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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 60

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Oh my God I should have reduced the money I wrote a little, I said to myself still gazing at vexed Samuel’s father.

“Why are you scared? Do you think I won’t give you the amount, if you wrote larger than what I thought you would?” Samuel’s father asked.

I nodded. “No sir.” I said with a fidgety voice. “That’s the amount I want Sir.”

He smiled. “Fifty thousand naira? Ok, that’s fine.” He said, then looked at Samuel, who sat on the chair concentrating on a movie played on the television. “Sam.”

“Yes dad.”

“Take Banji to the guest room to freshen up.”

“Ok dad.”

I smiled, looked at Samuel, who stood immediately bidding me to follow him. I carefully took my steps behind Samuel. As we walked on, my nose like a dog, detected where the kitchen was situated because of the dangerous aroma that puffed out of it. Even if I’m dreaming, I refuse to wake up until I taste out of this meal that is cooking in the kitchen, I almost said. Samuel opened a door, I entered, he entered also and locked the door.

“Wow!” I said, astonished. “Is this your dad’s room?”

Samuel chuckled. “No, Banji. This is just one out of our guest rooms.”

“One out of how many guest rooms?” I asked, laying emphasis on each word.


“Five guest rooms?”

“Yes Banji.” He said. “Please come off it. It’s nothing. Let me show you the bathroom.”

We don’t even have a house of our own, speak less of having a room set aside for guest, I wondered as I followed him to see the bathroom.

“This it.” He said, pointing to a gold plated door.

“Ok, thanks”

“I’m downstairs. Hurry so you can prepare for your tomorrow exam.” Samuel said with a wink as he exited the room.

I stared at the golden door for some seconds and wondered if truly it was the door to a bathroom. I gently pushed the door open, I entered and closed it gently not to damage it because even if I was sold, my price wouldn’t purchase the doorknob. I almost ran out of the bathroom when I heard a voice that said, ‘welcome to the Martin’s residence.’ I was damn scared. Whose voice was that and where did the sound come from? Those were the questions I couldn’t answer at that moment.

I acted like a man, I put off my singlet, my torn trouser and was set to bath; my pant was with Sheri, she owe me that. I’m not an ignoramus, I said out loud but the Martin’s shower proved me wrong again. I went under the shower and immediately heard a voice that said, ‘press your desired fluid on the control board.’ I scanned all around for the control board but it was no where to be found. I was already frustrated, I was about leaving the bathroom when I saw a faint electronic board on the wall, just beside the shower pole.

I sighed. “Hot, cold, soapy, abeg me no get time for all this menu of water.” I yelled as I irately pressed cold.

Almost immediately, cold water poured out of the shower, I checked around for soap but there was none, I hissed and scrubbed my body without it; Ignorance is a disease, there was soap in the shower, I just didn’t know I was to press soapy. I finished and wondered how I would turn off the shower, I stayed under it looking at the menu on the control board but there was nothing like off on the menu. I angrily walked away from the shower and it stopped immediately. I rushed out of the bathroom like a mad man, I felt I was watched from a screen and was rendered assistance when needed.

The experience I had in the bathroom could be compared with the one I had in the forest, so frustrating. I was surprised to see on the bed new clothing for me to wear. I hurriedly dried my body, creamed and put on the clothes. I looked so classy when I checked myself in the mirror; my silver gray Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt cost a fortune, which I purposely tucked inside my sable chinos trouser to flaunt my Gucci belt. I stepped out looking gorgeous, the sound that was produced when the heel of my black moccasin kissed the ground gave me the confident to face the president.

I buried my left hand in my pocket as I walked to the sitting room. As I passed by, I heard the sound of plates clinging to each other, the sound came from the kitchen. Let me be of help to Mrs Martin, I said to myself as I gently walked into the kitchen.

What! A rapid hormonal change took place in my body system when I saw the backside of Mrs Martin. I stared at it for as long as fifteen seconds, I moved closer, she turned around.

“Good afternoon Sir.” She greeted.


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