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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 44

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I paused and thought for some seconds. I looked around but I didn’t set my eyes on Kofo. The customers had crowded over the armed man beating him like a drum. I keenly looked among the crowd but still didn’t see Kofo. I bent down and immediately saw her leg dangling over the helpless armed man. It’s a lie, that can’t be Kofo,I said to myself. I crawled towards the crowd, then I stretched my hand to pinch her dangling leg but she didn’t respond to the pain. I screamed in agony and pulled her out with the whole of my strenght. Sad! Kofo was already dead. Her face was disfigured by the hits she shared with the armed guy when the furious customers vented.

I sat on the floor, placing Kofo on my laps and supporting her neck with my left hand. I wept and screamed in pain. I felt the world was fallen on me, having sent two people to a land of no return.

Like a flash, I rolled Kofo from my laps to the floor, then I stood up, wiped my tears and left the banking hall. My heart became harden like a rock within seconds.

“She don go be that jor. Life dey waka dey go.” I said, as I walked inside the school to take a cab to my department. “Make I go write my test jor. The dead should bury their dead.”

I hurried the driver to step on the gas,so I would meet up with the test. I finally got to my department. I ran to the class only to be welcomed by littered papers, empty chairs and tables. I walked into the class fully, then I looked at the board.


That inscription was written with blood on the white board. The blood was dripping from the bottom of each alphabets. It all seemed like I was staring in an horror movie. I ran out of the classroom, speedily to my hall. I was surprised not to have seen a single soul on the way, even in my hall, till I got to my room. I was scared,I thought rapture had taken place. I immediately bolted the door and ran under my blanket, covering my whole body. I was cold and hot at the same time like Ikogosi warm spring. I heard the louvers slam closed by themselves and the wind was howling. Then, I knew there wasn’t a remedy to my death. My heart was pounding, I was sweating copiously with goose bumps as tall as skyscrappers all over my body and gnashing my teeth uncontrollably.

Knock! Knock! Someone was at the door. I was scared to open but I realized that there was no more place to hide,so I decided to open the door. I timidly opened the door and hid behind it. Three individuals walked in galantly, two security men and Folake, Kofo’s friend.

Folake never liked me from the first day we met and I didn’t like her because she was tubby. She wasn’t only fat but short which made her look like an inverted mortar. Folake would cease every opportunity to break my relationship with Kofo.

“That’s him.” She said, pointing at me behind the door. “That’s the boy.”

“What did I do wrong?” I fearfully questioned.

“Shut up.” One of the security men ordered me.

“Move!” The other security man said, ushering me out of my room. “You have killed her abi?”

I looked back to the security man and replied, “Killed who? Who did I kill?”

My shirt was stained with blood, Kofo’s blood. “You will explain better what all this is all about.” He replied, pointing to the blood stains on my shirt.

I transfered my hands on my head as I walked ahead of them. “Ha! Mo gbe! Temi ba mi loni.” Which means, ‘Ha! I’m in trouble. I’m in a big mess today.’

I was happy to have ended the horror movie after seeing human beings to talk to, even though it wasn’t in my favour. We all entered the security van, then zoomed off to the school security office. We arrived in no time and I was immediately ushered to the CSO’s office.

“Oya enter!” One of the security men ordered me into the CSO’s office.

I entered, stood still before the already frowning CSO. “Banji, you again?”

“Sir?” I asked confused.

“You got a girl pregnant. True or false?”

I thought for few seconds. “False.” I replied, knowing fully well Kofo was dead.

He smiled and asked again. “You impregnanted a girl. True or false?”

“False Sir!” I strongly affirmed my response.

“Hey you! Bring the phone with the message.” The CSO said, pointing to Folake.

Folake gave the CSO the phone, he peeked into it and handed it over to me. I looked at it and was shocked. Kofo had used Folake’s number to send the pregnancy alert message. Busted!

“Take him to the guardroom.” The CSO ordered the security men.

I was thrown into the guardroom, which extremely lacked illumination. I placed my head against the door and began to think, then suddenly, someone bit me hard on my neck. I angrily turnaround with a blow landing on the jaw of the unknown vampire. Bayo? It was Bayo. Another fight, that time it was a fight to finish. We started the royal rumble. I never knew Bayo had been toughened by his prolonged stay in the guardroom. He jabbed me with his left hand, I weaved it but wasn’t lucky enough to dodge the right jab. I fell on the floor. He hurriedly came over me, then I threw my hand to slap him but Kofo received it in the physical.

I immediately woke up to see Kofo over me, placing her hand on her right cheek.


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