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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 55

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I immediately gazed at Samuel, whose head was bent looking at the red band on his arm, he looked at me and bursted into tears again.

I moved closer to him, engulfed him in my arms and consoled him. “I’m going to die.” He cried out loud. “Banji, I don’t want to die.”

Samuel, whose face had been badly disfigured by bruises, blood and tearstains, clutched tightly to me, emotionally sharing his pains with me. I cried.

“Samuel, calm down.” I softly said. “You ain’t going to die.”

“I want to see my mummy.” He cried the more. “My daddy.”

“Samuel, don’t worry.” I said, urging him to sit. “You will see them all, I promise.”

We both sat on the floor, then Samuel looked at me. “Promise?” He asked.

I paused and thought for some seconds, bent my head then timidly replied, “Yes, I promise.”

He smiled and hugged me. “Ok, that’s fine.” I said. “So tell me, how did you get here?”

He was almost starting his cry engine again when I quickly threatened him not to else I would withdraw my promise; how funny, I didn’t know my fate and yet I promised to save another, only little kids believe such though.

“Now tell me.” I said, crossed my legs, placed my jaw in my interlocked palms and listened.

“I waited for our driver to come pick me up from school on Tuesday and when I didn’t see him at the hour he usually come,I decided to go home with my friends.”

“Which school is that?”

“King’s Pen International School.”

“Where’s that?” I asked.

“The one at Nairaland.” He said, pointing to an unknown direction just to make clear his description.

“Oh oh, I know that school.” I said and gave a fake cough. “Your parents must be rich because only rich kids go there. There are whites among the students, huh?”


“Ok, continue. What now happened when you followed your friends?”

“We took a taxi to Ella Avenue and …”

I interrupted. “How many of you?”

“We were three, Me, Rikidony and Stefikal.” He said.

“Are those your friends white?” I asked because the names sounded so.

“Yes, they are.”

“Hmmm, nawa o, sha continue.” I said, a bit jealous of his social status. “What now happened?”

“The taxi drove us to an unknown destination and we landed here.”

“Can’t you people shout?” I asked.

“We didn’t becaue he told us he was passing through a shortcut to get us to Ella Avenue.”

“Ok.” I said. “But where is Rikidusil and Stefipal?”

He giggled. “It’s Rikidony and Stefikal.”

“Hmmm, all join. Where are they?” I replied.

“Because of the colour of their skin, they were taken to another place away from me.”

“Hmmm, that’s serious o.” I said. “God knows where they are now.”

“Banji, how are you going to help me out of here?” He fearfully asked.

“Don’t worry, just be strong.”

We both laid down and snoozed off in no time. I woke up suddenly after seeing my mother in the dream, I couldn’t see anything, not even Samuel who laid just by me because it was dark. My mother, dead? I soliloquized.

I abruptly became toughened. I could feel my eyes blazing in fury, my palms moisty and my veins risen like an embossed card. Kill or be killed was the game I prepared for. I grope my hand towards Samuel’s leg, I spanked it for him to wake up but he didn’t. I pinched him hard and he sprang up fast as if fire touched him. He couldn’t see me but could hear me.

“Samuel, are you ready to get out?” I fiercely muttered to him.

“Yes.” He drowsily replied.

“Be set!” I said and stood up.

I went close to the door of the hut, positioned my self well to attack any one coming in.

“Samuel, Samuel.” I called. “Samuel.”

No response. Samuel fell back asleep. As I was about going to wake him up, I heard someone whistling and approaching the hut. I stood back, fisted my hands, squeezed my face and was set to attack. The door opened, It was Scorpion. I swiftly kicked away the touch he was holding as he stepped in, which flew off his hand and landed on the floor, illuminating a segment of the hut. I jabbed him rapidly until he was dazed. I landed an uppercut on his nose, I could feel his blood spill all over. He fell on the floor, moaning loudly while I quickly took of his rifle that he slung at his back. Samuel! I shouted, he was still sleeping; even while a war was taking place right under his nose, one of the reasons I disliked fat people. I rushed to him, slapped his faced, dragged him up and forged out of the hut.

We were running when I heard a loud trumpet blow, we paused, looked behind and was shocked to see troops from afar running towards our direction.

“Let’s run.” Samuel fearfully said, clenching tightly to me.

“Ok. This way.”


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