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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 24

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The call dropped and I thought to myself why on earth was she calling Emeka. I decided to answer the call if she happened to call again. Emeka’s phone gave a beep sound indicating battery low. I quickly picked up its charger and plugged it before Sister Grace would call. How would I disguise my voice without any suspicion? Because I really wanted to know the main reason she was calling. I sat on my bed thinking deeply when Sister Grace called. I let out the breath I had purposely inhaled immediately I grabbed the phone. I answered the call.
“Hello Grace Dear.” I pretended.
“Hello Eme-Boy.” She replied.
The relationship between these two had gone beyond hi hi to something beyond my comprehension, because I couldn’t imagine Sister Grace calling Emeka ‘Eme-Boy’, after weeping and pretending to be hurt when I caught them in the act two days ago.
“How are you?” I said.
“Don’t ask me, you silly boy.” She replied.
“What did I do wrong?” I asked.
“Since the day we last met, when your roommate interrupted us. You never dimmed it fit to call me.” She explained and asked, “what did I do wrong?”
I was confused of what to say and after some seconds I replied, “Am sorry. I have been busy.”
“You sound different tonight.” She noticed and added, “You sound far from being the lively normal you.”
I was puzzled about that and I jokingly said, “I sound different? Maybe because I had an hectic day but I want you to mimic the way I talk to you on phone.”
She laughed and said, “You are so funny. Anyway that’s part of it.”
“I want to hear you mimic me.” I insisted.
“Ok fine.” She succumbed and said, “you tell me stuff like, ‘Baby when will I see you, baby I need you, baby I want you.’”
“You got me there.” I said and gave a fake giggle. “I am tired that’s why, so baby when will I see you?”
“It’s up to you dear but how about your roommate?” She said and asked.
“What about him?”
“Hope he won’t be around just as he was the last time?” She asked.
“He sure won’t.”
“Please make sure he is not around o.”
“Ok I will, so what time are you coming?”
“I will come by four tomorrow and leave by six because I have prayer meeting also by six thirty.” She said.
“That’s awesome. I love that. I would be expecting you.” I said and smiled.
“Your roommate is too nosy and he doesn’t know I hate him for that. I wished he wasn’t your roommate.” She said.
I was dumbfounded. I paused for a while and replied, “Don’t mind him.”
She hissed and replied, “I won’t jare, so did you hear about the death of two students in Obasanjo hall?”
It’s time I go to bed because I can’t explain this to anyone, I said to myself. I deliberately ended the call and switched off the phone. Sister Grace was the real definition of hypocrite. I can’t believe she was an ex-co in the fellowship with her kind of lifestyle. I deeply yearned for tomorrow to unveil so I may come in contact with her. It was already late and I was already drowsy. I lay on my bed feeling so uncomfortable, I couldn’t figure out the reason. I became very twitchy. I sat up right and concentrated on finding out what’s really going on with me, I tried and still couldn’t get a glimpse of what was wrong with me. All of a sudden, I remembered my mother’s advice: Any time you don’t understand the direction your life is headed, get on your knees. I missed my mum immediately I thought it over. I got on my knees and prayed. I prayed like someone who has the most problem in the world; I just might be the person actually. After praying, I felt quite light but it didn’t live longer than ten minutes when Kofo called me. My mood changed immediately. Can’t I be just alone? I asked myself. I ignored her call, then switched off my phone.
My bladder was filled, so I set out to the toilet to ease myself. As soon as I got to the toilet, power supply was interrupted. Everywhere was totally blacked out, I could barely see. The scary sounds made by the crickets got me totally timorous. My heart was beating so loud that I could hear it. My urine was hotter than normal as it gushed out of my nozzle, I knew because I touched it. I finished and was carefully heading back to my room when I saw some people lurking around on my floor. I wasn’t sure about their number but three would be close to the truth. I couldn’t figure out the people because it was all dark. I paused where I was, fixed my eyes keenly on them and their destination. Oops! They all entered my room.


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