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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 59

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If only my dad was rich enough to get me all I needed in life, I ruminated deeply on the spot. What’s the point standing here,since I am not welcome? No point, I turned around and walked towards the gate to exit, atleast I had some money left which could take me back to school.

I will make it, I assured myself. I got to the gate but couldn’t open it because the gate wasn’t like the normal ones I saw around. I confusingly peeped around, looking at the gate like a big obstacle, I moved closer and pushed it, it made a loud scary noise, I quickly withdrew, transfering my hands backwards to prove my innocence.

“Kai, who be that?!” Jibril shouted from the guardroom.

I shivered at the sound of Jibril’s voice because I had phobia for vexed hausa folks. “Oga, abeg na me.” I said, rubbing my palms together pleading.

“Wetin you want am for gate wey I touch am?” He said.

I almost chuckled but I refrained to save my neck from his unseen dagger. “Oga, I want to go out.” I said.

“Next time, I shout am for Jibril for here.” He said, pointing to the guardroom, which was located just by the gate. “Jibril, I come out and come open the gate for you.”

“Yes sir.”

Jibril opened the gate and I stepped out of the house. I took some steps away, turned around and admired the mansion again. It was extremely exquisite. I shrugged off and proceeded. Motorcycles weren’t allowed to operate in that environment so I had to walk miles before I could get one that would convey me to the garage.

I got to the garage, I entered the bus going to my destination but it was yet to be filled up. I was quite unhappy because I had thought Samuel would at least show some appreciation to me but I still gave thanks to God that I was alive. Passengers trooped into the bus and got it filled save a seat. We were all waiting when I saw a black Lincoln Navigator jeep cruise into the garage. I fixed my eyes on it and quickly pictured Samuel’s father’s Hummer jeep, the rich and their luxury.

The back door of the jeep opened and I saw someone rushed out of it. I couldn’t see the person yet because the height of the jeep obstructed my vision. The person walked from the jeep,lo and behold it was Samuel.

Wow, he had changed in a jiffy, from afar I sampled all he wore: a raven polo shirt tucked in a nice caramel penciled trouser fastened with a Louis Vuitton belt, which all rested on a sable Nike Air Force one sneaker.

“Samuel!” I shouted. “Samuel!”

He looked around but couldn’t decipher where the sound came from. “Samuel!” I screamed again, waving my hand from the window of the bus.

He saw me, smiled and ran to the bus. “Banji, why did you do that?” He said. “Please get down.”

I smiled. “Please,excuse me.” I said to the passenger seated by my right as I stood up from my seat. “I’m coming Samuel.”

“Ahn ahn, why step on me?” The passenger complained.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sha come down abeg.” The passenger said with a frown on his face.

I wondered why that passenger was annoyed, I guessed he had a mood swing because I had increased the number of the remaining passengers to two. Well, I cared less. I alighted from the bus with a joyful heart, I immediately hugged Samuel and he hugged me more tighter.

“It would be a nightmare for me if I lost you.” Samuel said, still clinging to me.

“Aww, that’s so nice of you.”

He let go of me. “Come, dad is waiting in the car.” He said, dragging me towards their car.

“Your dad?”

“Yes, in the car.”

My heart skipped a beat. How would I confront a man that snubbed me the very first time he saw me? I asked myself as I approached the car. I quickly composed myself in my dirty singlet. The back window of the jeep slipped down into its case, exposing the face of Samuel’s father.

He looked at me. “Come in, boy.” He said and gave a smile.

That smile was needed to give the comfort I craved for. Samuel sat with his father behind while I married the driver in front. We zoomed off.

“What’s your name son?” Samuel’s father asked.

“It’s Banji, Sir.” I quickly answered with my head stiffed and my eyes glued to the windshield.

“That’s good.” He said. “Samuel has told me alot about you and I can’t but thank you so much.”

“All thanks to God, Sir.” I said with a smile on my face.

“Thank you so much.” He said. “By the way, which school are you.”

“Adusco university, Sir.”

“Adusco?” Samuel and his father resounded concurrently.

I tilted my neck backwards to look at them. “Yes Sir, Adusco university.”

“That’s Nancy’s school.” Samuel said to his father.

The father nodded in affirmation. “That’s where my daughter attends. I’m glad to know you.” He said and laughed out loud, then Samuel winked at me. “But your examination starts tomorrow.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Kunle.” He called the driver.

“Sir!” The driver answered.

“As soon as you get home, get the Murano ready.” He said. “You’ll drive Banji to school.”

“Yes Sir.”

I smiled. The gate opened and we drove into the compound. We all alighted, Samuel’s father threw his hand around my neck and ushered me into the house. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing, it all seemed like I was dreaming.

Wow, I finally got to heaven. The interior of their house couldn’t be described because it rendered me speechless. I was offered a seat by the father, I sat down. My eyes scanned all around the living room, moving from one edge to the other, turning three hundred and sixty degrees every minute.

“Banji, feel free, ok?”

“Ok Sir.” I replied with a shaky voice.

“Samuel, get me my checkbook from my drawer and call your mum.” He said.

Samuel scampered away and came back in no time. “Here dad.” He said, stretching the checkbook to his father.

His father collected it, brought out a pen from his pocket, wore his spectacle, opened the checkbook and signed on a leaflet. “Where is your mum?” He asked Samuel as he signed the check.

“She’s in the kitchen. She will join you soon.”

Then, the father stretched the checkbook to me, I stood up quickly and collected it. I looked at it, he looked at me and I looked at him. “Write any amount you want on it.” He said with a smile.

I almost fainted. Please, wake me up, I was about saying. “Sir?” I asked.

“Yes, go on and write the amount you want on it.”

He stretched the pen to me, I collected it with a vibrating hand. Is this a test or what? I asked myself. I was really scared, the last time I felt that way was the day I wrote my U.M.E.

I looked at Samuel, who immediately winked at me to proceed. I sat down, turned the page of the check and wrote what my mind dictated, then I stood up and returned it back to him. He peeked into the check and paused for some seconds, he laughed out loud, paused and frowned his face at me. Was that too much?


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