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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 6

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She stood in front of her office waiting for me to come closer to her. I can’t really tell if she was frowning because her face is naturally wrinckled. I kept asking my mulish mind questions as I bounced to meet her. Did she perceive I called her crazy or bastard? Did she want to query me for not taking her test? Did she want to give me a make up test? My mind kept pumping question in split seconds.

“Good evening Ma.”

“Come inside.” She said, entering inside her office.

I nervously followed her. I stood before her desk while she sat on her rocking chair. I can’t but notice her uncovered grey hair. Mrs Nwachukwu is quite old, she was in her early sixties. Her hair alone convicted me; why on earth should I abuse a woman old enough to be my mother.

“I heard you call someone a bastard some minutes ago.” She said, interlocking her hands and rested her chin on it.

“Hmmmmm… Ma! No ma. I was talking to Bayo.” I stammered as I replied.

She laughed out loud and said “It was not Bayo my dear. You were apparently refering to a lady, not a guy.”

I was now so sure she knew I was refering to her, but I was not ready to let my guard down. Oyo boys no dey carry last, I said to myself, no retreat no surrender. I thought rapidly fast about the response am going to provide her. My brain got the answer in a jiffy; my brain and google search engine go head to head.

“Oh ma! I was refering to Sade.” I said, with my eyes bulging out in confidence.

“Ooook.” She believed. “But next time I musn’t hear you use foul language again. Understood?!”

“Yes Ma.” I smiled.

“Good. You may go.”

I retreated immediately from her office. I felt like fainting when I saw Sade coming.


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