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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 25

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Then I knew I was in a big problem I could ever envisage. Should I call for help or should I confront them? The later would teleport me to my early grave. Even if I had the genetic makeup of Kristin Rhodes, the world strongest woman and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I dare not try to challenge them. I motionlessly at the same spot gazed at my room to be sure about their exit. I waited for several minutes but none of them came close to the door, far from the thought of exiting my room. Who could they be? Why did they have to abode in my room? I was lost in these thoughts when one of them came out of the room and was walking towards me. Did they have a clue about where I was? I asked myself. I became startled and began to quiver like a malaria patient. My brain was as fast as a 4G network to pinpoint a suitable hideout for me, the toilet. I tiptoed gently back to the toilet to save my troubled head from the unknown guy. The toilet has four compartments, but the first two compartments were bad, so students on my floor make do with the last two. I shifted to the third compartment and sat on the water closet pretending to be emptying my bowels. The unknown guy stood in front of the compartment I was but couldn’t see me because everywhere was very dark, he then lit a cigarette, brought out his hose and let out some liquid. Oops! I wasn’t with my umbrella to prevent the rain drops on me. The unknown guy obliviously peed on me. I zipped my mouth not to utter a word because if I do, my obituary would be inevitable. I endured the odorously concentrated aroma of his urine. He threw the remains of the cigarette on me, thinking it landed in the water closet and left. I was slightly burnt by the dwarfed cigarette but still remained mute. After he left, I felt like crying but I converted that energy to praise the toilet, it endures a lot of things we humans do to it.
I lifted my messy self up from the toilet seat and walked gently out of the toilet to peep on the unknown guys. I didn’t see them when I strained my eyes to check on them from afar. I composed myself and decided to proceed back to my room. As I took few steps away from the toilet, power supply restored. I swiftly ran back to the toilet in fear. I stayed by the toilet door, fearfully peeping if the guys would exit my room and let me have the opportunity to identify them. Luckily for me, they took their leave and I had a glimpse of them. I wasn’t familiar with the other two faces but Bayo’s face, I couldn’t mistake for anyone’s. They weren’t with any weapon but their dressing signaled danger; they were all dressed in black with a red bandanna tied to their arms. I had no doubt why Bayo wanted me dead but I shrugged it off and proceeded to my room to get a bucket to fetch water. I can’t sleep with a sticky dirty body else I would have a nightmare, I said to myself. I got to my room to meet a short note on my bed. I easily knew who wrote the note, Bayo, because of his handwriting. The note read thus:
Banji A.K.A D’Banj, I know you are very smart but you are not smarter than the Black Mambas. You want to fix me up to the school authority after I helped you eliminate your threat. I know your moves. You can run but you can’t hide. I am very sure you know about our coming here tonight and that’s why you fled before we arrive. I will sure get you, I swear. It’s either you leave this school for me, I leave this school for you or We both leave. Olabanji Adebanjo, YOU ARE A LIVING DEAD!!!
I could feel my blood bubble like boiling water, my head immediately ached, I was sweating profusely like someone that just finished a race, I was so scared to earth. Who would get such a message and not be soaked in fear?
I folded the note and kept it in my bag for threat evidence, then I took a bucket and proceeded downstairs. It was 12:50 a.m. I was looking all around like a thief, scared that Bayo maybe lurking around the corners of my hall in search of me. I got downstairs and ran to the tap to fetch water. The water was dropping from the tap as if it wasn’t happy to come out; the urination of a four year old gushes faster than this tap. I decided to sit on the tank I and Buhari sat on in the morning to wait for my bucket to be filled. I nervously sat down, bowing my head to think of the dangerous note I got from Bayo. I was so lost in thought when I felt a hand on shoulder.


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