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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 7

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Was she coming to me or going to see Mrs Nwachukwu? That, I can’t answer. I boldly approached her as she got closer. Sade and her tomboyish ways. She has been my prey from the word go.

“Sade, what’s up?” I friendly attacked. “Where are you going?”

“Shut up! Crook!”

“Sade, am sorry. I can explain.”

“You don’t have to.”

Are you serious? I really don’t have to explain? Yipee! I guess I really don’t have to because I don’t have any excuse, I was just about saying. She hissed and walked away. I stood for some seconds to get the exact place she was headed. Oops! She was entering Mrs Nwankwo’s office. I quickly took to my heels, evacuating the department. While walking along a narrow path to our halls, Bayo asked why I left the class and why I wasn’t early enough to meet up with the test.

“O boy! I slept off. I can’t afford to stay for that lecture.” I lied, “perhaps, I don’t know there would be test.”

I had no option than to save sister Grace the shame because Bayo attends the same fellowship as we do. After schmoozing for a while, we both parted ways to our halls. Not quite long my phone beeped, I checked to find out I got a message from Kofo. She informed me that she was already waiting for me in my room. I was elated that at least the night would end romantically. But the happy feeling didn’t last; I was suddenly clouded with the feelings I had before running for the test, I wished the running was worth it afterall. All I could think of was what really transpired between Sis Grace and Emeka. I shrugged off all that kept ringing on my mind and galantly climbed the stairs to my room. It was quite late already, 7:15p.m, Yes, I checked my time. I whistle as I walked steadily along the corridor to my room.

“Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss!!! Baby Yes!” a lady moaning out loud.

I heard that erotic sound faintly from afar. I increased my pace to be sure about the room the sound is coming from. I finally got in front of my room. I paused for some seconds.

“Ride on baby! Ride on! Yes Yes Yes! Jeeeeeeeeeeeez! Awwwwww!” she shamelessly groaned.

“Sister Grace again?” I asked myself. “Infact, I remove sister from your name henceforth. Grace too bad.”

I totally forgot Kofo is in the room. Now am confused. I quickly reached my phone to call her. I dialed her number but to no avail. I smiled in disapproval of what the service provider was saying. I dialed again and kept the phone on loud speaker so I could hear well.

“The number you have dialed is switched off.” A voice from the network agent.

Emeka and Kofo? Together? I thought to myself.


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