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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 42

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I would deny it point blank, if what this voice is saying turns out to be true, I said to myself. My brain kept downloading junk of results that would evolve out of the exercise. I yawned loudly at intervals, I was damn too tired.

“You have twenty more minutes left to resume o, so you better stop giving me that.” Kofo said.

“Ok dear.” I agreed, just to seal her mouth for the time been.


Dried my body with my towel, hung it around my neck, wore my pant, then exited the bathroom to my room. I was so enthusiastic that morning because I was prepared for the test we would have that day. He who fails to plan, plans to fail, was the common saying of Dr Longe, whose test I was having that morning. I was whistling when I grabbed my phone to check if I missed any call. No, I didn’t but I got an unread text message. I knew it would be a new month message but the phone number was quite strange, so I curiously opened it.

“Happy new month to you dear. Wishing you the very best in the month. May the King of kingzpen write a beautiful episode of your life this month in Jesus name.” I read out loud the text message with a grin on my face and continued. “Baby, I want to use this medium to tell you that I am…”

I coughed, cleared my throat, wiped my face, scrubbed my eyes and peeked at the phone again to be sure about what I read. “I am pregnant?” I said, with my eyes bulging out and bright like halogen.

I immediately fell on my knees like a sinner before the cross, my pate was banging out loud like a jingled bell and my heart was almost ceasing. It has finally happened, Kofo is pregnant, I said to myself. I put my brainpower to an emergency work, to figure out what next to do. My brain, like a Bluetooth transfer of 1kb file, delivered an answer to me which my mind wholly went against.

I stood up, sat on my bed and thought deeply. “Is abortion the right thing to do? Would Kofo agree to it? Jesus, I am dead.” I said and later looked at my nozzle, which coiled up in my pant. “You have finally landed me into trouble.”

I deliberately dismissed the feeling and the voice that kept accusing me about my mistake. Was it really a mistake? I assumed it was.

I immediately began to dress up. I changed my singlet twice before placing my shirt on it because it got soaked within seconds, I was badly sweating. I knew I was in trouble. At the same time as I was wearing my socks, Kofo ringed my phone. My heart skipped a beat and I wondered why she didn’t message me with her phone number since it was available. I had no more time to think about that, I purposely missed her calls and forged out of my room to class.

Kofo called fifteen times before I got to my department, which I intentionally didn’t answer any. I planned to evade her for a while or even deny the pregnancy. I got to the department and from afar I saw other students seated and settled for the test. I hastened up towards the class and as I was about entering into the class, Kofo blocked me by the door.

I was stunned. “Kofo?” I said surprised.

She stood at akimbo, steadily staring at me from my head down to my feet. “You got my message and you refused to pick up my calls.” She said.

“Hm-mm–mmm, No Ooo. Kof…” I wanted to explain when she interjected.

“Shut up! Liar!” She snarled. “You can run but you can’t hide. I know your type. Yes, I know your type.”

“Kofo, please I have a test now. Can we talk after my test?”

She giggled like a tickled baby. “Joker. I knew you have a test that’s why I arrived before you.” She said. “You ain’t writing anything until we talk about this thing you kept in my stomach.”

“Banji Banji.” A student passing by hailed me.

I wondered if he heard what Kofo just said. “Kofo, please we can’t talk about it here. Please, my lecturer will soon be here. I’m begging you.”

She was laughing, I quickly covered her mouth with my right hand, She bit my hand and I quickly withdrew it. “I will tell your lecturer sef, if you don’t do something fast.” She said, breathing heavily after the struggle to unseal her mouth.

Kofo was mean and I couldn’t let her tarnish my image before other students, so I took her away from my departmental premises. We strolled away and sat down with other relaxing students at the school garden. I really don’t like hanging around the school garden, most especially at night because of the unimaginable things students practice there. Despite the cool and beautiful look of the garden, it was still a smokers joint, prostitute pick up arena, fraternity and cabal base, and so on. I had more pressing issues than the look of a garden.

“Kofo, why are you doing this to me?” I said, with a sad look.

“What am I doing to you? Ehn? Tell me. What?” She mockingly asked.

“I should be in my class by now and you’re here holding me down.”

“Ogbeni mi o di e mu o.” Kofo said, with an ‘I don’t care’ look on her face, which means, ‘Mr man, I ain’t holding you down.’

“Ok, Fine.” I agreed. “What are we going to do about your pregnancy?”

“Which pregnancy?”

“Your pregnancy.” I said, pointing to her stomach.

“You are mad.” She said and gave a long hiss. “What’s your pregnancy? It’s our pregnancy.”

Girls can be so cruel when it comes to issues like this, I remembered, so I was patient to handle all the insults. “Agreed. Our pregnancy. What are we going to do about it?”

Kofo shrugged. “I don’t know O. You bring your suggestion.”

“Let’s abort it.” I fearfully said.

“Abor-what?” She sneered.

“Kofo, abortion na.” I replied. “That’s the only way out of this mess or do you want to keep it?”

“Keep what?” She said. “God forbid.”

“So what do you want us to do?”

She paused and thought for some seconds. “Ok. Let’s do the abortion.”

“Ok. Let me go for my test and we would go.” I said.

“Banji, you’re a joker. Well, there’s only one thing you can do to get you off to your class for test.” She said.

“What’s that?”

“Give me the money.” She said, stretching forth her hand to me.

I had no more time to battle words with her because I was running late. “How much?”

She tilted her head to the left, biting the tip of her index finger and thought for eleven seconds. Yes, eleven seconds, I counted. “Thirteen thousand naira.” She said.

“What?!” I yelled. “Thirteen what?! You must be joking. I got the gloves for free and now, I’m paying a fortune for the work it didn’t accomplish?”

“Then, you ain’t ready for your test.”

I stood up angrily to leave, she stood up quickly and jerked my shirt like a debtor. My brain quickly trafficated red and I immediately calmed down like staled stew. “I have two thousand naira here, follow me to the ATM for the rest.”


“Let’s go quickly abeg.” I said and we rushed off.

We entered a cab to the bank outside the campus. I was deeply lost in thought, calculating the movement of the money; thirteen minus two, that’s nine, nine minus seven, that’s two.

Better to zip up and be counted among the ‘SUs’ than to zip down, running helter-skelter afterwards, I thought. We got to the ATM spot and I immediately went on the machine.

Click Click, I pressed necessary buttons. “Please wait, your transaction is processing.” I angrily repeated after the pre-installed voice. “Abeg I know, just do quickly and give me my money.”

I waited for five, seven, ten minutes gazing at the useless monitor in front of me, which displayed ‘Please wait…’ on the screen. If the machine was human, I swear I would have destroyed its life. What? Transaction completed? Without giving me cash? Impossible! I angrily walked into the banking hall with Kofo, who attached herself to me like name-tag on a police uniform. I walked straight to the customer service to complain. I was ranting bitterly on the customer attendant when I heard gunshots.

“Go down!”


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