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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 4

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I fumed as I waited patiently at the door. The erotic sounds that kept coming out of my room established nasty pictures on my subliminal mind. I couldn’t tolerate the sound any longer, I turned around and rested my arms on the railing of the corridor listening to music. Why should Kofo break my heart?, what was my offence?, why did she have to choose my roommate?, why on earth is she not in class?, when did she decide to be wayward?. These questions kept ringing on my mind simultaneously. Girls shouldn’t be allowed in the hall at this time, I guess she sneaked in, why should she? I thought to myself. I couldn’t wait to satisfy my curiousity, so I lividly knocked at the door.

“Onye na-aku aka, na onu uzo nna ya otu ahau?” Emeka questioned ignorantly, which means ‘Who is knocking on his father’s door like that?’

Emeka is my nasty roommate. He is a casanova, he gallantly gives girls more attention than his studies; I can forfeit any examination to be with a lady, he jokingly said to me one faithful day.

I was left in the dark to figure out the meaning of what he said. I wished I could understand and speak Igbo at that very moment. I had no choice, I knocked again.

“Who’s that na?” He asked disturbed.

“It’s me.” I replied furiously.

“You. Who?”

“Banji!” I answered aggravated.

I am Olabanji Adebanjo, Banji to be concise. Friends compare me to Hulk Hogan because of my physique. Short folks tilt their neck at an angle of elavation just to gaze at me. I get easily irritated when I don’t have my way.

“Jeeeez! Am coming.” He shockingly replied.

I could easily hear their jumbled movement trying to put things in order. I had to wait for some minutes just for him to open the door. Emeka finally came out with his slacked BYC singlet on, exhibiting his broad chest like a table tenis board. I wasn’t surprised that he was sweating because he must have been fatigued after the exercise.

“Am sorry Banji.” He apologized quickly with a wink.

With a vindictive look I replied almost immediately, “Be sorry for yourself.”

My brain was as hot as a plugged electric iron. All I could think of was to go in and confront my so-called girlfriend. Emeka was still standing on my way, pleading continuously.

“I know you are very upset. Very very upset.” He said with a cloud of pity on his face.

“Why won’t I?” I interrupted harshly. “You are not a good friend. You are far from being good.”

“I know. I didn’t respond your calls when you did.”

“Call? Which call?” I asked slightly mystified.

“Yes. I missed two of your calls.”

I was so confused, because I can’t recall when I dialed his number. I quickly brought out my mobile to check my recent call log. Suprisingly, his number appeared as my most recently dialed contact. I was still shocked, looking at the log again like an unbelievable magic. Emeka stood at akimbo, looking at me thinking deeply on a spot. I later realised I mistakenly dialed his number instead of Kofo’s. I had saved Kofo’s number as ‘Emerald’ which came immediately after ‘Emeka’ on my contact list. My impatience was the sole cause of that mistake.
I was not satisfied, so I proceeded inside the room to satisfy my curiousity. Our room is a two-man room, big enough to accomodate two extra individuals. Emeka decided to demarcate the room with a big opaque curtain because of his promiscuous activities. I prayed I was wrong about Kofo’s presence in the room. I swung the curtain to the right to expose the stranger’s face for verification. She never noticed I was already in the room, even directly behind her, because she was already sitted facing the wall, pretending to be reading a magazine. Foolish girl, who do you think you are deceiving, I almost said. I moved closer and tapped her. She reluctantly turned around and looked at me. I was bolted from the blue when I saw who it was. My heart skipped a beat. I wiped my face with my right palm, concentrating more on my eyes because I still can’t believe she is the one am seeing. She felt mortified burying her head. I stood at akimbo and nodded in pity.

“Sister Grace! Exco! Church! Haba!” I said, pronouncing each word with my mouth open wide like a goalpost.


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