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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 39

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Luckily for Kofo, it wasn’t Jide but the prostitute of a girl, she wanted to ease herself.
“Hello? Please where are you headed?” Kofo interrogated.
“I want to use the toilet.” She replied.
Kofo was about directing her to the toilet when she interrupted. “Never mind, I know my way around.”
Kofo stood flabbergasted, staring at her ever vibrating backside, packed tightly in a mini-skirt, roll away towards the toilet. Kofo wondered how often the girl came around for her to have had the map of their house drafted in her brain. Kofo shrugged off and retreated to the sitting room to watch a program on the television. After a while, Kofo snoozed off like a log of wood on the sofa. Dare returned home.
Dare, on the other hand, was the second child of their parents and a devoted christian. He was liked by everyone in the family, apart from Jide and Bisi, who detested him for the truth he spoke. He was studying Philosophy at a reputable university in Nigeria. He was an average student but compared to Jide, he was a genius. Dare went straight to the room, only for him to witness behind the scene of an x-rated movie, Jide and Dare shared the same room.
Like flash, Dare angrily exited the room. “What nonsense! On our bed? Yuck!” He yelled.
Kofo sprang up when he heard Dare’s voice. “Brother Jide is busy in the room. He told me to inform you to wait till he comes out.” Kofo ignorant about the current incident, delivered Jide’s message to angry Dare.
“Oh oh! So that’s what he’s busy with, shey?” Dare questioned.
Kofo was confused about what Dare said. She looked at Jide’s door from afar and noticed it was ajar. “Brother Dare, please tell me you haven’t entered your room.” Kofo said.
“Are you mad?!” Dare shouted at Kofo. “You conspired with him, shey? You are joking with the fire of God.”
“I’m dead! You entered the room. Jesus, I’m finished today.” Kofo said with a squeezed face signaling tears.
“Finished for what? You better sit down and relax.” Dare assured her.
Jide aggressively came out of the room with a towel around his neck. “Dare, are you mad?” Jide shouted.
“Am not mad, maybe you are for you to have brought in a slut into our room.” Bayo defended.
“Dare, are you talking to me?!”
“Yes, I am. What will you do? Because you are bigger than me? Don’t be deceived, we will trash it out here and here.”
Kofo stood up, moved closer to her extremely vexed brother, Dare. “Brother Dare, please calm down.”
Jide gazed at Dare in fury, Dare gazed back at him. “You are strong, abi? I will clear your doubt.” Jide said.
“Clear it, ok? Clear it.”
Jide hastily walked to the kitchen while Kofo calmed Dare down. “We both know that Brother Jide is dangerous because of his ways. He can do and undo. Please calm down.” Kofo composed Dare.
“He can do nothing. No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.” Dare cockily said.
Crash! Sound of a broken bottle came out loud from the kitchen. Jide want to stab Dare? Kofo thought. Kofo and Dare were stunned by the sound.
Kofo fearfully advised Dare to run away for the meantime. “Brother Dare, e jo e salo.” Which means, ‘Brother Dare, please run away.’
Dare timidly took to Kofo’s advice. He ran out of the house as quickly as he could to save his head from Jide’s threat. Kofo rushed to meet Jide in the kitchen to prevent him from doing anything harmful. Kofo got to the kitchen only to be ordered by Jide to clean up the broken pieces of tumbler, which slipped from his hand when he wanted to drink water. She hurriedly did and ran out to call Dare back into the house.
People gathered on the main road, forming a ring with the major event happening in the middle. Kofo was tempted to watch what was happening. She struggled her way to the middle, only to meet the shock of her life, Dare laid lifeless in the pool of his own blood.
Kofo cried her eyes out, teaching me a big lesson in life; know exactly the problem before attempting to solve it, because the problem just might not be a problem as it seems but the fear of it makes it a problem. Dare was gone, leaving Kofo and her wayward siblings. Dare was badly missed by the whole family.
Bisi, not long after the incident, turned up the heat of her wayward life because the only pain in her butt, Dare, was gone. Two years after Dare’s death, Bisi began seeking admission into higher institution and so she enrolled for summer classes. Bisi looked bigger than her age, having a matured face and moving around with two fluffy pawpaw on her chest. She was very beautiful and attractive which got into her reasoning faculty. That night, Kofo and Bisi were chatting in their room when Bisi started convulsing. Bisi jerked from the bed and landed on the floor. Kofo was too scared to get close to her so she ran quickly to Jide’s room which was closer to theirs but he wasn’t in his room. Kofo diverted her race to their parents’ room and informed them. They all rushed quickly to Bisi’s room.
Their father immediately lifted Bisi up from the ground, took few steps towards the door, paused and looked at Kofo.


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