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Must Read: My Life… Part 8

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we got a one room self-contained within four days, not up to four streets from Bola’s place. I also got a shop in the market, I started selling provisions and soup ingredients. Eniola enrolled in a school close to the market, so she could come to me after closing from school.

Business went on fine, atleast we didn’t lack anything.


Eniola was trekking back from school with her schoolmates. They walked in groups,-in three’s and in four’s.

“Eniola hold my hand lets cross the road.” A neighbours daughter called Tola,told her. She was older than Eniola, I had begged her to help my baby cross the road always.

“No” Eniola said defiantly.

“C’mon give me your hand.” tola said again.

“Nooooo” Eniola said again.

“Eniola, your mummy will beat you o” Tola warned her.

“I am a princess, my mummy won’t beat me.” Eniola said laughingly.

“I’l beat you o” Tola was getting worked up.

“Ehn? Me? Don’t o! My father is a king!” Eniola was enjoying the whole game.

“Stubborn geh!” Tola snapped.

“Yes o!” Eniola replied before running into the road.

“Eniola!” Tola tried to hold her but she was far gone.

An on-coming car screeched loudly before coming to a halt, almost banging into her. She fell down due to fear. It’s occupant ran out.

“Are alright?” David asked picking her up.

“Did you hit me?” she asked

“No, I don’t think so, I almost did… Errm, sorry.”

“I’m fine” Eniola laughed,

Tola ran to where they are.

“Sorry Eni..” she held Eniola.

“Next time you should hold her hands” David cautioned Tola.

“She refused” Tola explained.

“I want to learn how to cross the road” Eniola said pouting.

David smiled.

“not now baby !”

“you should go home now.” he dipped his hands into his pocket and produced some naira notes

“here take this” he gave Eniola

“No thanks.” she smiled before running off.

“Mummy Eniola, good afternoon” Tola flexed her knees as they got to my shop.

“Tola, bawo? Hows school today?” I replied hugging them both.

I placed a flask before them both

“Tola eat before going home.” I instructed

“Mummy Eniola, one car hit your pikin today” Tola informed me gulping down some water.

“ofofo Tola” Eniola giggled.

“Sharrap!” I chided her

“Tell me my dear.” I told Tola.

“The driver even dash us money, but we didn’t collect.” she said with a mouth full of food

“I wan hold her hand before o, but she refused o” Tola shrugged

“Eniola? Is that true?” I asked

she giggled softly

“is that a laughing matter?” I glared at her

She bent her head in remorse

“sorry but I was learning how cross the road” her voice was low.

Stubborn girl! I thought.

Well I’m not suprised, she took well after me. She was a real Tejumola offspring, I was tempted to laugh but kept a straight face.

“Never try that again” I said sternly

“Sorry mummy”.

“Eat your food” I told her, before rising to attend to a customer.

To Be Continued…

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