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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 31

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I was weeping profusely all the while the CSO was on call because I was thinking he was talking to my father. I listened carefully to the response the CSO gave the person he was talking to and I matched it with what I thought my dad would have said.
“Your son is involved in a murder case.” The CSO said.
“My father would have asked, ‘Sir? Please are you sure you aren’t calling the wrong number?’” I thought.
“Yes Sir, Banji. He’s here with me in my office.” He said and added, “we would be expecting you.”
My brain couldn’t process all the conversation the CSO had with my dad because I was dead on my feet. I knew the game was over because my dad was involved. The CSO looked at me disgustingly and asked me to clean up my face, which was covered with fluid of different viscosity. I reluctantly did. Yuck! I used my shirt to wipe my face and running nose. My shirt became so unbearably dirty, stained with blood, sweat, tears and mucus; if klin and ariel detergents collaborated together to feature jik in the washing of my shirt, the probability for it remaining the same was one.
Eyes off my shirt, I gazed at the CSO who installed his eyes on smiling Bayo.
“Why are you smiling?” The CSO asked.
“Nothing Sir.” He replied, bowing his head.
I raised my hand indicating I had something to say.
“Yes, what Banji?” The CSO asked.
“I have an evidence that Bayo is the brain behind the death of the students.” I boldly said.
Everyone became astonished while the CSO happily asked, “Are you serious? Where is it?”
“Sir, it’s in my room.” I quickly replied.
“That’s brilliant! Good. You’re so lucky I haven’t informed your dad.” He said and smiled.
“Sir?” I asked, confused, wanted him to repeat what he said.
“Okanlawon, follow him and bring the evidence.” He commanded.
“Yes Sir!” Mr Okanlawon said and added, “Move! Let’s go.”
My heartbeat reduced to normal, I became so relaxed knowing fully well that my father is safe and out of the case. I knew Bayo would be wondering what evidence do I have to prove he was the one. I guess he had forgotten he dropped a note for me the other night he came with his gang. I happily entered the security van as we whizzed to my hall.
“Banji, pray o because school no go take the matter likely o.” Mr Okanlawon advised.
“Sir, I swear to God, Bayo is the killer of those two.” I cockily said.
“Ok O. We are in your hall. Come down.”
I alighted from the van and walked through to my room, accompanied closely by Mr Okanlawon. I opened my door, rushed quickly to my wardrobe, opened it to see my bag has vanished. Then, I thought the devil had dedicated himself to destroy me. I fell freely on my bed like someone shot from afar. I screamed out loud in anger like an injured soldier. Mr Okanlawon rushed in.
“What happened?”
“Ha! Ha! Jesus! Ha!” I kept saying.
“I sey wetin happen?”
“Oga, na my bag I no see for my wardrobe.”
“Ehn make we dey go back na.” Mr Okanlawon said.
I was so disturbed. What have I done to deserve all this am passing through? Who did I offend to have dedicated their life to make my life miserable? I asked myself. I angrily left my room with Mr Okanlawon to the van. I kept thinking where on earth my bag would had been. Bayo must have stolen my bag because of the note I hid in it, I almost said. Like lightning, I remembered my bag would be at the department. I had dropped it when I was about fighting with Bayo.
“Oga Okanlawon, abeg I don know where my bag dey.” I calmly said.
“Banji, you are disturbing me o!” He angrily said.
“Oga please I beg you. This last chance.”
“We go here, we come here, we go here, wetin na!” He said, hissed and accepted, “Ok, let’s go.”
I entered into the security van again but with fear in my heart. What if I didn’t see my bag? What if I see it and the note is not there? What if it is not really at the department? All these questions flooded my confused mind. I kept praying silently in my heart as we drove speedily to my department.
We arrived my department. I hurriedly alighted before the van finally stopped. I ran towards Dr Longe’s office were we had the fight to check for my bag. I didn’t see anything that looks like a bag from afar. I moved closer to the scene where we fought, searched all around but didn’t see my bag. Then, I agreed with what my mind was communicating with me. It had pictured how my day was going to get unraveled immediately Kelvin gave me the news. I shrugged off the negative feeling and thought to confront Dr Longe about my bag. I knocked on his door.
“Yes. Come in.”
“Good Afternoon Sir!” I fearfully said with a bow.
“How can I help you?” Dr Longe asked with a frown.
“Sir, Please, am looking for my bag.” I pitifully said.
“Ehn ehn, did they tell you am with your bag?”
“No Sir.”
“Useless boy. You are the dumbest student have come across. Get out!” He yelled, pointing at the door.
“Am not useless, maybe you are.” I angrily mumbled.
I was exiting his office when I heard Dr Longe giggle. I paid no attention to him and reached for the doorknob.
“Banji!” Dr Longe called.


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