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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 29

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I really felt like going offline looking at his blazing eyeballs that tells me all I needed to know about my thirty marks. I was fidgeting has he held tight to my shirt. I knew I was in deeper problem than I could imagine when I saw Dr Longe’s bald head sweating; I had over-worked him all the while he tried stopping me from fighting. Bayo has finally destroyed my life, I almost said.
“Sir please Sir! He is the one.” I pleaded with tears in my eyes.
He looked at me with one side of his face and roared, “I will slap you if you don’t shut your mouth up!”
I held my lips with my fingers, obeying him to the letter. I knew I could do nothing again to appease him unless there was a miracle. He let go my shirt and wiped his sweaty head with his right index finger. The sweats that dropped from his head could fill a cup.
“Both of you, sit down there.” He said, pointing to the floor in front of his office.
“Sir please Sir! It was the devil.” I pleaded again.
It was truly the devil, Bayo. A great deal of similarities one would see if Bayo was placed side by side with the devil. The only difference between Bayo and the devil was just the spelling of their names; the synonym of the devil is Bayo.
“If you utter a word again! You would be so sorry for yourself.” Dr Longe yelled as he entered his office.
Bayo and I sat on the floor close to each other. Bayo didn’t deem it fit to apologize, hinting at how much he wanted both of us to be expelled. I became uncomfortable when Bayo brought out his phone, with his fingers moving fast on its keypad like someone sending a text message. He really was typing a message. I knew he was when I swiftly snatched the phone away from him and peeked into it. That singular action led to another fight. That time around I lost all the morals I had, not giving a damn about Dr Longe and his thirty marks. I added extra punches to Bayo’s already bleeding face. I blew his jaw rapidly which immediately ejected blood from different corners of his mouth.
“I will kill you, bastard!” I angrily said, adding more punches.
I was totally consumed in rage, I lost all my sense of responsibility. Bayo kept struggling to push me over him but my weight denied him. I was about landing on his nose a dangerous uppercut when a school security personnel held my hand from behind. Dr Longe had reported our case to the school security department.
He came out of his office and said, “Security! Those are the boys. Am happy you met them fighting again.”
“Sir, he is the one that—- tha— that.” I was about explaining when Dr Longe interjected.
“Shut up! silly boy. You are just a disgrace to your parent.” He angrily said and added, “Security, please take them away.”
The security personnel ushered us into their van and zoomed off to their office. We alighted and were taken to the CSO’s office. As we were walking through the passage to the CSO’s office, I saw Mr Okanlawon.
“Hello Sir! Mr Okanlawon!” I called his attention.
He looked keenly, greeted his fellow personnel, halted us and replied, “Banji, what happened?”
“Sir! It’s this useless boy, Sir!” I said, pointing at Bayo.
“You are the useless boy! Bastard!” Bayo furiously defended.
“Shut up!” The two security personnel yelled, then Mr Okanlawon added, “Banji, continue.”
“Sir, this is the useless boy that killed those students o.” I quickly fixed him up to save my neck.
“Ehn Ehn! Are you serious? This is the boy?” Mr Okanlawo said, astonished.
“Yes Sir!” I affirmed.
“No Sir O!” Bayo defended.
“Let’s go. Move!” The other security personnel commanded, Mr Okanlawon joined us to meet the CSO.
After permission had been granted by the CSO to bring us in, we trembly entered.
“Banji! You again.” The CSO attacked.
“Sir?” I asked, confused about what he meant.
“Why is your shirt rumpled? And with blood stains? Oh I see!” He said, looked at me and later Bayo. “Okanlawon, why are this boys here?”
“Oga Sir! Banji said this is the boy that killed those two students.” Mr Okanlawon said, pointing to Bayo.
“What?!” The CSO stood up and shouted.
“Yes Sir! That’s him” Mr Okanlawon said, pointing to Bayo again.
“Sir, It’s not me Sir!” Bayo denied.
“It’s you! Liar!” I angrily accused.
“Shut up you both!” The CSO yelled and added, “Okanlawon get me the emergency record book.”
“Yes Sir!” Mr Okanlawon said and exited his office.
Bayo was set to destroy me to the last of his ability and I was quite happy to have destroyed his jaw to the best of my ability too. Mr Okanlawon in no time returned with a big book; the book contains the contact details of students’ next of kin. Mr Okanlawon presented the book to the CSO, who skimmed through it for some seconds.
“What are the names of the people you killed?” The CSO asked.
We both looked at each other and I said, “Talk na!”
“You must be mad!” Bayo denied.
“Are you boys mad?!” The CSO yelled. “For the last time, what are the names of the people you killed?”
To avoid further problem, I foolishly replied, “Emeka Roland and ”
“Wait! Let me check that first.” The CSO cut in.
The CSO flipped through the pages of the emergency book, paused at a point and asked, “what level?”
“three hundred level Sir.” I replied.
He flipped through again, finally stopped and said, “Mr Okanlawon, we have to inform the parents of these late students.”
“Yes Sir! That’s good Sir.” Mr Okanlawon affirmed.
The CSO took his phone, checked the book and dialed a phone number. Emeka’s phone rang out loud from my pocket. The CSO hung up the call and looked at me in disbelieve that the number he just dialed was present with me. I became totally perplexed. My sweat drenched me from head to toe. Bayo and the two security personnel all wondered why my phone stopped ringing immediately the CSO hung up. They all looked randomly again after some seconds. The CSO looked at his phone, dialed the number again and shifted his focus back to me. The phone rang again from my pocket.


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