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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 8

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I suddenly became cold. The goose bumps that immediately formed on my body were as tall as mountain. I wiggled while contemplating whether to knock the door or not. I couldn’t resist the horrible erotic sound anymore so I decided to knock on the door. As I was about knocking, it opened. Kofo came out. I was so tensed, I slapped her unconsciously. Immediately I did, I felt so eased like a woman that just delivered a baby. She held her face in pity, staring at me like a horror movie. I stood gazing at her also justifying the slap.

“Baby it’s okay. Awwwww! It’s okay please.” The strange lady groaned after a long silence.

I felt like taking Kofo’s hand to slap my face back after hearing that worthless girl screamed. My patience has landed me into another trouble. I went slowly on my knees before Kofo like an innocent pupil, pleading for my action. She wanted to talk but nothing came out of her mouth. She tried holding back her tears but it failed; tears uncontrollably trickled down her cheeks. She turned around and scurried away. I remained on my knees like a criminal begging for mercy. I cried on the same spot.

“What have I done?” I angrily asked myself. “Why? Why? Banji why?”

I guarded up again like a man that I am. I stood up. Grace, I will beat you and the dog that has been riding on you since morning, I said to myself. I rushed inside the room like a wrestler into a ring. Oops! They both are still having evening exercise after all that has happened to me. They are both under the blanket, ignorant about my presence. I was so prepared for Emeka. I was ready to fight. I took my shirt off and rolled my trouser to my knee. I frowned like a boy that misplaced his lunch fee. I held the edge of the blanket and hauled it to reveal their miserable faces. Emeka turned around almost immediately and grasp me. I quickly landed a blow on his face that landed him on the bed. He stood up swiftly like a soldier and striked his, I weaved it. I kicked, not intending to hit his stomach but did. He fell on the floor and I took opportunity of that. I sat on him. He struggled. I struggled. She was so scared of all the drama we performed, she took to her heels.

“Grace, I am coming for you oooo!” I shouted as she was running out of the room. “Slut!”

I dragged my focus back to helpless Emeka. I punched him again on the face. He immediately started begging; punch atimes is a good therapy for madness. I stood off him and quickly ran after Grace.
I cared less about what people would think of me dressed like I was. I looked really like a psycho. My singlet was soaked but not obvious because it’s quite dark, 7:45pm. I halted my race and thought of where I could locate Grace. Alas! It was the fellowship’s bible study day. I thought to check her there because she won’t like to miss it, her position won’t warrant. I was purposely silencing the still small voice telling me to retreat. She has cost me alot already and I can’t let her go just like that, I assured myself. I ignited my running engine again because the bible study was closing by 8:30pm. What a day, I lost alot today, I kept saying while running. I finally got to the fellowship. I quickly rolled down my trouser before entering. I had this ‘I don’t trust you too’ look on my face when the female usher was leading me to a seat. As a matter of fact, I don’t trust anyone again; not after what Sister Grace did. I patiently sat down listening to the almost ending sermon:

“No matter what anyone does to you, try and forgive. God won’t forgive you if you don’t forgive your fellow man.” Brother Samuel preached.

I shrugged off all he was saying. If you are in my shoes, I swear you won’t preach that nonsense, I muttered. The fellow that sat beside me, almost immediately looked at me disgustingly. I wondered if he heard what I said or was pissed with the way I was dressed; singlet and trouser on sandal.

“If you are here and you won’t forgive, then am sorry to say, God won’t forgive you.” Brother Samuel preached on.

Now Brother Samuel was getting the worst out of me by that statement. I felt that Sister Grace has reported me to him and he was purposely directing the sermon to me. My brain was already over heating. I was so vexed to the extent of reading it all over my face. Thank goodness, the sermon ended.

“We call on the bible study secetary to please come out and share the grace for us.” Brother Samuel obliged.

Now this is where they called for trouble, Grace should share the grace? I was not going to allow her do that not after gracing Emeka’s graceless bed. She boldly strolled out of the congregation not noticing my presence.

“May the grace of the Lord Jes—s-ss” She was saying.

“Hey! Please!” I interrupted aloud raising my hand.

Everybody impulsively gazed at me like a celebrity. Sister Grace was bolted from the blue when she saw me. They all wondered what I wanted to say.

“Ehm— Ehmm– Ehmm” I stuttered.


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