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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 41

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My brain couldn’t figure out yet the answer to that question until she pulled down my trouser, forcing it out of my legs. I pulled my shirt off quickly because I was already sweating; only an impotent man wouldn’t sweat out when faced with that kind of project. I had never been that unclad before a lady except my mother and that happened during the years when I interchange the legs of my footwear when I wore them without supervision. I had left on me, my pant, which made look so much like the pioneer of the Afrobeat music, Fela.
Shy? Yes I’m but not that very moment and not when there wasn’t light to behold each other. Kofo rose up from her knees, dipped her left hand inside my pant, scrambling around, looking for a missing treasure. Oops! Was that the missing treasure? My nozzle? Kofo held it tight, dragged it like a rope and squeezed it passionately.
Kofo have you at anytime worked at the gas station? I almost asked because she handled my nozzle just like a fuel attendant.
I was already on fire and ready to eat her up. I groaned like an injured footballer and at the same time my hands were busy getting her bra off. I moved her from one edge to another until I could feel my bed was close by, lack of illumination made me guess all around where prominent objects are placed in my room.
I thrust her to the bed, licked my lip and laid beside her. It was a 90 X 190 cm bed size which could barely contain me, let alone two chubby beings. We squeezed each other like sardine to fit into the bed. Kofo was already going crazy and I was already getting scared. Pregnancy? I fear that word. ‘I am pregnant,’ I dislike that statement.
“BanjiLove, come on.” She muttered, rolling over me. “Take me there?”
I almost laughed. Take you where? I was about saying. “Ok Baby. Turn the heat on.” I said, not knowing exactly what it meant.
She knelt down on the bed, compacting my opened legs together and dragged down my pant.
Jeeeeeeeez! Was that the translation of turn on the heat? If that was it then turn off the heat, my brain troubled. “Baby, slooooooooow down.” I fearfully said.
“Baby, come on. Give it to me.”
I knew Kofo was becoming desperate so I decided to play safe. “Baby, you want it?”
“Yes Love. I want it right now, right here.” She replied.
“Ok. I’ll give it to you just as you like it but let me drink water.” I said and sat.
“Ok Baby. Be snappy.”
Be snappy? Are you that desperate? Is it food? Will you die if you don’t have it? I bitterly asked myself and nodded my head in pity. I loved to give it to her but I was scared about the result thereafter. Glove? It does break, no hundred percent guarantee. I proceeded to my wardrobe, opened it and reached for a sachet of water, sorry, glove which I stole from Emeka, way back.
I opened it and wore it like socks on my hose to prevent it from filling the bucket with water. Then that I had the condom on, I was ready to play on the pitch just as a footballer with his shin guard fixed. I retreated back to Kofo, who spread her legs all over waiting for me to start the match.
Was it right? My father just died, my mother lay lifeless at the hospital and I’m here celebrating these havoc with a lady who had worst condition than mine. We both should be having a sober reflection and not doing this, I thought deeply.
“Oya na, Banji.” She said, yanking me to herself.
After several minutes, I became tired and drenched with sweat. “Baby, I’m tired.”
“Lazy bone. Just relax a little and return back to your duty post.” She said.
Am I a soldier or what has Banji got to do with duty post, I almost said. “Ain’t you satisfied?”
I wondered if Kofo had a cooling conditioner on her body which made her not to sweat, not even a petite of sweat came out of her body. “What have you done to satisfy me?” She said, with anger in her voice. “Please rest and come back here.”
“Don’t just say Ok o. I’m giving you just thirty minutes to relax.” She added.
I was actually weak. How come I didn’t satisfy her? After nearly fifteen minutes of continuous push ups? Mehn, Kofo must really be a horse, I thought.
Kofo laid left lateral recumbent while I did the opposite in order for us to fit in comfortably on the bed. Kofo kept mute after the exercise, she was really angry with me. I sidelined her and her mood swing focusing on myself and my actions.
I remembered I still had the glove on so I quickly transferred my hand to my hose. “Jeeeeesus!” I shouted almost immediately.
Kofo frighteningly turned around. “What?” She asked, curious.
“Nothing. Just remembered something.” I lied.
“What was that?” She persisted.
“Ehm ehm, Yes yes, I missed the El Classico.” I lied again.
“What’s El Classico?”
I gave a fake giggle. “It’s the match played between Barcelona and Real Madrid.”
“Was that why you shouted and got me scared?” She said, hissed and returned to her position.
“Am sorry.” I said.
I couldn’t let her know why I shouted because she might take advantage of that fact. My heart began to race, I began sweating out more profusely. I deliberately silenced the voice that kept screaming a negative outcome of the incident. If this voice happened to be right, what will I do? I asked myself because the glove was nowhere to be found.


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