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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 36

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Oh My God! What have I done to deserve all these distractions? Why must this fellow knock on my door now? I asked myself. I purposely deafened my ears to the knock on the door. Then, I completely loosened her button, exposing her soft plump pineapples engulfed in a salmon pink bra. She had already shrunk the height of my trouser to my foot, exposing the strength of my hose, tightly packed in my fluffy pant. I was temporarily happy not to hear any knock on my door again, at least for that time being. I quickly transferred my vibrating hand to her back, reached for the hook and eye closure of her bra and unfastened it, I did all that within seconds like a pro. Now the game was about to begin.
Bang! Bang! The person knocked harder, almost brought down my door.
I angrily shouted at the person. “Are you mad? Is this your father’s door? What’s your problem? Please you came at the wrong time. Kindly come back later or better still, tomorrow.” I ranted.
Afterwards, Kofo tilted my head to face her, she lay flat like slate on the bed and pulled me to lie on her. What a feeling! We started kissing again to neutralize my anger that was inflated by the unknown fellow.
Bang! Bang! Bang! The person knocked even harder and kept mute without any identification. I furiously pulled out of bed and matched to the door like a soldier.
“You must be mad, walahi!” I said and opened the door.
I almost blanked out when I saw the people standing before me, the CSO, Mr Okanlawon and two other security personnel. I suddenly became nervous, my heart was pounding. My palms became moist and my forehead and armpits dampen with perspiration. I immediately held my lips with my right hand indicating those words were a slip of tongue. The CSO had an inane look on his face which got me thinking why they came to my room.
The CSO walked in. “Am mad, abi Banji? Am mad.” He giggled.
“No Sir. God forbid. You can never be mad.” I said, with fear in my voice.
He walked fully into my room, straight to my wing and saw Kofo.
“Good evening Sir.” Kofo greeted and sat upright on the bed.
My heartbeat reduced a little, having seen Kofo was already covered up before the CSO saw her. The CSO stood still, gazed at Kofo for some seconds which got Kofo uncomfortable so she bowed her head.
I was standing right behind the CSO, who later shifted his focus to me and said, “Banji, you are involved in a murder case and you’re here messing around.”
I bowed my head in shame, having nothing to say because I had exposed my act by the response I gave when he knocked.
The CSO nodded his head and continued. “When you’re supposed to be on your knees, praying to God to completely deliver you from the mess you threw yourself into.”
“Am sorry Sir.” I pleaded.
The CSO was nice to me. He talked to me just like my father, who watched my every step.
“Sorry for yourself. Am not the one in problem, you are. By the way, why did you call Emeka’s number some minutes ago?”
“Me? Call? Me call Emeka? When?” I asked, surprised.
“Are you Ok? You mean you didn’t dial his number at all?” The CSO asked.
“I didn’t sir.” I cockily replied.
“Ok fine. We would know the liar between me and you.” He said. “Okanlawon!”
“Sir!” Mr Okanlawo rushed inside, stood at attention and saluted.
“Give me that mobile phone.”
“Here sir!” Me Okanlawon replied and gave the phone to the CSO.
The CSO, for some seconds went through the phone and finally handed it over to me. I looked at the screen of the phone to see my name and number on the missed call log. I was totally flabbergasted, then wondered for some seconds when I did. Oops! I gave Sister Grace my phone to call Emeka, I recalled.
The CSO stood and gazed at me as if I did what Hitler didn’t do, waiting patiently for my reply. “Ehm- ehm Sir. I did. My pocket did. My pocket mistakenly did.”
The CSO laughed and said, “Banji Banji. You and lying have finally wedded. Congrats anyways.”
“I’m not lying Sir.” I said with a fake innocent look.
“Have heard. We are not here for that.” He said. “We are to evacuate Emeka’s belongings.”
“Ok Sir.”
“Where are his things?”
“Over there Sir.” I replied, pointing to Emeka’s wing.
The CSO ordered Mr Okanlawon and the two other security personnel to pack Emeka’s belongings out of the room to the van they parked downstairs. Emeka’s wardrobe was forcefully opened, then they parked all his belongings. I missed Emeka more as they did the evacuation of his things because seeing his belongings gave me a sense of his presence. I boldly let that feeling go quickly. They had finished and were set to go.
“Go have a swell time with your girl.” The CSO said with a wink.
I smiled and said, “Thank you very much sir.”
He was about leaving the door, he turned around almost immediately and saw me jumping for joy, winking and licking my lips at Kofo, who sat on the bed. “Aids is real. Use a condom.” He whispered.
Condom or not, I will enjoy every bit of it to the fullest, I assured myself. “Thank you sir.” I said and smiled.
It was 6:45 P.M. already. Everywhere was getting dark. My room now looks big and spacious, spacious enough to kiss all around. Kofo winked at me, unbuttoned her blouse so we may continue from where we stopped. I was so in the mood, ready to eat her up as fast as I eat indomie. I quickly removed my shirt as Kofo moved closer to me. The heat of the engagement was immediately turned on. I moved closer to her, engulfed her around my arms and kissed her zealously. My hands traveled round her body, hitting some bumps along the way. Even as my mouth was lost in her mouth, I pushed her towards the bulb’s switch and turned off the light to transit us to the next realm.
Ring! Ring! My phone rang but I paid no attention to it. Callers should better hold their peace, at least for this moment to pass, I almost said. Ring! Ring! My phone rang out loud again, mixing with the sound of Kofo’s moan which wasn’t pleasant; I loved to hear her moan, it indicates how well I do my job. I grabbed my phone with a less busy hand, and I was about to switch it off when I saw with a corner of my eye that it was my mother calling. Should I pick it up or should I finish with my current project?


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