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Must Read: My Life On Campus… Part 22

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I wondered why he was staring at me as if I had killed him.
“Sir, what’s wrong?” I asked.
“I should ask you.” Mr Okanlawon replied. “You both were locked in here alive and now only you is up on your feet.”
I felt like slapping Mr Okanlawon because of his crazy insinuation but I controlled myself not to compound me being delinquent. Mr Okanlawon rushed out of the cell to get help. I went closer to Strike to examine if he was still breathing, I tapped him, pinched him but all to no avail. Mr Okanlawon returned with the CSO and some medical officials. The medical personnel were busy examining Strike with all their medical equipment, while the CSO stood at akimbo looking at them.
“Sir, his blood has stopped flowing.” A female medical personnel said, still staring at Strike.
“Meaning?” The CSO questioned.
“Sir, he’s dead.”
Beads of sweat immediately formed on my forehead and the goose bumps that arose from my body were as tall as mountains. I was shocked from head to toe. There’s just a second between life and death, I said to myself. My late relationship with Strike showed vividly how nice he was. I learnt a vital lesson from Strike, that every bad person has a reason for their actions. The fault comes into play when the person decides to remain bad without a bit of repentance.
I was still shocked when the CSO asked the medical personnel to mummify Strike’s body and take it to the morgue. The CSO glimpse at his watch and bowed his head. It was already late in the evening.
“Okanlawon!” The CSO called.
Mr Okanlawon saluted, stood at attention and responded, “Sir!”
“Take that boy to my office.” He commanded.
“Yes Sir!”
I just wished I could start my life afresh. I was totally jaded of the campus and my life entirely. I wished I could be temporarily deaf every time Mr Okanlawon speaks. I’m always disgruntled anytime he opens his gutter to talk.
“You have killed another person again abi?” Mr Okanlawon said, shepherding me to the CSO’s office.
I remained mute all the while he was vomiting the rubbish he had stored up in his mind. We both arrived at the CSO’s office and he fired up his words again.
“They will sure kill you one day.” He said with a frown on his face.
I was pissed already. My patience was totally exhausted and my rage was staggering on the fence of my self control, another word from Mr Okanlawon would absolutely tip me over the edge.
“Not only will you be killed but with a gun.” He added. “Yes. They will shoot you.”
I faced the old security chump, shoved him against the wall, installed my blazing eyes on him and roared, “Keep your mouth shut and stay off my case!”
I let go my hands off his uniform and returned to my position. What a miracle, Mr Okanlawon’s loosed mouth was completely sealed; respect is reciprocal. I gazed at him once again, the feared that pumped out of his eyes were considerably much to seal his mouth for a year. We both heard the voice and the footsteps of the CSO, so we composed. The CSO entered and quickly sat on his chair, he seemed to be in a haste.
“Banji, what can I do to you now?” He said, staring at me.
I pitifully replied, “Sir, I swear am innocent. I will sure fish Bayo out as soon as I get him.”
“This is a murder case, you know?” He added, “I can’t take it cool with anybody I think is involved.”
“Sir, Please. I am innocent.”
The CSO thought for some seconds and said, “Okanlawon, what can I do to this boy? Should we detain him till we get his friend?”
“Ehm—Eh—Ehm Sir.” Mr Okanlawon stuttered.
“What’s Ehm Ehm? I said what can we do to him?” He furiously asked.
I swiftly stared at confused Mr Okanlawon, he looked at me and got the answer to the CSO’s question. I was almost laughing but smiled at his sudden fear of me.
“Oga Sir. Let’s just leave him to go. I can see sincerity in him.” Mr Okanlawon defended.
“How can you see sincerity in someone, ehn, tell me, Okanlawon?” The CSO questioned again.
“Ehm—Eh-Ehm Sir, Hmmmm, Oga Sir, I just saw this one.” He trembling replied.
“Ok then. I assign you to keep watch on him till he produce his friend.”
“Ok Sir!” Mr Okanlawon said and saluted.
The CSO shifted his focus back on me and said, “You must report yourself to Mr Okanlawon everyday else you will be in more trouble. Understood?”
“Yes Sir!”
“You may go.”
“Permission to fall out Sir?!” Mr Okanlawon requested.
“Carry on.” The CSO dismissed.
I and Mr Okanlawon walked through the passage of the security office discussing like friends.
“How are we going to do it now?” Mr Okanlawon asked, still filled with fear.
“I don’t know o?” I boldly said.
“Ok. Come at your own time. I will cover up for you.”
“Thank you.”
I walked away while Mr Okanlawon shouted, “Please try and come everyday o.”
I ignored and bounced away. I was happy that I’m a little bit free from all the hassle. I brought my phone out to check the time because it was quite dark, then Bayo called. What should I do?


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