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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 45

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Oh my God! I did it again, I slapped Kofo. I quickly sat upright, then went on my knees on the bed.

“Kofo, please I’m sorry.” I said, demonstrating with my hands. “It’s not intentional. Please I’m so sorry.”

Kofo kept mute, still placed her hand on her cheek, staring at me surprised.

“Kofo, It’s Bayo. He was fighting with me in the dream.” I explained. “Please,say something.”

She angrily jumped out of bed, went around the room picking up her belongings and finally dressed up.

I stood up from the bed, went straight to Kofo,who was busy lacing her shoes. I placed my hands on her shoulder, she hit them away with immediate effect.

“Kofo, I said I’m sorry. It wasn’t intentional. Believe me.” I pleaded.

She didn’t pay attention to me. She stood up, picked up her back and was leaving. I swiftly stood like a cross before her,blocking her exit from the room. “Banji, get out of my way!” She ordered.

“I’m not until you accept my apology.”

“Banji, get of out of my way if you don’t want trouble.”

“I’m already in trouble so it’s not new.” I replied.

Thud! She let her bag drop freely to the ground, she paused and screamed out loud like a mortal kombat character, Sindel. Jeeeeez! Kofo almost blocked my ears. I rushed quickly to cover her mouth with my hand, which made her stop and I immediately let go my hand from her mouth before she bites me, like she did in my dream.

“Will you let me go now?” She asked, with an ‘I’ll do it again’ look on her face.

“I will let you go but please can I make it up to you?” I asked.

“How? If I may ask.”

I winked and pointed to my bed.

She hissed and afterwards frowned. “In your next life. I ain’t interested in the relationship again.” She said.

I smiled. “You are joking, right?” I asked.

“Hey! Read my lips.” She snarled. “It is over between us.”

I went on my knees. “Kofo, don’t do this to me, please. Remember all the years we have invested in this relationship.” I pleaded.

“How many years? Fifteen months and two weeks is what you call years? Joker!”

“Kofo, all the same, have mercy on me.”

“I’m not God. Cry to God for that.” She said, shifting her face away from me. “Banji, let me go before I do something nasty to you.”

“Please,Kofo,Please. My father is dead.” I pleaded more. “My mother is …”

She swiftly interrupted. “My father is dead, likewise my mother and my sister, so don’t give me that.” She angrily replied. “If you need pity, you got mine already but I ain’t going back on my words. It is over.”

I fell flat to the floor, pretending to have fainted but that didn’t touch Kofo’s already made up mind. She carefully took her steps not to step on any part of my body, opened the door and left. Plan failed, I said to myself. I revived from my pretense and chased after her. Kofo had already conquered the whole stairs, I almost persisted in the chase but I noticed something was dangling on my body. Oops! It was my problematic nozzle,I was unclad. It was almost dawn so I ran like a whipped horse,back to my room.

Even in my dreams Bayo still landed me in problem and all effort to touch Kofo’s heart proved abortive. I immediately had a moodswing, all pointing to my relationship with Kofo. I laid on my bed with a saturated eyes, thinking about all I had been through and all I would pass through. Couldn’t believe I lost Kofo within seconds.

I peeked at my phone for the time,it was 5:56 A.M. “When one door closes, another one opens.” I said and napped.

I had slept for two hours fifteen minutes, I checked the time to know that. I was almost late for lectures and examination was already knocking on the door. I prepared for that day’s lecture like flash; ran into the bathroom with quarter filled bucket of water and came out within two minutes and dressed up very fast like a soldier. I picked my bag and forged on to class.

I would travel to see my mother immediately after the lecture, I said to myself as I walked very fast. I arrived quite on time because the lecturer was still absent in class. I quietly entered the classroom, walked straight to the back seat and sat, thinking about Kofo.

I was lost in thought, I never knew when Sade came close to me. She tapped me, I jerked and regained my consciousness.

“Mr man, what are you thinking about?” Sade asked.

“Nothing jare.”

“Hmm, deceive yourself. Talk to me jor.” She persisted.

“I said nothing!” I yelled at her.

She flared up. “I know you are thinking about your partner in crime.” She said.

“Sade, get away from here before I handle you.” I angrily said, pointing my index finger at her.

“You can do nothing jor. Empty threat.” She said. “I knew you both would be in problem since you tried stealing from me.”

I looked at her in anger,nodded my head and said, “I don’t have your time.”

“How would you have my time? Ehn? Tell me?” She said. “Thief like you.”

Sade almost got off my cloth of patience, any more word from her would land me into the pool of my anger and I wouldn’t hesitate to vent it on her.

“Ain’t you a thief? Tell me? I thought you’re a gentle guy but …”

I didn’t allow her finish her words when I stood up and left the class. I walked straight to the department’s notice board to check for necessary information.

“Examination! Starting on Monday?” I said.

I have to travel now and return tomorrow so I would prepare, I said to myself. Without further ado, I boarded a cab to the school gate. Then I walked to the busstop to get on another bus to the garage where I would board a bus home.

I finally got a bus. I entered and sat in the middle of two hefty looking men. I took a glance at them and was struck with fear, the one on my right wore a dark sunglasses and the one on my left had some bruises all around his neck, guessed he might have gotten them from a fight.

“Enter with your change O.” The conductor of the bus roared. “If you no get change, come down now.”

I sat gallantly like a Chief, knowing fully well that I met the conductors criteria. In order not to have another fight with a conductor, I decided to pay him quickly so as for him to balance me on time. I reached for my wallet at my back pocket but it wasn’t there, I dipped my both hands into my side pocket, same condition. I’m in for it today, I was about saying. I became restless in the bus. Stop! Let me alight, that I couldn’t say because the bus had gone beyond the distance I could alight free off charge. I checked on the floor of the bus whether my wallet might have dropped, still I didn’t find it but I saw a two hundred naira note on the floor, lying close to the left leg of the hefty man on sunglasses.

Should I pick it up? Definitely yes, my mind delivered me the answer in a jiffy. I bent down like someone who wants to lace his shoe, then I peeped at the man if he is aware of my move, he wasn’t, his head was positioned axis to the windshield. I immediately let my right hand grope towards the two hundred naira note, which was winking at me.

“Oya, make una pay for front!” The conductor demanded his money.

I quickly reached for the money, I touched it, grabbed it in my palm but my hand got stuck on the floor. The hefty man placed his leg on my hand.


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