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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 56

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We ran farther east ward and after five kilometers we headed north. I held Samuel by the wrist all the while we were running. We had no source of light, so we bumped into trees severally. I could hear Samuel breathing very loud, signaling that he was fatigued, so we paused, I groped my way to a nearby tree holding his hand, then we sat down.

“I’m tired.” Samuel said.

“Yes, I know.” I replied. “That’s why I decided we take a break before moving on.”

“Where are we heading to?” He asked.

“We have to get out of this forest before dawn.” I answered. “We have to get to the main road so I can take you home.”

“Thank you so much, Banji.”

I smiled. “You’re welcome.”

The wind blew, hoisting whirls of dust in the air,which made us sneeze simultaneously. The rustling noise of leaves blowing all around added a topsy-turvy soundtrack to the scene and it felt like nature was talking to us. The forest was becoming cold after some minutes of relaxation under the tree. Samuel shifted closer to me, wrapped his hands around me and held unto me tightly like I was unbeatable.

“What’s wrong Samuel?”

“I’m scared.” He sluggishly said.

“Sorry.” I consoled him. “Should we head on?”

“I’m cold.”

I pulled off my shirt and gave it to him, leaving me with just my singlet, he wore it and agreed to move on. We stood up and walked along the same axis. Samuel found it difficult to raise his feet,so he lousily dragged it on the ground, making a lot of unpleasant sounds.

“Samuel, come on raise your legs.” I said, still walking.

“Banji, I’m tired.”

“So? Can’t you endure till you get away from this place.”

“I just can’t.” He sturbbornly replied.

“Ok.” I succumbed.

Samuel kept dragging his feet on the ground. I was quite unhappy about his deliberate action and disobedience, so I decided to walk ahead of him.

“Banji! Please wait, am sorry.” He called and ran to catch up with me.

Thud! He fell flat on his face has he ran towards me. I rushed back to him, picked him up, and got him to rest on the floor.

“Sorry.” I said. “How are you feeling?”

“My chest.”

I sat close to him, transfered the rifle to my laps and placed my hand on his chest. “Sorry, you will be fine.” I said. “Ok?”


We both remained quiet, quiet enough to be disturbed by the chirping of the crickets. I tried igniting a conversation but it was too late to dent the scary sounds of the forest, so we remained mute.

Samuel was restless all the while we were seated, his eyes wondered all around searching for the unknown. Suddenly, he shouted and got me frightened.

“What’s it?” I asked, with my heart beating fast.

“See!” He said, pointing to a distant in front but I couldn’t see what he alarmed about.

I shifted closer to him. “I can’t see anything.”

Samuel quickly stood up, I stood up. “See, it’s coming closer.”

Though I had no clue about what was coming closer,but I prepared for it. I picked up the rifle on the floor, pointed it towards the direction Samuel indicated and placed my finger on the trigger.

In a jiffy, I saw two green eyes moving slowly towards us and totally became more frightened. “Is that what you saw?” I asked Samuel, bringing his head closer to mine, directing his view to what I saw.

“Jesus!” Samuel screamed, dragging his head from my grip, which I forcefully retained. “This is even bigger. We are dead, let’s run.”

“What do you mean?” I quickly asked.

Samuel directed my view to another pair of green eyes, but those were sure the eyes of a snake because they were too low to be any four-legged animal. I was shocked, I freed Samuel’s head and immediately pointed the gun to the unknown creature, then I pulled the trigger. The power of gunshot, the creatures fled immediately but we exposed our location to the foes.

“This way. The sound came from here. No, it’s from here. It’s a command, go this way.” Foes argued loudly from afar.

We took to our heels again but not too long, Samuel fell into a ditch. I was about jumping in to get him out,when a beam of light shone on my face.

“That’s him!” A voice roared out loud. “Get him!”

Hope they won’t get hold of Samuel? My mind worried as I scampered off.


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