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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 58

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Even if we were tied down, we would break loose because we couldn’t afford to experience again all we went through some hours ago.

“Hurry, follow me.” I muttered to Samuel as I ran quickly along the path.

We ran uninterrupted. No ditch falling, no root stumbling, no stone kicking and no feet dragging, we were focused. We saw vehicles zoomed by from afar, which gladdened our heart to run the race to completion.

We got to the main road, I turned around to gazed at the Egyptians while Samuel flagged down the vehicles to help. The villians stopped and gazed at us from afar, I opened my palms wide, pointing it at them and blew my tongue to them.

“God pass una!” I screamed out loud. “God will punish you all. I promise to be back for you all. Bastards!”

I lost focus on Samuel, while I was busy abusing the bad guys. Screeeeeeeech! A car suddenly stopped. I looked back, only to see Samuel in the middle of the road standing like a cross in front of the car. I ran quickly to get him out of the road but he remained stiff. The driver of the car remained in the car with his wife gazing at the both of us.

“Banji, just let me complete this.” He muttered to me.

“Sure you know what you’re doing?”


Samuel walked to the driver of the car while I stood wondering what they were discussing. After some seconds, Samuel signalled me to enter the car as he did also. The driver offered help to get us to a garage to board another bus to our destination. The driver made a U-turn and headed on to the nearest garage.

“Thank you Sir.” I said as we alighted from the car. “Thank you ma. God bless you.”

“Be careful and stop travelling at night, it’s dangerous.” The driver adviced me. “Even you,Jesus Christ, next time don’t stand on the road like that and also wait for your dad to come pick you from school else you pull a call through to him. Ok?”

“Ok Sir.” Samuel said and smiled. “Thank you Sir.”

“Take.” The driver said, stretching some money to me through the window.

I collected it and they zoomed off, I looked at Samuel and he hugged me. I sighed in relief as we walked inside the garage.

“Ella Avenue! Ella Ella Ooooooo!” The bus conductor screamed at the top of his voice. “Enter with your change o. One thousand, five hundred no enter o.”

I followed Samuel’s lead, we entered the bus and sat. “Banji, I can’t thank you enough.”

“Shush.” I sounded. “You don’t have to thank me.”

“Am so happy you’re following me home.” He said and smiled. “You will see my mum and dad.”

“Ok, it would be my pleasure.”

The bus got filled up in no time and we took off. It was a smooth ride. I looked so messed up, I had on me a very dirty singlet, a torn trouser and a leg of my sandal, the other leg was on exile.

“Conductor, please we are dropping at the next busstop.”


“Yes, Maestrob.” Samuel confirmed.

Like flash, the bus stopped at our designated busstop and we alighted. I followed Samuel gently as he hopped for joy along the street to his house. The street was well tiled, neat and shining. No doubt, only the rich lived in that area.

“Samuel, wait!” I shouted.

“Come on Banji, this is my house.” He said, pointing to a mansion.

I hastened my steps to him. “This?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, this.” He said. “This is my little home.”

You call this little? Then I have no home, I almost said. Samuel pressed the intercom, spoke to it and the gate fled open.

“Come in, Banji.” Samuel said as he stepped through the gate.

I reluctantly entered. “Good morning Sir.” I greeted the man behind the gate.

“Good morning.” The man replied.

“Banji, come on. Leave Jibril alone, let’s go in.”

I was so scared because the paradise, sorry,the compound looked so big. I sampled the building from afar and I could imagine what the interior would look like. We were almost stepping into the house when we heard the gate open. An hummer three zoomed speedily to the door step of the house, parking right in front of me. I almost freezed because that was the second time I saw an hummer so close to me.

“Daaaaaadddddddyyyy!” Samuel shouted, running quickly to meet his dad,who alighted from the back door of the jeep.

He jumped on him, he cared less about the white apparel his dad put on which came in contact with his muddy clothing.

“My munchkin!” He shouted. “Oh my God! I missed you.”

“I missed you too dad.” Samuel said, holding tightly to his dad as he carried him.

The dad didn’t even notice my presence, he carried happy Samuel in leaving me outside. The hummer zoomed off to the parking lot just about twelve meters away from where I was standing. I looked like a chump, I bit my fingernails one after the other, scanned through myself again, shook my head and wept.

If only I was born with a silver spoon.


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