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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 63

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I quickly checked the bag and realised it wasn’t mine. The bag looked like the bag I misplaced in the bush, I wasn’t used to the old bag I carried to the library. Like a bullet, I sprinted to the library only to meet it locked.

I sat on the floor in front of the library. “Banji, why na?” I grumbled. “Ha! Five hundred thousand naira and Iphone four. Chai! Wetin I go do now?”

I hated myself at that time, but I had no option than to return back to my hall. I stood up, knocked on the library door, ludicrously confirming if someone could open the door from within.

“Baaaaannnnnnji! Ha! You don enter one chance.” I yelled and kicked the library door.

“Hey you! What are you doing there?” A security personnel shouted from afar. “Come here!”

“Ehm sir, I’m asking for the librarian.” I said with a quaky voice as I walked to him.

He flashed his torch on my face. “Can’t you see that the library is locked?” He asked.

I acted ignorant; I peeked quickly at the library door and returned my focus back to him. “I never knew.”

“Now you know, off to your hall.” He said, pointing to a direction away from the library.

I left his presence and reluctantly walked to my hall. What kind of mistake was that? Five hundred thousand naira gone? I thought to myself as I walked on.

There was nothing I could do than to sit down on my bed depressed as I got to my room. My brain kept working like a clock and my mind wondered away like a street chicken. They both did without my control. The hunger I battled with as I walked from the library disappeared in a jiffy and my eyes were wide opened scaring away every attack of sleep.

“I will wake up by seven, then I will take my bath. I should be set before eight, then I will run to the library.” I said out loud, drawing an imaginary map with my hand. “The library should be opened by eight, I will rush inside, pick up my bag and rush to the exam hall. The exam no fit start by eight lailai, at least by eight twenty I should be there.”

I was quite satisfied with my plans, forgetting the fact that I ain’t God. I smiled, laid prone on my bed and snoozed off.

I changed my lying position as the beam of light from the sun hit my face. I never knew it was morning, I still enjoyed my rosy sleep.

Bang! Bang!! That sounded like an emergency knock. “Who’s that na?” I yelled. “You wan break my door?”

“Guy, na me.” A guy voiced.

“Wetin happen?”

“Abeg you get calculator.” He asked.

I speedily jumped out of my bed, checked for my wristwatch but couldn’t figure out where I placed it. I scrambled around for it or any means to hint me what the time was. Almost immediately, I got the hint I needed.

“Guy abeg I don late.” He said, adding a faint knock on the door. “My exam don start, abeg.”

“Exam don start?!” I yelled at myself, removed my shirt, rushed to my wardrobe, grabbed another and wore it.

Bang! Bang!! He knocked again but that time around he knocked on the door to my fury. “Guy, you dey mad?!” I screamed at him. “Me sef don late.”

“Guy, I think sey you be sure person sef.” He said and left.

I hissed as I hurriedly fasten the lace of my shoes. “I don die today.” I said, bamboozled. “Five hundred thousand, yeh! Iphone four, gone? Lailai.”

Like flash, I sped out of the room and headed straight to the library. Oh my my, Usain Bolt dared not compete with me as I ran because I would outrun him, he wouldn’t even see my brake light. I got to the library panting very fast like a dog, scurried to the bag-stand and met a lady searching all around.

I almost ignored her but her poignant face caught my attention. “What are you looking for?” I asked.

She peeked at me. “My bag.” She replied and continued her search.


I focused on the reason I came, I raised one, two, three bags. Yes! I found it.

I unzipped it, searched inside the book and saw the cheque wink at me. “Thank you Jesus!” I reflexly whooped and swiftly covered my mouth with my palm.

I looked at the girl, she gazed at me disgustingly but I cared less; nothing mattered to me aside the Iphone and my titanic sum of five hundred thousand naira.

One of the librarians came to the bag-stand and ordered me out because I violated the rules guiding the library.

“Babangida hall, block four, room fifty five.” I said to the girl as I walked out. “Your bag lay wait for you there.”

“Get out now!” The librarian yelled at me.

I bounced out of the library with my bag behind me. As soon as I stepped out, I began jogging towards my department.

“Hey! Please wait.”

I reduced my pace and peeked on the fellow that called me, it was the library girl. I paused. “What?” I asked out loud.

“What’s the room number?” She shouted.

“Fifty five.”

“Huh?” She asked and moved closer because she didn’t hear.

I coiled my palms around my mouth and shouted, “fifty five!”

She turned around, I did likewise, then swiftly loped off. I got to my department, paused on a spot and almost fainted when I saw my mates coming out of the lecture room.


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