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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 27

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“So you are a cult member. Your wicked act has lead to the death of you parent.” Old Soldier ignorantly concluded.
I ignored all that he said, still buried my head looking at the note while my anger upsurge. It all indicated that Bayo wrote the letter because of the way the note was written. Bayo doesn’t dot his i’s and writes his ‘v’ like ‘u’, I could easily figure out his writing. The content of the note also points directly to him. The note read thus:
To Whom It May Concern
These two have no primary offence before they happen to be victims of the wrath of the BLACK MAMBAS. Their offence is simply secondary, they offended the BLACK MAMBAS by giving birth to its worst, pending and existing enemy, Olabanji Adebanjo A.K.A D’Banj. No one steps on the tail of the MAMBA and go scot free. Mr and Mrs Adebanjo, stepped on the MAMBA’s tail and they are punished. You may be next. Yes, you reading this letter, you may be next to taste out of the wrath of the BLACK MAMBAS if you don’t hand over Olabanji Adebanjo to us, dead or alive. You have read the letter, We know you. DO NOT FAIL else YOU WILL JOIN THE Adebanjos.
“Your parent suffered a lot because of you. They did their all to send you to school, yet you decided to join the black mambas, abi?” He unwittingly said.
Old Soldier was really aggravating me with his crazy speech, but I still remained calm and collected until he pulled my last string.
“Hey, Banji or what are you called? When are you ready so I will take you to the black mambas o? I am not ready to die because am the one that read the letter.”
I stood, gaze at him for some seconds and said, “Sir, You are a shame to the army!”
I angrily left his house with the note in my hand in search of Bayo. Bayo has bitten more than he could chew. I was running fast to the campus when I entered a restaurant, grab an empty bottle and exited. One of the waiters saw me and raised an alarm. I cared less about the people that started chasing me, two policemen and the manager of the restaurant. I increased my speed every time I looked behind to gauge their distance away from me. My anger at that time could bring down the strongest man in the world. Bayo practically took my joy away, transforming me to an orphan.
I got on campus and headed for his room. I quickly transformed the bottle to a dangerous weapon by breaking the bottom part of it. I gave the people chasing me considerable gap to cover. I kicked the door and it flung open, then I entered into his room to meet his absence. I retreated out of his room and proceeded to our department. My engine like that of a BMW, maintained its fast running pace. I wasn’t tired at any point in time. I checked on my chasing shadows to see just a policeman in the race to catch me, guess the rest two had quit. My brain didn’t calculate if the policeman happens to be with gun until I had a gunshot. Now I was faced with the reality of life and death. He shot without confirming why I was running? I asked myself. I halted my race and raised my hands, surrendering to the policeman. The policeman ignorantly came closer without instructing me to drop my weapon. He came very close with his pistol pointed at me. What a big mistake he made to come closer to a desperate boy in rage. I stabbed him forcefully on his neck with an evil grin on my face. I pierced it in and deep, blood gushing out like a fluid from a broken pipe. He groaned in pain, dropped dead on the floor with my bottle stuck in his neck. My face was covered with the policeman’s blood, which portrayed me to be deadly. I gladly picked his pistol and proceeded. I afterwards walked gently since I had no more threats chasing me down. I arrived at the department, seeing everywhere was deserted so I proceeded into the lecture room.
“Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!” Some male students shouted, changing their sit haphazardly.
“Oh My Goooooooooood!!!” Some female students screamed, closing their eyes and with their fearfully vibrating hands almost covering their ears.
I stood in front of the class like a villain. I moved my neck like a robot, scanning through the class for my subject. He wasn’t in class.
“Where is Adebayo Babashile?” I roared.
After a long silence, a guy answered, “He just went to the toilet now, Sir.”
I felt like a Boss, having heard my mate ascribe ‘sir’ to me. I dismissed that feeling and ran swiftly to the toilet to confront Bayo. I stretched forth the pistol with my finger on the trigger, ready to fire. I tiptoed into the toilet to see Bayo right before me with his head tilted down, he was busy fastening his belt so he didn’t notice my presence. I was glad I would kill him without his awareness. I was about pulling the trigger when someone woke me up.


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