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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 51

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Oh my God! What am I seeing? I was clear in my mind that even Joseph in the Bible wouldn’t overcome the temptation that unraveled before me. Without further ado, the network connection on my brain failed and lost its service, not even an emergency call would go through. I couldn’t think of anything than to accomplish the project Sheri was about to issue me. Then I knew barrack girls were really what they were called, dangerous.

She came closer to me with a towel wrapped around her, temporarily shielding away her twined headlamps and her ever pulsating backside. She took her steps one after the other like a cat about to catch its prey. I couldn’t move or speak, all I just did was salivate for her touch, proceeding to the final show down.

“Banji, I like you na e make me wan give you the thing o.” She said, seductively licking her lips.

If you’re in Rome behave like a Roman and if you’re in Nigeria behave like a Naija, that saying I remembered, which got my tongue pidginized. “You dey serious sey you like me? I no know o.” I said, stretching my hands towards her waist.

“I like you since that dey wey you and your pale come our house come greet my pale.” She said. “You remember?”

It was disheartening that my brain was still on vacation not to be remorseful when she mentioned my father, who was late. “Yes, I remember.” I lied because I didn’t remember a thing but of what use was it if I said otherwise.

“That night, I been dey cut you eye but you still be JJC that time.” She said,with a smile.

I immediately cut in. “I be JJC that time but not this time. I don learn na.” I said boldly.

“You sure sey you don bad?”

“Bad ke? Which kind bad be that?” I curiously asked because I was getting confused.

Sheri looked at me with a corner of her right eye, winked it and said, “You don understand?”

I winked back at her and foolishly succumb to her peacockish advances. “Ok, I don understand.”

She came closer to me, I grabbed her waist, she looked at me and smiled. Sheri suddenly turned around, facing her dangerous backside to me and I steadily gazed at it like I was watching a music video on SoundCity. My hands held firm to her waist like I was carrying a bucket of water without an handle. Sheri took the movie to the next scene, she loosened her towel and it dropped on my hands.

Banji, if you like your destiny don’t look up, just bury your head and remain still, I said to myself. Could I adhere to that advice? No, I couldn’t. I tilted my head up and saw two baloons vibrating in front of me. My brain lost control over my hands, they went ahead to hold and caress them. I ignorantly activated trouble. She turned around, thrust me flat on the bed, loosened my belt, unhooked my trouser and dragged it out of my legs.

“Ha!” I said, with my mouth wide opened.

She paused and looked at me. “Wetin?” She yelled. “You no know wetin we wan do?”

I nodded and smiled. “Sheri Sheri, I just dey play.”

“So wetin be Ha?!” She asked with a sad look.

I smiled. “That’s Halleluyah for short.” I irrationally replied.

“Ok. Make e be am o.” She said and flung my trouser to a corner of her cubicle.

My nozzle was ready to strike, angrily moving up and down in my tight raven pant. Don’t this girl have shame? I asked myself. She was totally unclad, right in the afternoon. I stared at her headlamps as they freely dangled before me. Sheri took it higher and faster again, she pulled out my pant in a jiffy, leaving my nozzle pointing to the sky like MTN mast. She flung my pant to a direction different from the current location of my trouser. I wondered if she did that purposely or it was a response from the feeling operating on her.

Sheri, who was ready for battle jumped on me like a cat on a fish, kissed me passionately to set the pitch for a smooth match. I forgot all I thought I knew, even my matriculation number was dumped in the recycle bin of my brain. No No No! Sheri climbed on me like a polo player, spread my legs apart, looked at me and grinned.

“You don ready?” She asked. “Ehn?”

I nodded. “Yes.” I fearfully replied. “You no get gloves?”

“Which one be that?” She asked and looked at me disgustingly. “Me no dey fight with gloves o. Punch me with your bare hands make I feel am well well.”

Then I knew the devil had dedicated his life to finish my life. No, gloves? I asked myself.

“Oya jor.” She said, rolled away from me to the bed, spread her legs wide apart like the gate to Jerusalem. She yelled, “oya climb me.”

I slugglishly rolled on her and I was about taking the freekick when refree blew the whistle.

Knock! Knock!! “Sheri!”


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