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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 32

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I paused and reluctantly turned around, having in mind that he heard what I murmured.
“Sir?” I answered him with fear in my heart.
He pointed to a fridge near his window with a scowl on his face. “Your bag is over there. Just right beside the cupboard.” He said.
“Thank you Sir.” I appreciated.
I inched towards the fridge to get my bag. I picked it up with joy and forged out of his office. I peeked at Dr Longe as I was walking out of his office, he looked really upset with me. I ignored his frowning face and gladly left his office. I was walking towards Mr Okanlawon when Dr Longe called my attention.
“Hey! Mr man.” He shouted at me, then flung Bayo’s books to me. “Give it to the other Tyson.”
I picked Bayo’s books and walked to meet Mr Okanlawon.
“Na the bag be this?” He asked.
“Yes Sir. It is.” I replied.
“The evidence dey inside?” He pointed my attention to the main reason I came for my bag which I in reality forgot.
“Ha!” I exclaimed. I hastily unzipped my bag, scrambled and ransacked it for the note. I smiled. I found it. “It’s there. It’s in my bag.”
“Let me see it.” Mr Okanlawon demanded.
I unhesitatingly gave it to him. He held it lightly with his fingers as we entered the van and zoomed back to the security office. I mounted my eyes on the note in his hand like a watchman. Whiz! The paper went off his hand like lightening. The breeze caused by the speed of the van snatched it away from him. The driver quickly parked the van as Mr Okanlawon and I jumped down from it. The paper was dangling in the air like a kite. We both tilted our head upward fixing our eyes on it, with our hands raised up like a goalkeeper wanting to catch a free kick, moving in the same direction as the paper. The paper was as fluffy as a wool so the wind controlled it easily. We kept chasing the paper like little children. Mr Okanlawon, I will definitely convert you to my threat evidence if I don’t get this paper, I almost said.
At last, the paper descended gently to a reasonable level one could reach. I jumped and grabbed the paper. I buried it completely in my pocket. I wasn’t going to bring it out even if the president of Nigeria craved me to, until I get to the CSO. Mr Okanlawon was sweating like a pig after the paper-kite exercise. All the while, he removed his beret, which gave me a clear view of bald head. He wasn’t has handsome as him putting on his beret.
We entered the van and zoomed off to the security office. We alighted and I was ushered back to the CSO’s office. We entered his office, Mr Okanlawon saluted and gave him feedback. Bayo looked at me with a deadly frown, I could feel his raging eyeballs on me.
The CSO cleared his throat, cracked his knuckles and smiled. “Banji, Banji. Where is it?” He requested, with his right hand stretched out wide open towards me.
I dug my hand into my pocket, gently pulled out the note and placed it into the hand of the CSO. He opened it and read it for some seconds. I gazed at Bayo, who was busy looking at the CSO, whose head was still buried in the note.
The CSO raised his head with a frown and looked at Bayo. “Whose writing is this?” He asked, stretching the note towards Bayo.
Bayo took the note, skimmed through it and remained mute. I saw his hands shaking out of fear, with stream of sweats formed on his forehead.
The CSO angrily stood up and moved closer to us. “Whose writing is that?” He asked again.
Bayo gazed at him with a puckered brow and remained mute as a fish. I was scared, not for any reason but for the action the already vexed CSO would take.
The CSO paused for some seconds, gazed at the two security personnel, then looked at me, then shifted his focus back to Bayo, accompanying it with a thunderous slap. I felt the pain of the slap, how much more Bayo himself. The sound of the slap could momentarily deafen someone. Bayo held his left cheek with his hands.
“Whose writing is that?” The CSO roared.
“It’s not mine!” Bayo yelled.
I was immediately astonished and could almost add my slap to his cheek. I looked at him angrily but his attention was seized by the CSO. The CSO laughed like a drain, walked back to his chair and sat down.
“Banji, any other proof?” The CSO asked and smiled.
His smiled helped me to think aright. “Yes sir! I do have a proof that he was the one who wrote that.”
I looked at Bayo, who looked at me still frowning. I guessed he wondered what my next proof would be. I shrugged off, opened my bag and brought out his books and dropped them on the CSO’s table.
“Those are his books, Sir. Sir, the writing in the note matches with this one he is holding.” I cockily said because I was so sure about his writing.
The CSO pulled Bayo’s books closer to himself. He opened the first book, flipped through it, left it open and shifted aside. He opened the second book, flipped through it, left it open and shifted aside. He demanded for the note with Bayo, which Bayo hastily gave him. The CSO looked at the threat note in his hand and peeked on the books he spread opened before him, comparing them together.
He dropped the threat note on the table, he looked at Bayo, then he looked at me and bowed his head on the table. Were those books Bayo’s? Didn’t the handwriting matched? My mind wondered what was wronged. I was wholly bamboozled when the CSO finally spoke.
“You are a liar!”


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