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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 71

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I answered the call again. “Hello?”

“Hello. Please, am I unto Banji?” The same voice protruded out of my phone.

“Yes, this is Banji.” I replied, very curious. “Please, who am I speaking with?”

“This is Nancy.”

“Nancy?” I asked, confused. “Please, Nancy from where?”

“Aww, this is Nancy Martin, Samuel’s sister.” She replied.

“Oh my God.” I said, partially covering my mouth with my left palm.

She giggled. “Come on. How are you?” She asked.

“I’m fine. You?”

“Fine too.” She replied, then giggled. “I’m sorry I didn’t call you all the while.”

“No problem.” I said with a smile on my face.

“I got back home three days ago and I had to get my groove back before resuming to school next tomorrow.” She continued. “So dad gave me your number to call and appreciate your kind gesture to Samuel.”

“It’s nothing. Seriously, it’s nothing.” I said, patting my head with my hand.

“Thank you so much. Dad told me you’re also attending Adusco. Is that true?”

I giggled. “So true. Faculty of Art, English department.” I replied.

“Wow, so happy to hear that. I’m studying philosophy.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah Yeah.”

“Then you must know Zainharb, do you?” I asked.

“Sure of course, I do.” She said. “Student union treasurer, she’s also in my department, four hundred level now.”

“Yeah, that’s true, so what level are you?” I asked.

“Three hundred. You?”


“Wow, finalist things. That’s good.” She teased and we both giggled. “I can’t wait to meet you.”

“Aww, I’m coming to your house tomorrow.” I said.

She screamed and immediately, I disconnected my phone from my ear. “I’m so happy. Please what time are you coming, so I may prepare you a nice dish?” She asked.

I paused and thought for some seconds, then replied. “I would be there by ten.”

“Ok dear. I would be expecting you.” She said. “See you tomorrow.”

“Ok, bye.”


As I was about hanging up, she mumbled a sentence but the phone was far from my ear so I didn’t hear it. “What did you say?” I quickly asked.

“Never mind.” She said, trying to hide.

I persisted. “Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssseeee.”

“Ok ok fine, I will tell you.” She said. “I said you have a cute voice.”

“Aww, thanks and you too.”

“Ok, bye.” She said.

“Bye.” I replied, then hung up.

Yes! I shouted like I had won the lottery, my mother rushed out of the kitchen to the parlor. “What happen?” She asked, scared.

“Nothing mummy.”

“Why then did you shout like that?” She asked, squeezing her face in anger.

“I’m sorry ma.” I said, stood up and hugged her, then we both went to the kitchen.

Mama’s food was very luscious, that I ate more of it in my dreams. The alarm I set on my phone rang out loud, whacking every muscle in my brain. I tried snoozing it but it proved stubborn, so I had no choice than to get up on my feet and properly deactivate the alarm. It was 10:30 A.M.

“Banji, it’s to eleven o.” My mother said as she walked into the bedroom.

My mother was an early riser, but I was her typical contrast. I rushed to the bathroom, took my bath and got set for the Mr Martin’s residence.

“Mummy, I’m going o.” I shouted because I had no clue where she was.

“I’m coming o.” Her voice came from the passage.

She came in. “I’m ready.” I said to her.

“Won’t you eat before going?” She asked.

“No mummy.” I said, peeked at my wrist watch. “I’m late.”


“I would call you regularly.” I promised.


“Sure mummy.” I said, then she moved closer and hugged me.

I hugged her more tighter, then after some seconds I heared her sniffle. “Mummy, it’s ok.” I said. “I wouldn’t be far from you. I promise to come home from time to time.”

She let go of me, wiped her tears with the hem of her wrapper, then helped me with my luggage outside to board a motorcycle. I really missed my mother more when the motorcyclist zoomed off. I tried forcing the tears that saturated my eyes from dropping but all effort proved abortive, it dropped and I quickly wiped it away with the back of my palm.

The traffic was less congested so I got to the Martin’s residence less than an hour. My heart was racing very fast, not for fear but for the joy of seeing Nancy. Instead of ringing the intercom, I pulled a call through to Nancy.

“Hi Nancy.”

“Banji, where are you now?” She asked and quickly added, “the food is getting cold.”

I smiled as the worms in my stomach danced at mention of food. “I’m outside.”

“Outside where?”

“Outside your gate.”

“You’re kidding, right?” She asked.

“No, am not.” I replied and smiled.

“I’m coming right away.” She said.

I turned around, backing their gate, feeding my eyes with the massive structure of other massions in the vicinity.

“Eleda ma sun.” I said, which means, ‘creator don’t sleep.’

Almost immediately, I heard the sound of the gate opened, I gently turned around and met the shock of my life, Nancy, the friend to the library girl.

She came out of the gate, while I stood gazing at her. She snubbed me, then looked to the right and to the left. “I knew Banji was lying.” She said, loud enough for me to hear, then she looked at me. “And you what are you doing here?”

I remained mute and was quite scared, praying fervently in my heart like Paul and Silas. “I’m Banji.” I calmly replied her.

She hissed. “Which good can you offer?” She furiously asked. “Because the best you can do is to steal but the Banji I’m talking about saved my brother from death so please get away.”

I smiled, I had no choice than to swallow all her abuses because I wouldn’t let the devil in me destroy my blues with its reggae. She angrily scrolled through her phone, afterwards my phone rang, she dialed my number.

She looked at me, I gazed back at her. “Banji?” She asked, pointing to me.

“Yes, I’m Banji.” I replied.

She hissed. “Anyway come in.” She said as she walked into the compoud.

I gently took my steps, walking behind her straight to the sitting room. I dropped my bags and sat down on the couch. She walked into the kitchen, then came out with a plate of rice and strolled to the dinning table to eat.

Since I wasn’t a newbie in the house, I stood up, walked to the dinning table and sat with Nancy. “Nancy, how are you?” I asked with a smile on my face.

She snubbed me, concentrating on the food she was eating. “Nancy, where is Dad, mum and Samuel?”

She remained mute. “Nancy, why are you acting like this?” I asked. “Is it because of what transpired between us the other day?”

“Hey Mr! Enough of my name from your mouth.” She replied. “And are you blind that I’m eating so why disturb me. Table manners please, excuse me.”

Nancy had spent all my respect and returned a kobo balance of it to me. I sealed my gutter, rendering the whole place extremely quiet. I stood to return to my seat since I wasn’t welcome, when I heard a clinging sound from the kitchen. Guess that should be Caro, my mind wondered. To satisfy my curiosity, I walked to the kitchen and there I saw Caro washing the dishes.

“Hey Caro.”

She turned around and smiled. “Brother Banji.”

“How are you?” I asked, moving closer.

“I’m fine.” She replied.

“What of everybody?”

“Oga and madam travelled to visit one of their family member that came from London.” She replied.

“What of Samuel?” I asked.

“Samuel followed them.”

“Ok.” I said. “But when are they returning?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

I checked my time, it was 2:32 P.M. “What time did they leave?”

“Around eleven.”

“Ok, that’s good.” I said. “So what are you doing?”

“Washing the plates.”

“Let me assist you.” I said with a smile on my face.

“Ha! No o. Small madam would report me.” She replied, truly scared of Nancy.

“Ok, keep washing.” I said, shifted closer to the sink so I could see what she was doing.

“Brother? So how school?” Caro asked.

“School is fine o.” I replied. “I’m going back next tomorrow sef.”


“But why are you not in school?” I asked.

Immediately, Nancy walked in with an empty plate and dropped it in the sink. I snubbed her and changed the topic with Caro, right in her presence.

“So Caro, which musician do you like most in Nigeria?”

She smiled as she scrubbed the dishes. “Wizkid.” She replied.


She giggled. “The song he sang for me. I like…” She was saying when Nancy interjected.

“Will you shut up!” Nancy commanded and hissed.

I could smell jealousy in the air. Nancy was outrightly green-eyed about our conversation. She wickedly gazed at me as I deliberately sidelined her like a basic calculator manual.

She looked for a way to get to me in the kitchen but she found none. Oops! She later found Caro. She sent Caro on an errand that would consume at least one hour of her time. Caro obeyed, then Nancy went to the sitting room to relax. I had no more business with the kitchen so I joined Nancy in the sitting room.

I sat relaxed watching a music video that would sure interest Caro but Nancy changed the channel to another, it’s a football channel. I was happy, so happy and getting engrossed. Nancy noticed my interest level had risen to its peak, then she pressed another button on the remote control, changing the channel to a fashion show.

Now she has over-did it, I sadly picked up my bags and forged to the guest room to relax. As soon as I got to the room, I fell flat on the bed to sleep. Few minutes later, I heard a knock.

“Who’s that?”


“Come in.” I said.

She came in, strolled to the bed and smiled. “Banji, I’m sorry.”

I smiled. “No problem.” I said.

She shrugged in disapproval. “It’s a lie.” She said. “If you have truly accepted, then tell me to join you on the bed.”

Huh? My eyes bulged out from within like a owl. I coughed, then cleared my throat. “Ok, join me.” I said, with my arms opened wide.

She jumped on me like her playmate, she raised her head to gaze at me, I looked straight into her eyes, then a force pushed my head gradually to kiss her. The same force held her head static and closed her eyes, then we kissed. The kiss was becoming hot, very hot that our clothes fell off our body without our consent.

“Nancy, bolt the door.” I managed to say as my mouth was already occupied.

Nancy jumped out of the bed, walked towards the door and bolted it. Her stroll to the door gave me an exact view of her derriere, packed in an ebony pant. I had used my magic hands to eradicate her mini skirt during the mouth munching session.

She returned fully prepared and I was prepared also. My nozzle had risen up and was ready for attack. Now let the game begin, I said to myself.

Bang! Bang!! A knock on the door.


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