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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 50

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It all played like a movie before me, seeing them again. Why did they come back for me? Oh! Definitely, I was correct about the baby dying any minutes from then and now they want to hold me down. Never! I said to myself and took to my heels faster than ever. I hid behind a closed kiosk, peeped at the bus and watched it zoom off before coming out.

“Me, Banji, una no know me. I’m Mr Sharp guy. Fools, you better go and bury your baby.” I said as I walked towards the spot I ran from to board a motorcycle.

Luckily for me, I got a motorcycle the very minute I got to the busstop. He transported me to my house and I paid him a fortune, a huge sum of seven hundred naira. As expected, my house was scanty and deserted. I have to call Old Soldier as soon as possible, I said to myself. I almost ran insane when I reached for my phone and I felt nothing in my pockets; no horror movie could surpass the sensation of touching your pockets and not feel your cell phone. Was I dreaming? I wiped my face, strained my fingers more on my eyes, just to be sure I wasn’t in a dreamland. Oops! Reality dawned on me, my phone was gone.

I guess my phone dropped in the bus, the passengers were kind enough to get it back to me and I was too dumb to run away from my belonging, I thought.

“Banji, I swear you’re a fool. Kai! Nokia N70 gone just like that! Ha, Banji you don jonz.” I screamed out loud with lot of pain in my heart.

What next? I dropped the baby hanging behind my back all day on the sofa and forged out to Old Soldier’s house. I couldn’t describe the feeling operating on me at that moment because it was so out of this world. I walked briskly along our street in order not to be consoled by anyone in the neighbourhood.

I got to Old Soldier’s house only to meet his daughter, Sheri. Sheri was Old Soldier’s last daughter out of his six children. She was quite beautiful, but not as beautiful as Adaobi. Sheri’s height gave her the priviledge to gaze at me at an horizontal level. I last saw Sheri when I was in hundred level.

“Hey Sheri! Good to see you. How are you?”

“Me dey o. You nko?” She replied.

“I’m fine too.” I said with a smile. “Please,where is your dad?”

“I no know o, try call am na.” She said.

Sheri unknowingly open my wound. “Hmm. My phone is ehn—is ehn not with me here.” I lied, but was fairly true because it really wasn’t with me.

“Ehn wetin we go come do now?” She asked, concerned.

I thought for some seconds. “Do you in anyway know about my mum’s illness?” I asked with a saturated eyes.

“No o, your mama sick?”

“Yes, that’s the reason I came home. She was admitted at the hospital yesterday and your dad informed me on phone.”

“Eyah, sorry. Me no know o because I just land from barracks yesterday.”

“Ehn Ehn, Ok.” I said, not interested in her tales.

“Banji, enter and sit down make I help you call am.” She said.

I was ushered in by Sheri. Like bluetooth, my eyes easily connected to Sheri’s shaking backside as we walked in. She moved ahead of me and delibrately shook her instrument to my glory. That very minute, I forgot my name, far from remembering my problems.

I sat on the sofa in their parlor while Sheri strolled into her room. I turned my neck at different degrees looking and feeding my eyes with the frames that hung around their wall. I saw Old Soldier in one of the frames with a devilish face with a rifle in his hand. I feared Old Soldier an extra more.

“Banji!” Sheri called me from her room but I really don’t know where.


“Come.” She said.

“Come? Why? Where?” I confusingly asked.

“Come talk to my pale for here.” She said. “I dey charge my phone here so I no fit commot am.”

That was a nice excuse to get me into her room, I thought. “But where is your room?” I said,not to act too forward.

“Here.” She said, standing by the door of her room, wrapping the curtain around herself, portraying just her head.

“Ok.” I said, stood up and walked towards her.

“Come in.”

I fearfully walked in,took some steps more and sat on her three inches bed. Gbam! Sheri slammed the door and locked it. I still didn’t understand what was happening until she unwrapped herself from the curtain.


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