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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 40

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“Get me my car key, fast!” Their father said.
“I will get it.” Their mother cut in, seriously fidgeting.
Kofo and her mother both rushed to get the car key while the dad went straight to the car. The mum got the key, hurried out of the house to the car then they zoomed off to the hospital. That was the last time Kofo saw her parents and her sister, Bisi. They had an accident on the way and they all died.
“Baby please stop crying.” I said. “I know how hurt you feel now.”
Kofo cried the more. “Banji, I miss my family!” She shouted in pain.
I forcefully placed her head on my laps, petting her like a dog. “Kofomi, please don’t cry. Am sorry for bringing back these memories. Please, am so sorry. Stop crying.” I consoled her.
She stopped crying but still sniffled at intervals. I had thought my case was worst until Kofo narrated hers, which gave me the room to give thanks to God. I was contemplating to ask her another question which bothered my mind because I didn’t want a repeat of her showers of tears. I summoned the courage to ask her still.
“Kofo, please can I ask you a question?” I asked, handling with hair.
“Sure you can.” She sounded really comfortable with asking.
“Ok. Thanks.” I said. “Where is your brother now, Jide?”
“Hmm. I haven’t seen or heard from Jide for years now. I really don’t know his where about.” Kofo replied.
“Who stays in your house now?” I asked again.
She smiled and then laughed. “That house has been sold by Jide without my consent. I arrived the house one day, only to meet strange faces. I questioned their presence and they explained everything to me. It’s well jare.”
“Where do you live now?”
“I stay with my uncle.”
“Aww. Am so sorry for all you have passed through.” I consoled her again. “I will try to be more than a family to you.”
“Thanks love.” She said with a smile.
I leveled my head down and kissed her. We kissed and was almost transiting to another realm when everywhere suddenly became black, power supply was ceased. It became a perfect atmosphere to burn out our beckoning desire but that also signaled to us, that Kofo should have exited my hall because female students were not allowed to exceed beyond ten o’clock every night. I quickly reached for my phone to check the time.
“Ha! Kofo.” I exclaimed in fear.
“What? Banji, what’s the time?” She said and quickly sat upright.
“It’s ten twenty seven.” I replied. “O boy! We are late o.”
Kofo quavered. “Jesus, I’m dead. How will I get out of here.” She said, bringing out her phone to confirm the time herself.
I girded my loins and behaved like a man. “Don’t worry, we will get out of here.” I assured and stood on my feet. “Oya, stand up.”
She stood, clutched tightly to my hand and we forged out of my room. Everywhere was extremely dark, I could barely see Kofo, who was right next to me, let alone see someone else probably standing from a distance. We defeated the whole stairs and were reaching for the hall gate when we heard some people discussing. Their voices sounded deep and coarse like sharp sand. We barely could hear what they were chatting about so we forged on. I moved a pace ahead of Kofo, to scan through if the area was safe to continue. Kofo and I swiftly hid behind a tank when we noticed the environment suddenly brightened up a little. It was a spotlight from a touch. I became conscious that the security men were already on patrol. If Kofo was caught with me at that time in my hall, I would be charged to face the school disciplinary committee.
“Who are those?” Kofo whispered.
“The security men.” I replied.
Kofo clutched my hand and tried to be strong. “Can we still get out of here?” She fearfully asked.
“God help us but I’m not sure.”
Kofo and I took few steps away from the tank when we were almost caught by the spotlight. We swiftly retreated to the tank again.
Kofo, breathing heavily for fear of been caught, advised, “Banji, let’s go back to your room.”
“Don’t worry we would get out of here.” I self-confidently assured.
Oops! So close again, the same wondering spotlight almost exposed our hideout. The best option left is to return to the room, I almost said.
“I’m not doing this again. Get me back into your room.” She angrily commanded.
“Ok. Let’s go.” I finally concurred.
We quietly tiptoed back to my room. “Ah! Thank God.” I said and sighed.
“Please, I would have to leave here as early as possible tomorrow.” Kofo said.
“Ain’t you travelling with me to see my mum?”
“Sure, I would. I just have to get out of here first.” She replied.
With the help of the light from my phone, I threw my hand around Kofo’s neck, shifted her closer and kissed her. She let her bag down and threw her hands around my waist. The temperature of the romantic affair was rising, I flung my phone away like paper, which left the entire room in total darkness. We dragged ourselves around the room, kissing and frolicking each other. My hands found their way to the two inflated balloons Kofo hid behind her back, grabbing and squeezing them like a wash-man. Kofo was moaning out loud, producing a rhythm and blues sound track.
The degree of arousal we were operating on at that moment couldn’t be measured by any instrument. I loosened her belt in a jiffy with my ever fast right hand, unbuttoned her jean, which immediately reduced itself to her ankle. She felt the presence of my hands around her waist, which got her romantically crazy to loosen my belt forcefully, thereby breaking the buckle; what has a buckle got to do with the cliff I was, damn the buckle. I stuck my tongue out like a dog, imagining the next step Kofo would take. She unhooked my trouser and knelt down before my already frowning nozzle which was waiting to be released from its cage. What does she want to do?


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