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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 49

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I shifted eyes away from the lady’s blazing eyes to the baby. I began to twitch and pray silently in my mind. Who on earth asked me to care about this baby? I should have allowed the baby sweat out his life at the back of her mother, I said to myself. Some passengers, who were aware about the incident showed concern while some were sleeping like log of woods. The mother inserted her mouth into the baby’s mouth, giving him a mouth to mouth resuscitation. Cough! Couch! The baby stretched and cried out loud like he was pinched.

My racing heart halted immediately and I could smile again. Thank you Jesus, I almost said with my head resting on the seat in front of me. I peeked at the mother of the baby with the corner of my eye and all I could see was rage for me. She frowned her face like an employee who hasn’t been paid for years, inserting her bosom into the mouth of her baby. I felt like slapping the baby after solely displaying an horror scene before me. The baby never knew all that happened, he concentrated on his mother’s bosom like his life depends on it.

After spending two hours fifty minutes in the bus, I decided to alight to save my head from further problem, we never could tell if the baby was destined to die some minutes later.

“Driver abeg next busstop dey o.” I instructed.

“You sey?” The driver asked, not hearing what I said.

“Next busstop dey!” I and some passengers yelled at the driver.

“Ok.” The driver confirmed.

I looked at the baby keenly,to verify if he was fairing well enough for me to alight in peace. Yes, he was. I gazed at the mother, whose eyes had been shuffling from her baby to me, and I cared less what she thought of me.

I wasn’t as wicked as she thought I was, so I decided to express my pang of guilt. “Excuse me ma.” I called for her attention.

She looked at me disdainfully. “Yes, can I help you? My baby is not free.” She stupidly concluded.

I smiled. “Ma, I’m not carrying your baby, I…” I said, when she immediately interrupted.

“You can’t even carry him because I can’t hand him over to someone like you again.”

I smiled again. “Ok ma, but I just want to tell you how sorry I’m about the whole thing. I’m so sorry. Pardon me.”

She hissed, stared at me disgustingly and said, “I don hear you o. Would that be all?” She asked.

“Yes, Ma.” I said and foolishly asked, “What’s his name?”

“Whose name?” She asked with a suspicious look on her face.

“Your baby.” I replied, stretching my hand to tickle the baby out of a clear conscience.

She impulsively hit my hand away like a dangerous weapon. “I can see that you are mad. I don’t need to be told that you arexcdaf gfbnbzxsytf.” She yelled. “You are mad. Driver abeg next busstop dey o, hope you never forget? Abeg no forget o, hian!”

A passenger, seated in front of us was quite disturbed by the lady’s rant. “Ki lo tun de?” He asked, which means, ‘What’s the matter again?’

The lady cleared her throat, swallowed her spit and started talking. “Thank you o. God will bless you for that question. Is it not this uncle here, not after he almost killed my baby he’s now asking for his name.”

“Is that all?” The passenger asked.


“Ok madam, don’t be upset.” He said and sat upright.

I nodded my head in pity for the lady, shrugged it off and fixed my eyes on the windshield. Less than six minutes later, the driver parked the car,he had reached the busstop I demanded to be alighted.

It wasn’t an easy task to get out of the corner I sat. I had to step on toes to get my heavy self out of the bus.

“Are you blind?” The woman with the baby yelled. “Don’t you know you stepped on me?”

I really wasn’t interested in picking a fight with her because I had aroused her anger towards me. “I am so sorry, ma.” I apologized, looking at her.

“Abeg, just go down. Bad belle.” She said.

I gnored her and peacefully got off the bus. Thank God I’m finally out of this mess, now, the baby can die if he wants to, I almost said. The car zoomed off while I stood on the same spot calling for a motorcycle to board me to my final destination,which the bus should have dropped me.

I waited for a minute, still no motorcycle in view, the ones I saw had passengers on them. I rather stand here than to sit in that bus which almost implicated me for my dying mother, I said to myself. Almost immediately as I completed the thought, I saw the bus I just alighted from, reversing towards me. I tilted my head a little and looked acutely to be sure if it was the bus. Yes! It was.

“Hey! Bros!” The passengers in the bus shouted and waved at me as the bus kept moving closer. “Bros!”


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