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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 72

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We both paused, waiting for the person to talk but no response.


“That’s Samuel.” Nancy muttered to me as she reached for her clothes.

“Samuel?” I asked. “I thought he traveled with mum and dad to see your family member.”

Bang! He knocked again. “I’m coming.” I said as I reached for my clothes and wore them within seconds.

“Who told you that?” Nancy asked as she buttoned her blouse.


She hissed. “That’s a lie.” She said. “They all went to see Samuel’s school teachers which I never expected them to come back this early.”

“Ok ok, let’s get this cleaned up first.” I said. “Go hide in the bathroom then sneak out as soon as you hear the door close.”


Nancy rushed to the bathroom, while I went to open the door. Samuel jumped on me, screaming with joy as he saw me. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!” He shouted. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I said and let him to the ground. “What of mum and dad?”

“They are downstairs.” He said, very excited. “Let’s go see them.”

“Good idea.” I said, pulling him quickly towards the door. “Let’s go.”

“Have you seen my sister?”

“Your sister?”

“Yes, Nancy. She’s around.”

“Hmm, sure I have.” I said and banged the door to notify Nancy.

“Wow, ok that’s good.” Samuel said.

We both descended from the stairs, to the sitting room and off I went flat on the floor to greet the man that turned my life around. “Good afternoon sir.” I greeted.

He smiled. “Banji, what’s this?” He asked. “Please come off it. Jump up, jump up now.”

I obeyed. “Come on Banji, stop standing and sit down.” Mrs Martin said and smiled.

I sat down with a smile on my face. “Nancy?!” Mr Martin called.

“Yes daddy.” Nancy answered from the kitchen.

Nancy was a spirit, she had disappeared into the kitchen without anyone knowing. She came to the sitting room with a glass of juice in her hand, then she sat directly opposite me beside her mother.

She sipped the juice but I missed the juice she was about giving some minutes ago. We both communicated with our eyes as we all chatted in the sitting room. It was a memorable stay in the Martin’s resisdence. How stamped could it be on my memory, when I found my heartthrob in their house, Nancy. We both fell in love.

The love grew stronger, even stronger when we both sat at the back seat of the Hummer jeep, back to school. We giggled, laughed at intervals, making Kunle jealous as he peeked at us through the rearview mirror. It was fun all through to school.

“Whose hall are we going first?” Kunle asked as he drove pass the campus gate.

“Nancy’s hall.” I said.

She tickled me and I reacted, laughing out loud. We got to Nancy’s hall, we both alighted, walked to the boot, I opened it and helped her with her luggage. I carried it to the gate of her hall, dropped it and as I hugged her, I saw Kofo coming towards the gate. I held tight to Nancy just to concentrate more on Kofo, who was advancing towards us. I let go Nancy.

“Later baby.” She said, then immediately picked up her luggage and walked into the hall.

I turned around, took some steps towards the jeep, then looked behind to peek on Kofo. Coincidentally, Nancy looked back, making it four eyes on me. I waved at Nancy, Kofo received it and waved back. That wasn’t meant for you, I muttered, then turned around, walked briskly to the car and we zoomed off.

In no time, we got to my hall. “Bro Kunle, thanks.” I said as I alighted from the car.

He nodded in acceptance and drove off. I was operating on a very high spirit, which made me conquer the stairs within seconds. I got to my room, went on my knees and thanked God for all He had done so far for me.

Ring! Ring!! My phone rang out loud while I was praying. “In Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.” I said and quickly reached for my phone. “Hello?”

“Hello Banji.” A soft thin voice replied.

“Please who am I speaking with?” I asked because the number looked strange.

“Wow, so you don’t have me on your phone again, ehn?” She accused.

“No o, it’s not that na.” I defended. “I changed my phone, that’s why.”

“Ok o. Anyway, it’s Kofo.”

I wasn’t surprised because I expected her to call not after all she displayed some minutes ago. “Hey Kofo, wad up?” I said, twisting my voice, making it sound American.

“I’m fine.” She replied. “You didn’t even ask of me.”

“Why should I?” I asked with a frown on my face.

“Why shouldn’t you?” She attacked.

I giggled. “I ain’t your boyfriend, so why should I?” I replied. “Or do I look like David?”

She hissed. “David ko, Oyedepo ni. That guy is a fool.” She angrily said.

“Ehn ehn?” I asked, mockingly. “Are you just knowing or you knew since?”

She hissed again. “Banji, please leave David alone. Perhaps nothing happened between us.”

“What’s my business with that.” I said. “You can share your story on facebook not with me.”

“Banji, please I know I did you wrong and now I beg you with the God you serve to forgive me of all I did.” She pleaded.

I smiled. “I have forgiven you way back so no point begging again.”

“Banji, please forgive me totally and let us be us.” She said.

“I have forgiven you and what’s the meaning of let us be us?”

“Let’s be the loving duo as we used to.” She replied.

I laughed out loud. “I’m sorry, that ain’t possible.” I said. “Kofo, please let me call you back, I want to get some stuffs done here.”

“Ok darling.” She said.

“Hey come, which one is that? I’m Banji not darling.” I angrily replied.

“Ok sweety.” She worsened it.

I got furious, so I hung up the call. Girls and their comeback moves, I thought, nodded my head in pity, then laid on my bed and snoozed off.

What a life I experienced on campus, It wasn’t rosy but all thanks be to God. My year three on campus was the most turbulent year of my life. My year four went smoothly like a fish in water. I concentrated more on my studies, lived peacefully among everyone and most importantly, I had a closer relationship with God. I had little challenges but I handled them simply. Oh! My life on campus. I can’t help but shift the spotlight to one of the best days of my life, my convocation.

I woke up, yawning loudly like an hungry lion, checked my time, it was 8:10 A.M. I jumped out of bed, reached for my iron to straighten my graduation gown. I did within minutes, hit the bathroom, returned and began preparing.

After some minutes, I checked myself in the mirror. Wow! I looked so classy, with my graduation hat on my head. I grinned and gave different poses before the mirror. I was extremely happy.

Ring! Ring!! My phone vibrated in pocket. I reached for it and realised it was my mother. “Hello mummy.”

“Banji, where are you seated?” She asked.

“Seated ke? I’m still in my hall o.” I replied.

“Your hall? When your mates are here seated.”

“I’m on my way mum.” I said, smiled and walked out of my room.

“You better hurry up.”

“Ok ma.” I said and hung up the call.

My mother had traveled down to the campus premises a day before my D-day, so I wasn’t surprised if she was the first to be in the hall. Nevertheless, I hurried to the event hall, only to see different colors of dresses. Everyone dressed superb, even my mother wasn’t pushed to the rear. She wore a white shining lace, supported it with a peach head-tie which collaborated with her fuchsia high heels.

My mother saw me as I walked through the door. “Banji!” She shouted, waving.

I sighted her. I strolled to where she sat and hugged her. “You made me proud.” She whispered to my ear.

I smiled, let go of her, then went ahead to take my seat among the graduating students. It’s a wonderful feeling to wear a graduation gown, and even a more breathtaking feeling to know you’re loved. The vice chancellor gave his speech and awarded the outstanding students. I didn’t feel pained because I knew where I lacked. I started off well but I lacked behind at some point, so I placed no blame on nobody. Life is race, my life on campus is a part of it and I still have a long way to go outside this campus, I said to myself, then called off the pity party.

The ceremony ended. I located my mother quickly despite the crowd that trooped out of the hall. We went out only to stumble on the set of people that turned my life around, The Martins. Mr Martin opened wide his arms, calling me for a hug. I flew into his arms with tears in my eyes.

“Thank you so much sir.” I said, crying heavily on his shoulder; I did because I missed my father. “May God bless you real good.”

“It’s ok.” He said and giggled. “I know how you feel.”

Mr Martin brought out his handkerchief and cleaned my tears. He smiled, I smiled, then hugged Samuel. “Sam, my boy!” I shouted.

“Congratulation Banji.” He said. “I got you a gift.”

I let go of him. “What’s it? Where is it?” I curiously asked.

He smiled, brought out a golden pen from his pocket, then stretched it to me.

I smiled and collected it from him. “Thanks so much.” I said, scanning through the inscription on the pen.

He looked at me, I gazed at him and smiled. He nodded. “I got that gift from my Principal. It’s always given to the student, who performed best in Junior WAEC in our school.” He explained. “It’s the King’s Pen. I give it to you.”

I smiled, then hugged him again. “Hey Dear.” A soft voice called.

I quickly turned around. Oh! It was the love of my life, Nancy. I hugged her but not as tight as we do in the secret. Nobody knew about our relationship, it was best kept secret until the right time to let the cat out of the bag.

The two women, my mother and Mrs Martin were busy chatting, while I took some pictures with Mr Martin and Samuel. Nancy did the snapping. I shined my thirty two white teeth before the camera, changing poses intervally.

As we were snapping, I felt a hand tapping me from behind. I turned around and saw another shocker, Adaobi. I couldn’t breathe, I felt dizzy and it all seemed I was dreaming. I couldn’t smile and frowning was far from it.

She grinned, displaying her perfect set of sparkling teeth. “Banji, how are you?” She asked, still smiling as usual.

“I’m fine.” I slowly answered, installing my eyes into hers.


“Thanks so much.”

“I saw you from afar but wasn’t sure. I had to satisfy my curiosity that’s why I came over to be extra sure.” She said.

“Banji come on take the last pose.” Nancy interrupted.

“I have to leave now.” Adaobi said and almost left.

I held her back, gave her my phone to type in her number. She did and I saved it immediately as she strolled away. Oh! My Adaobi, still dazzling as I last saw her.

I shrugged off the fantasy feelings and concentrated on my ceremony. Mr Martin called everyone together, then he moved us to a quiet field, where cars are parked.

Mr Martin cleared his throat and paused, which got me wondering what he wanted to say and why he brought us there. “Banji, you have been a very good son to me since the day I met you.” He said. “You have surprised me and I’m here to surprise you.”

I smiled, looked at my mum, she was smiling also. Mr Martin stretched towards me a brown envelope, which I opened almost immediately. I almost black out when I saw an American visa and a travelling passport with my picture on it.

I fell on my knees. “Jeeeeesssssuuuuusssss! You did it for me.” I shouted.

“Shush! That’s not all.” Mrs Martin added.

I jumped and became restless, fixing my eyes on her. She opened her bag, brought out a car key and stretched it to me. “That’s your car.” She said, pointing to a car among the variety of cars parked.

I collected the key, moved away from them, walked briskly towards where she pointed. “This?” I asked, touching a Toyota Corolla 2010 model.

“No.” She said, still pointing.

I moved and touch another car, a Volkswagen Passat. “No.” She said. “Ok ok, the next one.”

“This?” I asked, touching a brand new Mercedes Benz CL-Class.

She smiled. “Yes.”

“Jeeeeeessssssuuuuuuusssss! Wetin I do wey you bless me so!” I shouted.

They all laughed, my mother came to me and hugged me.

“Banji, this place is dry.” Samuel said with a smile on his face. “Lighten up this place with nice jamz.”

I smiled, then walked into my car as they all cheered me up.

Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray! The music started and my life on campus dropped its curtain.


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wow i really enjoy d story and i am very happy 4 banji

The story is an interesting one…
Though filled with lots of suspense… Kudos to the writer

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