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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 46

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Which kind of trouble is this now? I asked myself. I slowly tilted my head to take a glance at the man but he pretended not to have known his leg was on my hand. He looked straight, concentrating on the windshield. I tapped him with my left hand, he removed his sunglasses, then looked at me.

“Sir, you’re stepping on me.” I said.

“Are you sure?” He foolishly questioned.

I was almost getting annoyed but I immediately swallowed serene pills to trim it down. “Yes of course.” I replied.

“Is that money yours?” He asked.

I needed no seer to tell me that he was the owner of the money and he was aware the money was on the floor. “I’m sorry, but I was only trying to help you pick it up.” I lied; wisdom is the principal thing and with all thy getting get understanding, that I remembered from the Holy book.

The man quickly released his leg and wore a pity look on his face. “Eyah! I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.” He apologized.

I sat erect,then I handed over the money to him with the thought of how I would pay my fare. “Where are you headed?” The man asked.

“To the last busstop Sir!” I joyfully replied almost immediately.

“Oya,your money for here.” The conductor said,stretching his hand to me.

I dipped my hand into my pocket like I was going to give him money, I kept struggling with my pocket until the conductor asked the man with the sunglasses for money. Take, for the two of us, that I heard and became relaxed. I thanked God for scaling me through that huge embarrassment.

The bus got to its last terminal so I alighted and started another adventure back to school. Where would my wallet be? Did I forget it in the school cab? I asked myself. I still didn’t believe my wallet was gone so I confirmed again, touching all the pockets created on my trouser, but the result remained same. I had no money with me to take me back to school, speak less about the money that would transport me home. I decided to hire my legs to transport me back to school as fast as possible. I missed Kofo that very moment because she could have helped me with the fare I needed to go home. I shrugged that feeling off and started trekking.

The sun was so scorching, I had to bring out a book from my bag, raised it parallel above my face to dent its effect on me. I kicked stones as football in order for me not to feel the impact of the trek. An undergraduate behaving like a primary school pupil, I thought. I stopped kicking stones and concentrated on the journey. I returned the book I used as a cap back into my bag, then I hastened my steps. I wasn’t moving as fast as a car or motorcycle, but I was fast enough to beat a bicycle ridden by an amateur.

I was virtual running out of fuel when I saw a man standing at akimbo in front of his car with its bonnet open. The man was quite young but was old enough to be my father. I can’t help but notice how handsome he was, perfectly dressed in suit.

I walked up to him. “Good morning sir.” I greeted.

He turned around and faced me. “Good morning.” He replied.

I smiled. “Sir, what’s wrong with your car?” I asked.

“Hmm. It has an injector problem.” He answered. “Thanks.”

“Ha! That’s serious o.” I said and added, “can I be of help?”

The man smiled. “Never mind,Son.” He said. “I have sent my daughter to get a mechanic just across the street.”

“Sir, I have little idea about cars, let me put it to a test.” I insisted with a smile.

“Put your little knowledge about cars to a test with my car?” He said and giggled. “Anyway, you’re free. Over there.”

Jesus, you just have to help me now, I prayed in my heart. I walked like an experienced mechanic to the car, dropped my bag and started unplugging what I really don’t know from the car’s engine.

“In the name of Jesus! You this engine, receive life.” I prayed quietly but loud enough for someone very close to hear.

“Hey! Mr? What are you doing?” The man asked.

“No-o-thing sir.” I stuttered.


“Something sir.” I said. “Come and start it, Sir.”

The man walked towards me. “Are you sure it’s going to start?” He asked.

“That am not sure about, sir,but start it.”

The man went into the car. He turned the key but not a single sound was made. He came out furious. “The car ignited to some extent before you touched it, what did you do to it?” He yelled.

I twitched. I’m in trouble, I almost said. “Sir, I did nothing. Let me fix this stuffs back.” I said.

“Go on. Fixit let me see you.” He mockingly said and stood behind me like a Boss supervising an apprentice.

I looked behind me at intervals, hoping no slap drops on my neck suddenly. I plugged back all that I had unplugged. “Sir, go and start it.”

He obediently walked into his car while I solemnly prayed to God in my heart. Yes! I did it, I said to myself as the car responded. The man rushed out of the car with a smile on his face, then hugged me so tight.

“Sir, my hands are dirty.” I said with joy in my heart. “I don’t want to stain you.”

He refused,still hugging me tightly.


The man let me out of his arms, I turned around to peek on the person who called him and I was flabbergasted with whom I saw.



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