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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 54

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The last time I saw a forest as thick as that was in an american movie, Predators. Am going to be killed? Where is Mr Scorpion taking me to? Will this be my last moment on earth? My speculating mind asked.

“You don die, shey you know?” Scorpion said, pushing me forward by my neck.

“Oga please. Na be beg I dey beg.” I replied with a shaky voice.

“Shut up before I kill you myself.”

I sealed my mouth immediately and forged on as commanded. I wondered how Scorpion saw the pathway because I couldn’t see anything but darkness and I could feel the leaves dropping on me. We paused, he dragged me steps backward,opened a big strong bamboo door of an hut and threw me inside, he locked the door and left.

The hut was extremely dark. I groped my way to an edge to feel safe a bit because I felt I was at the middle of the hut.

One, two, three steps I bumped into an unknown creature. “Jeeeeeeeesssssssssuuuuuuuusssssssss!” I screamed out loud and ran in the opposite direction to save myself.

I ran in the hut as if I knew the size of the hut. I paused and groped my way again to another edge. One, two steps I bumped into another unknown creature.

“Please don’t kill me.” I said, crying immediately. “Please,I beg you with God. Please.”

I groped my way to the middle to find solace, I sat and folded my legs. I wondered why these creatures kept mute. Were they human, animals or idols? That I don’t know because I couldn’t behold them. I couldn’t wait for the dawn of a new day to know my fate.

I laid flat on my back and slept with an eye open, woke up at intervals to protect myself away from those unknown creatures. It was a long night.

The beam of light from the sun forced its way into the hut and illuminated it to some extent. I was quite ecstatic when I rose up to witness it was morning. I slowly turned my neck to gaze at those creatures. They were both kept at different edges of the hut, covered with a red veil, not even a part of them showed.

I jumped up, walked slowly to the first unknown creature to satisfy my curiousity. I grabbed the hem of the veil, dragged it off and hastily ran backwards. I was shocked to see a little boy in his teens tied up both hands and legs. He gazed at me with fear, he couldn’t speak because his mouth was taped. I rushed to him, set him loosed and got him to talk by removing the tape. He bursted into tears and hugged me. I cried too because I could feel the pain of that little boy.

I wasn’t carried away by the pity sensation,I ran to the other edge to set the other human free because my curiousity had been satisfied. I walked closely to the opposite edge, grabbed the veil by the head and dragged it off. Lo and behold it was Aminat. I was shocked to earth seeing her all bounded just like the little boy. I quickly set her loosed.

I rose her up. “Aminat, what happened?” I curiously asked. “I thought you were out there on the queue, what happened? How did you get here?”

“I really don’t know why.” She said and afterwards bursted into tears. “I was pressed, so I moved away from the queue and bent down to ease myself.”

“Ehn ehn, so what now happened?” I curiously said.

“The guy carrying the gun thought I wanted to escape so he ordered me to be taken here.” She said.

I smiled. “Same reason brought me here.”

“You wanted to ease yourself too?” Aminat asked.

“No, I joined the wrong queue.”

“Aww, sorry but what is your name?” She asked. “Because you didn’t tell me yours in the bus.”


“And you little one, what’s your name?” Aminat asked, pointing at the little boy standing next to me.

“I’m Samuel.” He said, wiped his tears and sniffled.

“Ok, good.” She said.

I looked keenly at Aminat’s left arm, I noticed a red band with couries tied around it. I moved closer and touched it. “What’s this?” I asked.

“It was tied around my arm yesterday night.” She said. “Afterwards, they bounded me.”

“Ha! This looks scary o.” I said.

Almost immediately, we heard someone’s voice at the door. The door opened. It was Scorpion, he came armed as usual. We all shuffled back to our positions.

He strolled into the hut and suddenly frowned his face. “Who untied the two of una?” Scorpion roared, peeked at Samuel and Aminat and later fixed his eyes on me.

We all remained silent. Scorpion moved closer to Samuel, pointed his gun at him, cocked it and was ready to fire.

“It was him, Sir!” Samuel screamed, pointing at me.

Immediately I stood up to deny it, Scorpion hit me with the butt of his rifle on my face. I fell flat on the floor, wishing I was dead. Scorpion angrily took Aminat out of the hut and locked it.

“I’m sorry.” Samuel fearfully said from afar. “Banji, I’m so sorry.”

“You had no choice boy.” I groaned. “You did the best thing.”

Samuel rushed to me, removed his shirt and stuck the blood that gushed out of my lips. I was so pained, I could barely breath.

“Where did he take Aminat to?” I asked.

“I don’t know.”

I jumped up, placed Samuel on my shoulder to see through the open space created by thatch of the hut.

“Can you see anything?” I asked.

“Yes, I can. It’s Aminat.”

“Yes, Yes, what happened?”

“She’s tied to a tree with four men standing in front of her.”

“What are they doing?” I curiously asked.

“Hmmm, nothing yet.” Samuel said. “They are just standing but they are with a matchet each.”

I was shocked. “Matchet? For what? Do they want to cut grass?”

“I don’t…” Samuel was saying when I heard a very loud and painful groan.

“Jeeeeeessssssssuuuuuuuuusssssssss!” Samuel shouted.

I quickly let Samuel down from my neck. “What happened?” I furiously asked.

“She was beheaded.” He fearfully replied and immediately burst into tears.

I was so bittered. Aminat gone? We just talked and now she is gone? I asked myself.

We quickly adjusted as we heard someone at the door of the hut. The door open, it was Scorpion again. He came in, walked straight to Samuel, tied the same red band around Samuel’s arm, walked out of the hut and locked it.


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