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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 23

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Should I answer his call or just let him stay away with his problems? I thought to myself. I hung up the call after ruminating deeply. I quickened my steps to my hall so I may at least cook before I sleep, the time was 7:15p.m. I got to my hall to find everywhere deserted. It was a dead silence, so unusual, especially in a hall like mine that has an unrepentant engagement with noise-making. I cared less and forged ahead to my room. At long last, I arrived my room. I opened the door to another surprise, Bayo. He was comfortably lying down on my bed listening to music. I felt like strangling him after all he has caused me.
“Bayo, aiye e o ni da!” I yelled, which means, ‘Bayo, your life won’t be successful!’
He stood up at me and questioned, “Ahn Ahn, ewo le pe?” which means, ‘Ahn Ahn, why the curse?’
“Do you know what you have made me go through today?” I yelled again. “Do you know?”
“What’s it? What did you go through?” He yelled back at me. “You left me here waiting for you. You lied to go take your bath and off you disappeared.”
I moved closer to him, fixed my eyes on him and roared, “I own my life and I don’t owe you an explanation for my actions.”
“Yes, exactl.” He was about completing his statement when I shut him up.
“shush.” I sounded, placing my index finger on my lips and said after his silence, “Get out!”
Bayo never hesitated, he picked up his worn out shoulder bag and exited my room. I was partly happy because I had Bayo off my neck for the night and partly sad I threw away my key to freedom. I removed my shirt, plugged the hot plate and placed a pot of water on it. Cooking was not allowed in the room in my school but lazy boys like me have no time to obey that rule. I switched on the fan and lay on my bed to relax for a while.
I and Adaobi sat together in my room chatting. We laughed so loud at every bit of joke thrown. I was so happy to have her around. She was radiant just as I last saw her. We both sat on my bed when she jumped up to dance for me. She twisted her waist as if it was detached from her body. Adaobi smiled all the while she was dancing. She stops at intervals to certify if I was still interested. I gladly was engrossed in her dancing styles, I sat back like a king entertained by his traditional dancers. My brain was mislaid immediately Adaobi made her posterior take part in the dancing. She really didn’t help matters when she came closer, dancing backwards towards me. My eyes were watery, not for tears but from incessant and unwavering staring at her vibrating stern. I was almost touching her behind when she unknowingly turned around. I swiftly transferred the offensive hand to my head, scratching it like I was searching for lice. She was oblivious about my intending move. I immediately urge her to stop dancing because I was scared the devil may lend my body for some seconds if she persisted. She sat down all sweaty and tired while I stood up to get her my towel.
“I am hungry.” She said.
“What will you like to eat?” I asked.
“Noodles will do.”
“Ok. Let me prepare it right away.”
I woke up to see my room almost on fire. Jeez! I had slept off, leaving the hot plate plugged. The room was already smoky. In a flash, I reached for the currently hot pot which has no water again in it, flung it outside the room and turned off the hot plate. I couldn’t endure the smoke that saturated my room so I stayed out. What would have happened if I didn’t wake up on time? The room would had been on fire, I said to myself. I rushed downstairs to buy bread and roasted meat to eat so I won’t starve to bed; when hunger strikes, your choice of food is limited. I happily strolled back to my room having appeased the hungry gods rumbling in my stomach. I was thinking deeply about the dream I had not quite long. I wished it was real, seeing Adaobi once again would gladden my heart. Adaobi was a little girl and that saddens my heart because I can’t go beyond the limit of friendship with her. She quite appeared older than her age, I thought to take advantage of that fact but where is the Adaobi herself? Far far away, not even an iota of assurance that I would ever see her again. Oh! My Adaobi, I said out loud, imaginarily hugging her, demonstrating the action.
I arrived my room to meet it without a puff of smoke. I happily entered, bolted the door, lay down on my bed hoping to snooze off soonest and have a repeat of the dream. I was busy chatting with some of my online contacts on whatzapp, when I heard a phone ring, not my phone. The ringtone sounded so loud to indicate its presence in my room. I searched my segment quickly but didn’t find anything, the tone stopped. I shifted to Emeka’s segment to search immediately the phone starts to ring again. It started ringing again. I searched all around and found it under Emeka’s bed, it was Emeka’s phone. The call was almost hanging up when I checked who the caller was, Sister Grace.


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