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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 9

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The whole congregation started grumbling. He needs deliverance some said. I wondered what kept my mouth sealed at that moment. Some ushers quickly arrived where I was sitted, directing me to a corner. I was asked to sit down, waiting for the fellowship president to pray for me. I smiled within and asked myself if I really needed to be delivered. The fellowship ended and the congregation dispersed. Brother Samuel, the fellowship president and Sister Grace came to where I was sitted.

“Brother Banji, what has come over you?” Brother Samuel asked.

That question pumped out the whole annoyance inside of me. I wouldn’t have been vexed if the question came from another person entirely. Brother Samuel, I know from my day one in the school. We both met at the school’s admission office to fill some documents. He’s quite cute but very slim. His english intonation sounds foreign and that he used as an opportunity to coax ladies to himself. He loves girls, but am not sure about now.

I laughed and said, “ask Sister Grace.”

Sister Grace instantly was stunned. They all looked at themselves amazed. My eyes was fixed on fidgeting Sister Grace. She summoned courage to ask me how she happen to be the cause.

“Should I talk?” I asked her.

“Please wait!” She intercepted.

She whispered to Brother Samuel. I was so ready to expose her since she has the effrontery to talk back at me.

“Please ushers, you may go.” Brother Samuel said.

They wanted to shade it away from the ushers. The two ushers excused, leaving Brother Samuel and Grace with me.

“Now Brother Banji, what did Sister Grace do?” Brother Samuel urged me.

I peeked at Grace before saying anything. She looked remorseful like a hungry refugee. I battled within the second whether to expose her or not.

“Am sorry to say, Sister Grace fo—o—orn fooor—orrnnn.” I faltered.

Grace turned around covering her face with her both palm in shame before I could complete my word.

“Forn what?” Brother Samuel persuaded me to open up.

“Functionally came to my hall without stoping by my room.” I lied.

She immediately turned around again in joy. She smiled so brightly like the winner of a reality show.

“Is that why you wanted to interrupt the bible study?” He asked.

“Don’t mind him Brother Samuel, I know how he feels.” She quickly cut in with a fake smile. “Brother Banji am sorry about that.”

“No problem. Can I go now?” I said, though not satisfied.

“Yes.” They both replied.

What they both will discuss after then was not my business. I still had it in mind to deal with Grace but I decided to take it cool. I left quite relieved. Should I now go to Kofo’s hall or proceed to my hall, was the only issue on my mind. I checked my time to discover it was already 9:19pm. It was late to visit her so I decided to call. I dialed.

“Banji! Banji! I swear no come back here o!” Emeka’s voice protruded out of the phone speaker. “I promise to kill you.”

I was shocked. I immediately hung up the call. I checked the contact I dialed. Oh no! I made the same mistake again. I dialed ‘Emeka’ instead of ‘Emerald’. Now that Emeka had revealed his intention, the mistake helped. I prepared my strategy. I carefully dialed Kofo afterwards. I dialed.

“Never in your life dial this number again!” A voice responded and hung up.

I definitely knew it was not Kofo that said all that, because am so acquainted with her voice that I can’t mistake it for any. Who could that be? I thought to myself. I paid no heed to that so I concentrated on my room mate’s threat. Is his threat an empty one or not? I asked myself. I shrugged off and forged ahead to my hall. Everywhere was almost quiet, less movement around. I became so vigilant now that I arrive my hall because Emeka could be lurking around the corner. I was tip toeing like a cartoon character, Tom, who’s about to catch Jerry. Oops! I saw Emeka from afar resting his arms on the railing of the corridor in front of our room. He was holding a bottle. I was so sure that the bottle was meant for my skul so I came to a decision to go to sleep in Bayo’s room. I hastened my steps but it became obvious to restless Emeka.

“Banji, your father! I swear I will catch you today” Emeka shouted from upstairs, running downstairs.

I took to my heels like never before. I was not ready to die. I ran as fast as I could towards Bayo’s hall. Emeka is another fast runner I know after Usain Bolt. The fear of him catching up to me was what converted my legs to michelin tire. I ran. I got to Bayo’s room. I banged his door so loud that even a dead creature would hear. He opened the door slightly to peep at the nuisance banging his door. I noticed it, so I quickly forced it open. I hurried him to bolt the door. I was panting so loudly with my mouth wide open. Bayo stood looking at me scattered on the floor.

“Banji, wetin happen na?” Bayo questioned, “why you dey run by this time.”

“Bayo. Bayo. Bayo.” I kept saying still breathing very loud.

“Talk jor!”

“Emeka. Emeka. Emeka Ooooo.”

“Wetin do Emeka?”

Bang! Bang! Bang! Someone banging on Bayo’s door.


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