungrateful And Greedy Friend

This is true story sent to me by a reader, kinda touching, read below….

My name is Samuel Ogunbor better known as Don Glazy, i am the P.A to comedian DE-DON, there’s this friend of mine his name is Dele Aribasoye, he work as a primary school teacher in a private school where he earns N7,000 monthly. Down to the point, De-Don got involved as an actor in a movie project in the month of May,i think on the 13th or 14th of may, i got a call from De-Don and he asked me to come for an audition.

The following day i went to his house and we both went to Mr Barsorge house aka DoGood for me to be auditioned,he auditioned me but didn’t pick me because be said he needed a Yoruba boy that have Yoruba accent,i got home and informed Dele about it and he was really excited so,i brushed him up a little and gave him some glimpse as i am a trained actor under ace producer and actor Femi Ogedengbe ,after that i briefed him about the whole thing and gave him a glimpse of how much he should expect if he is selected then i asked him how much he will compensate me with when he get paid and he excitedly said 50%. The following day i took Dele to meet with De-Don and we all went to MR Barsorge house for him to be auditioned ,he was selected. He signed his contract form ,the shooting i presume is suppose to last for a period of 7months and in the month of June he got paid his first salary which was N150,000,he didn’t even tell me that he has been paid until i found out from him trickishly then i reminded him of our deal and told him to give me N70,000 instead of the agreed 50% and told him that he could have the remaining 6months salary to himself but instead he gave me N50,000 feeding me with some fake tale and promising to balance me N20,000 when he gets his next salary,not only that, he went to report me to a senior actor named Monkals that i asked for a share out of his money,because of that we had a quarel but later settled it and promised to add to my balance,not until yesterday when he received his second salary and i asked him for my balance below is the reply i got from him: ’Helo bro,gud mawing and hw was ur nyt.pls i wunt b able to give u any 20k becos have being asked not to give u again and rememba we still have tins ahead of us to do.pls kindly bear wit me. reply via text.’ i then asked who said he shouldn’t give me my balance and he said De-Don,so i called De-Don and he asked me to forget about it , but i know he’s looking at it from the relationship angle not from the business angle, i explained to him i needed the money badly but he asked me to look for the money else where,this is the same Dele i sometimes feed when he was still earning N7,000 ,i even sometimes give him transport to the island when he hasn’t received his salary,i shouldn’t be saying this but not only do i feel he’s greedy but also an ingrate.. i should not have asked him for the balance again but i have relied on it to balance up my tuition i being greedy to ask for N70,000 out of N150,000 for a job which i linked u to? cause i feel oppressed now.

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