-My Life On Campus

Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 3

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I began to twitch immediately like someone afraid of been tested positive in an HIV test. All that flashed my mind was the moment I wanted to pinch Sade’s assignment. My jerking was becoming obvious so I decided to recover myself. Sade kept discussing with Dr Longe while the class gets more rowdy. I buried my head pending the time the class comes to its normal state.

“Why me?” I questioned myself, “What have I done wrong? Things are not the same again, why?”

“Quiet!” Dr Longe suddenly ordered the whole class.

I swiftly raised my head up just to see Sade back to her sit. Why then did she point at me, I wondered again. I shrugged and purposely cared less about all that happened.

“You all should submit your assignment to the class rep.” Dr Longe said walking out of the class, “See you next week.”

Sade hurried after Dr Longe as he exited the class. My heart kept skipping, thinking she was going to report me to him. I quickly joined them out of confidence or fear; not sure which was operating on me at the time. They both were already talking before I got there.

“Ehm—Eh—Ehm Sir, I didn’t take it.” I interjected ignorantly.

“Take what?” Dr Longe asked with a disgusting look on his face. “How is what we are saying your business?”

I kept quiet immediately. I looked like a chump, transfering my left hand behind and scratching my head with my right, patiently listening to what Sade was saying.

“Sir, my assignment is not here with me.” Sade continued, “I forgot it in my hall.”

I hysterically had an inane look on my face. What! so all the while, Sade’s assignment wasn’t in her bag, I almost said. I succeeded in wasting my time and fooling around. I felt like knocking myself continuously on the head. I silently disappeared from there, so sure they never knew when I left.
I couldn’t bear all that has been happening to me, so I decided to take a break for the day. I ran into the class, picked up my bag and escaped before Sade comes to grill me. Bayo kept calling my name as I was hastily leaving the class. I can’t afford to answer anyone because I needed to be alone. I had thought being alone was the best therapy for my present predicament.
I have two more lectures left for that day but it doesn’t really matter to me because my mind was already made up. As a matter of fact, not attending those lectures doesn’t have any effect on me because the lecturers of those courses are perpetual absentees.
I started my solitude on the road by listening to cool gospel music. I was totally enthralled in the lyrics of each song that played one after the other. It kept convicting my lost soul. I felt like shedding tears because I really felt lost. I never imagined I could think of stealing as an option for my carelessness. My eyes was so saturated with tears that immediately I blinked my eyes, some trickled down my cheeks. I buried my head quickly and cleaned the tears with the back of my palm from making it obvious. Afterwards, I raised my head and prayed silently in my heart for forgiveness and total restoration.
I took my time, strolling to my hall of residence. Everywhere was extremely quiet, no doubt everyone was out for lecture. It was good enough for me, because I would have a solace sleep. I stayed at the topmost floor of the fourth block of my hall. I hate climbing the stairs, not even at this time that I want to get to my room quickly. I skipped one or two steps while climbing, stretching my legs wide to reach the next staircase, hoping that would get me twice as fast to conquer the whole stairs. I finally got to my corridor. I suddenly sneezed. My nostrils became clearer than ever.

“Uhmmmm… This smell is familiar. It is familiar.” I said nodding my head like a lizard in approval of my instinct. “This smells like Kofo’s perfume. Yes na!. This is Tony Montana. It is jor. Uhmmmmmm… My nose can’t decieve me.”

I discarded the whole thoughts that kept gushing into my small brain, knowing fully well that Kofo must have been in the lecture room. Kofo is my girlfriend, she is the real definition of beauty. She is tall and bronze in complexion with a very long curly hair. She has a figure eight-like shape; she is curvy in shape. She got a blue pupil colour and a perfect smile that kept her irresistible.

“Ouuch! Hmmmm! Ouchh!! Easy on me.” A girl moaning from one of the rooms.

“Ko je je be.” I said to myself with a fake smile on my face, which means ‘It mustn’t be so.’

While almost getting to my room, I quickly grabbed my phone to call her. I dialed, but to hear a ringtone coming out of my room.

“Ooooooooooooooooouch!!!” the female voice came out of my room.

I stood in front of my room like a dummy. My mind quickly accessed the last naija film I watched, where a man caught his wife redhanded with his friend in bed. I closed my eyes and shook my head, easing off the thought that kept playing.
The erotic sound that kept coming out of my room got me totally frenzy. I dialed the number again but I wasn’t disappointed, a ringtone sounded out loud from my room again.


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