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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 53

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I hope this lady meant nothing with her wink, I said to myself as I bent my head away from her sight. I was so uncomfortable after the bus took off after some minutes because the engine was hotter than hell. The engine was so hot that I lifted myself intervally to ease off the heat. My legs collided with the lady who sat in front of me as the bus encountered road bumps, which gave me the feeling of what she was wearing, a very short skirt.

She untied her scarf from her head and stretched it to me. “Take, sit on it.” She said, with a smile.

I smiled in return and collected it. “Thanks so much.” I appreciated. “Please, what’s the name?”


Screeeeeech! The car suddenly stopped. POW! POW!! Gunshots in the air. The driver fled like flash, leaving his passengers behind without notice. Then I knew I was going to die because I was the first passenger to be attacked.

“Everybody come down now!” A deep voice roared.

I tried opening the door of the bus but it was hooked, only the driver or the conductor of the bus that understood the trick they apply to open it. I fearfully tried again but to no avail.

“Mr Man, open the door now!” One of the passengers, who sat at the back seat yelled at me. “Don’t allow them to shoot us o, hian.”

“You must be mad! Am I playing here or do you think I want to die?” I angrily replied the rude passenger.

Aminat was vibrating like an epileptic patient, I could hear her teeth gnash, I looked at her and immediately got the energy to slide the door open. Being the foremost to the door, I alighted first and suddenly I received a punch on my face. I fell on the floor immediately.

“Bastard! You’re wasting our time.” The armed man said and spat on me.

The spit landed on my cheek, I swiped it off with my hand and almost immediately smelt it. I wondered what chemical component made up his spit because it smelled just like ammonia. The whole passengers alighted as fast as possible and were commanded to queue up by the armed men.

Ooow! I screamed as I was kicked on the ground by one of the armed men. “Jump up! Fool!” He snarled at me, adding another kick. “Join the queue.”

I reluctantly stood up and limped to the queue. Vehicles that saw the drama displayed from afar, reversed and speedily took off. I scanned around and noticed they were four men with two AK47, one FN rifle and a sub-machine gun respectively. No where to run, we had to obey because no one wanted to die.

“Follow me!” One of the armed men ordered.

We obeyed. Two of the armed men took the lead while the remaining two walked right behind us. They led us into a thick forest,I could barely see because the environment was already dark. I couldn’t check the time but I guessed the time was within the range of 7:30 P.M. and 8:30 P.M.

“Try to escape and bid the world farewell.” One of the two armed men behind said.

I read Psalm 23 from the beginning to the end thrice before we got to their supposed destination. I could quickly observe the woods erected and set ablaze like a camp fire in the middle of an open space, making the environment quite luminous. My eyes couldn’t help but see some people lynched and also burnt by the stake. Now, this is what I call an horror movie, I said to myself. No doubt, they were ritualist. I unconsciously peed on my trouser out of fear. Who won’t? When Mr death was winking at me and I was gazing at him eyeball to eyeball.

“Ladies to my right!” An armed man instructed. “Men to my left! Now!”

We all scrammbled like puzzle, bumping into each other in fear. At that moment, I forgot my gender.

“You are not supposed to be here, Mr.” A lady whispered to my ears.

I turned around and saw a lady, peeped on the person standing in front of me, also a lady. It wasn’t actually my fault because the lady in front of me was on a low cut and I mistook him for a man.

“Come here!” The armed man roared at me as I was running to join the men’s queue.

I came to him in a jiffy. “Sir?” I said, with a shaky voice.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m trying to join the queue.” I replied, pointing to the men’s queue.

“Were you deaf when I made that instruction?” He yelled, with a blazing eyes, pointing his rifle to me.

“Sir, please!” I said, trembling and sweating all over.

He cocked his rifle, then I knew I was taking my last breath but I still could shout, “Jeeeeeeeesssssssssssuuuuuuuuuussssssss!”

He dropped his gun and slapped me hard, I held my cheek and held me by the neck. “Scorpion!” He called.

I wondered if he was conjouring or he was calling on a fellow. Yes, I was correct, he called a fellow. A fat man, with a rifle slung around his neck, ran towards us.

“Sir!” Scorpion said and knelt before the armed man that still held to my neck.

He pulled my neck as he moved closer to Scorpion to whisper words to him.

“Yes Sir!” Scorpion shouted and stood up.

The armed man let go my neck while Scorpion took over. Scorpion held me by the neck and ushered me towards the east of the forest.


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