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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 43

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Oh my my, I displayed my fearful nature when I saw Mr Obedience, gun. I laid parallel to the floor almost immediately as the armed guy roared. I was shaking seriously like an epileptic patient, knowing fully well that these guys were not familiar as to Bayo who would hesitate to pull the trigger at me. I couldn’t laugh when my wondering eyes came across the bank security man, who laid some distance away from me without his uniform. He had quickly undressed, leaving just his singlet on him. I noticed him with his boot.

“No jokes! Try us we kill you, cooperate, we spare you.” One of the armed guys advised.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, I prayed silently in my heart; what a miracle the armed men did to a prayer-less christian like me. It was a bloody day I would never pray to experience again. It all seemed like a dream, I tried to wake up but I couldn’t, I was stuck to face the reality of it.

‘You are my African queen. The girl of my…’ A customer’s phone rang out. POW! The armed guy shot the ill-fated customer without hesitating. My fear popped out of my mouth, I slightly vomited on the floor. The ladies screamed out loud with their microscopic voices when that customer was shot and they were immediately silenced by another gunshot in the air. I felt for the deceased man. His wife, girlfriend or a lover might have called him, leading to his death, I painfully thought.

I swear, my ghost would chase Kofo all around if I happened to die today, I naively assured myself.

“Your phone rings, you pick it up in hell!” The gunman roared. “No Pity!”

Then I knew my remaining days on earth were uncertain, ticking and strolling away like water from a leaked reservoir. We were all terrorized by four gunmen, two of which mounted the main banking hall and the remaining two, attacked the strongroom. I peeped at the two gunmen, who scanned all around for fishy moves, I confirmed if they were focusing at my position. They weren’t. I quickly dipped my hand in my pocket, brought out my phone, then long pressed the red button. God I commit my life into your hands, I hastily prayed in my heart as my phone rang out loud, giving a switching off tone; if I was dead, I would blame it on Nokia.

“Whose phone is that?!” One of the armed guys angrily asked. “Ehn? Who get that phone wey make noise now now?”

I was twitching with my heart almost popping out. My heart was racing as fast as a BMW on an express road.

“Una no wan talk?” The other gunman added.

I was about owning up, when an aged man stood up to my rescue.

“Baba! So na you dey try us.” A gunman roared, approaching the old man.

The old man would be in his late sixties but I could guess sixty three would be his appropriate age. He was dressed in a big heavy cloth called ‘agbada’, a cloth mostly worn by the rich Yorubas and Hausas, so I could easily depict his tribe from his dressing to be from either tribes.

“Something dey tell me sey no be your phone make that sound.” The other armed guy said.

“It is Sir.” The old man slowly replied.

“Ok o. Show me the phone.” The armed guy demanded.

The old man reached for a phone in his pocket and gave it to him. The armed guy laughed out loud and said, “Baba, shey I get tribal mark like you?”

I looked keenly at the old man’s cheek but I didn’t see any mark, the old man shifted his head a little and I got a glimpse of where the mark was situated. The mark was craftily designed around his nose and his mouth; the mark looked like a cut from a sword fight, which gave me a perfect knowledge of his tribe, Hausa.

“This is Sony Ericsson na.” The armed guy said, scanning around the phone. “Na Nokia sound I hear.”

I began to vibrate again, realizing that the old man couldn’t help. The old man reached for his pocket again and brought out another phone. Thank goodness, it was a Nokia phone. The old man stretched it to the armed guy.

“So Baba, you’re the one truly.” The armed guy attested, then pressed the phone. “Baba, I swear I go shoot you! You just dey lie for us. This phone dey on na and the sound we heard, signals that the phone should be off by now.”

“I am sorry Sir.” The old man said, reaching for another phone in his pocket.

I cared less about the number of phones present in his pocket, my sole prayer was freedom from the mess I threw the poor old man into.

The old man handed the third phone to the armed guy. The gunman flipped around the phone, pressed the buttons to ensure it was switched off, then he paused for some seconds. POW! He shot the old man.

“Bastard! Playing pranks with me.” The gunman yelled at the dead body of the old man. “Two down. Who’s next?!”

I guessed that question wasn’t for me because I was covered with the guilt of sending an innocent soul to a land of no return. I shrugged off that guilty feeling and assured myself that it was a survival of the wisest. Some ladies were crying bitterly, while few fainted instantly after the old man was shot. I peeked at Kofo, who was silently weeping uncontrollably. I supposed Kofo wouldn’t be thinking of abortion at the time else any mistake by her would get her and the pregnancy aborted out of the world.

It was almost a successful operation when the remaining two armed men returned from the strongroom with a swollen sack, it must have been loaded with money. One of the armed men shot in the air, to keep us all calm as they exited. Two of the armed guys entered each into the two double doors of the bank and finally exited. One out of the remaining two in the bank, quickly hit the open button of the double door and quickly exited, leaving the last gunman in the banking hall.

Then, the last gunman was about exiting, he hit the open button of the double doors and was about going out, when a brave guy, who laid near the double doors, forcefully pulled his legs. He fell flat on his face and they both began to struggle. Seeing the armed guy was down, most of the customers rushed to empower the brave guy to expose the armed guy.

The armed guy aggressively struggled. POW! The armed guy, in the quest to get himself free unknowingly pressed the trigger. Blood spilled all over the transparent double doors and I felt some on my face. Whose blood?


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