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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 61

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I was shocked by her words. “Ma?” I asked with my eyes bulging out of its socket.

“Madam is on the dining table, Sir.”

I still didn’t believe the person I was staring at wasn’t Mrs Martin. “Please Ma, what’s your name?” I respectfully asked, to place myself on a safe side.

“I am Caro, the cook.” She replied.

“Hmm, Caro. What a nice name you have.” I said, scanning her from her curly hair to her sumptuous hips.

She smiled. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Helloooooooooo.” A voice sounded from behind.

I turned around to see another beautiful lady holding a glass of juice, with her hands stretched out for a hug.

No doubt, it was Samuel’s mother because I could easily pluck out Samuel from her face. With a smile on my face, I slowly walked into her arms, she squeezed me and I squeezed harder.

“May the Almighty God bless you.” She said, still engulfed in her arms. “You brought back my joy into this home. I’m so grateful.”

All her prayers speedily entered through my right ear and with the same speed, it vamoosed through the left. Why? The electric current that flowed through my body immediately my chest collided with Mrs Martin’s headlamps was too much to remember if someone spoke, speak less of a prayer; nobody dares hug a transformer and remain in a stable state.


She let go of me as I did of her, it was Samuel, he stopped the physics practical. “Yes Munchkin.”

“Banji should be out to school by now.” He said, concerned. “He has exams tomorrow.”

I smiled as I gazed at him talk, Mrs Martin moved closer to Samuel, patted him on the head and looked at me. “Banji, your food is on the dining. Go and eat.”

We all moved out of the kitchen save Caro. I majestically walked to the dining table, served myself from the variety of dishes set before me, sat down and started eating.

How ones life can change in a jiffy, I’m now Banji Martin, I said to myself. “I’m now Davido” I muttered, chuckled and immediately covered my mouth with my left palm. “Omo baba olowo,” which means, ‘Son of a rich man.’I gorged the meal like it was my last and in no time I finished. I was about clearing the plate when Caro strolled up to the dining table and packed the dishes. I patiently gazed at her derriere as it wiggle away to the kitchen. I stood up from the dining table and joined The Martins in the sitting room.

“Are you through dear?” Mrs Martin asked.

“Yes Ma.” I said as I sat on the chair.

“Let me have your number so I can reach you anytime.” Mr Martin said to me.

I looked confused, scratched my head and said, “ehm Sir, my phone got lost while we were in that bush.” I lied and immediately gave a fake smile.

“That’s ok.” He said, nodding his head. “Sammy?”

“Yes dad.”

“Go to my study, on the shelf, you would see a parcel, bring it.”

“Ok dad.”

Samuel exited the sitting room. I was quite shy; I sat at the tip of the chair, bent my head and was playing with my fingers like a child about to ask for an impossible request.

“So Banji, you are welcome here anytime anyday.” Mrs Martin said. “Ok?”

I raised my head up, looked at her briefly. “Ok Ma.”

Samuel returned with a parcel. “Dad, here.” He said, stretching it to him.

“Give it to him.”

I collected the parcel from Samuel. I opened it gently and as soon as I had an idea of what it was, I laid flat like slate on the floor, thanking Mr Martin. “Ha! Sir, Iphone four for me?” I said, still on the floor. “Sir, I am so grateful. May God continue to bless you and increase you. May you…”

“Shush.” He sounded with his index finger on his lips. “It’s ok. Stand up, let’s go.”

“No thanks dear. It’s nothing.” Mrs Martin said as she helped me up.

Mr Martin stood up and we all walked out of the house. A Nissan Armada was parked ten meters away from the entrance of the house with the driver, Kunle, at the wheels.

“Set?” Mr Martin asked me.

I nodded. “Yes sir.”

He hugged me, then gave me his business card so I could keep in touch. “Make sure you get your number and call me as soon as possible.”

“Yes sir.” I said and added a smile.

I walked to the car, then turned around and saw Samuel with an out-stretched arm wanting a hug. I hastened my steps to him, hugged him and walked back into the car. The car window slided down, Mr Martin strolled to me and handed a cheque to me, then he snapped his fingers and the driver zoomed off speedily.

I quickly looked at the figures written on it. “Five hundred thousand naira?!” I shouted and almost immediately covered my mouth.

I was so ecstatic. “Kunle, I’m so happy.” I said, from the back seat. “Five hundred thousand naira! Ha! I can’t believe it.”

I suddenly became uneasy as Kunle kept mute. He concentrated on the road as he drove very fast. I shrugged off, placed my head on the seat in front of me to take a nap before alighting.

Screeeeeeeech! The car suddenly stopped. I raised my head, looked ahead through the windshield and found the road free. I wondered why he stopped, so I looked at Kunle, he gazed back at me with an evil grin.


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